Sunday, July 01, 2018


Freezing Gourmets

-Great British Baking Show? Cut it out!

-Do I hear sarcasm? They’re far from bad with sweets

-It’s the horrible cold! Shovel in the fat and sugar calories! But their “cuisine,” high or low, ‘d gag a maggot!

-Once maybe your appraisal held. But there’s great food in the Isles nowadays.

-Oh yeah? Suet Boats supported by rivers of gray grease as an example?

-You had a despicable special at a filthy pub way
back when?

-Not as memorable as mushed color-drained veggies gluing clots of mystery meat! That National Special
won’t die!

-Maybe...just stick to the Ploughman’s Lunch?

-How many of them did IT kill off?

-That and John Deere.


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