Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Girl on a Skateboard

Fuck-you glare
I square.

Our space,
our face.

Monday, January 30, 2006

White-Black Dialog, Suddenly Important

W/ Look at that! Whole rafts of people with bad haircuts and housedresses being swept up into the sky!

B/ That’s just the Earlybird. Richer folks sortin’ out their property right now. They paid for nicer flight later on. First Class in everything!

W/ But what...?

B/ You is so slow, Baby. This here’s Rapture they’s been threatenin’ us wif!

W/ It’s awful! You can smell leftover fire and brimstone. I used to laugh at these clowns!

B/ They gets the last laugh,excuse some more Black English. We makes fun of ourselves as we goes along. Called sanity.

W/ I’ve got some money. Who should I see?

B/ Nobody now,if you haven’t done it. Righteous Preachers busy gettin’ their own shit together.
Can maybe scrape up a ticket for the whore-on-the-side, but not you.

W/ Why are you so calm?

B/ ‘Cuz I done already decided not to try for the last flight, the separate but equal one? But my what a sight that’ll be! Darkies darkenin’ the dark sky! White eyeballs a-flashin’! Damn shame there’s a banjo shortage.

W/ Well,I’m not giving up! Maybe...?

B/ I really hope so. Like it to be an Afro world down here.

W/ But it’ll be hell!

B/ We’ll work on it. We know better ‘bout love, Honey.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

We hear again how someone sidestepped Reaper

by missing plane that, in the name of
God, ploughed the building.

How many times, do you suppose,
when you returned for change,

or cigarettes, or the damn car
finally caught
on its terminal gasp...?

And your small space was
taken, therefore, by another

who was embarrassed, or injured,
or incinerated? Kismet?

God? Luck? Appointment
in Samara missed? Really,
what the fuck’s the difference?

Your slot’s out there,as
is the person you’ll step in for,

wondering presently
about nothing.

You’ll pass? Sorry,
So punched, no
ticket left.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Patty McGinty, an Irishman of note
fell into a fortune and bought himself a goat -old song

Patty’s Goat

Others of note finally wrest-
ed Northeast City machines

through wit and blarney,
some work, even. Long
scarred by hard

Yankee Masters, what they
learned thereby is Beauty
of the American Dream lies

in its power
to exclude.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Yeah the mayor is an asshole

in Jaws. Exhibits true
political behavior.
I’ve been him.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Olden Days,Purest Gold, in Coconut Grove

Your duffles back Mr Gonzales. Count is sixty-seven dollars short of eight million. Please allow the bank to supply that small difference in the name of simplicity.

Answering your first question: This transaction is none of the government’s business!

But if you have additional cash laying about, get it in here quickly. Misguided legislation,unfortunately, is beginning to heat up.

Ask for me or any other officer whenever you come in. I see you have the calendar.

That sunset-sailboats thing is a knockout!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


a/ Can we get him through?

b/ Candy from a baby!

a/ Our own moderates are steaming!

b/ We call them Democrats.

a/ Then I shouldn’t worry?

b/ Yeah worry! Some infants’ll cry too loudly
and hafta be strangled at the last minute.

a/ Whew! Do we have the will to sustain this one till
the bitter end?

b/ Come into the bathroom.


b/ Flush, and turn on all the taps. Good!
Your question again?

a/ Sustain...bitter end?

b/ We stole two elections.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Meeting of Minds

President appointed me,and you’ve worked up the
ladder here. Bound to be some conflicts,yes? So this little talk is a good idea.

Needn’t be others, since we can straighten out literally everything right now.


Thank you for coming in.

Monday, January 23, 2006

The Graves

a/ Looks like some Executive Department daisy chain or something!

b/ Do tell?

a/ Let’s get the facts out! Nail ‘em!

b/ Let’s not. They kill their young.

a/ But their high pontificating against gays and then...? The hypocrisy!

b/ That last’s a huge greenhouse. Sure you wanna pitch
anything out?

a/ But how they gallingly milked…!

b/ To totally burlesque proportions. He continued rendering them fools. Now even they–some--laugh at their daily lies. As do we. Differently. I feel mostly sadness. You may be missing a profoundly tragic dimension.

a/ Bullshit! It’s payback time! And all you allegedly wise old men won’t dissuade...the die is gonna be fuckin cast!

b/ Uh huh. What’s that Spanish proverb? He who is bent on revenge should dig two graves.

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Last Meal

a special one at
Humane Society?

Maybe a mini Reece’s
peanut butter cup
thrown in before...

(No hovering chaplain,as
in the Christian charade.)

Expiring next: Ralph,one-
eyed (fight) cat brushed
past by adopting families.

Made no effort, of course,
and you know what he
would’ve said

had he our language.
Great great grandpop,
Bucky,kept the freight

yard free of rats for
fifteen years. Brake-

man “Irish” Cullen dis-
covered him stiff,and
cried an hour. However,

The Kid,nasty as they come,
covered for him. When some-

one remarked surprise,
Kid said, “He never did
me wrong,did old Buck.”

Saturday, January 21, 2006

When to Stop

When young you are convinced
(a) all adults are full of shit.

An elder takes aside &
patiently vindicates
what you thought stupid.

Proves it complex, often
quite profound. Grow up

attending institutions,
marking, too, a life where

Zelda’s Fitzy states
the usual horses get shot

out from under. Soon enough
a youth will hove in view

with face eager-
ly bitter. Chuck the lethal
fairy tale this time & go to (a).

Include yourself & give out
supermarket coupons as
a gesture of fear.

Confess complicity.
They can’t hang everybody.

Friday, January 20, 2006


Chief giving up,his
assistant,slick as

ing a "search."

Thursday, January 19, 2006

The Art of the Deal

Repub/ Employing the unfortunate cliche: One hand will
wash the other. Our deal is you can have yours if you don’t immediately phone your pansy reporters when we drag ours in.

Dem/ Okay, but the custodians are already screaming.

Repub/ Not a problem. We’ll pre-deodorize and so should you.

Dem/ Our nuts wanted the stink, but we overruled ‘em.

Repub/ As party in power we choose West Portal, so you’re stuck with East if you want to synchronize.

Dem/ We absolutely do! We’re using old rugs, by the way.

Repub/ More than I want to know. We’ll do it, as in Frank’s immortal song, our way.

Dem/ If no leaks, cameras will open the morning on the two dead horses with senators beating them.

Repub/ Decorum. We go first.

Dem/ No way! Bi-partisan for five minutes.
Then the Chair can gavel order and pretend disgust.

Repub/ We knew you wouldn’t go along this one time, so we agree. But five minutes, minimum.

Dem/ A frenzy!

Repub/ Democracy isn’t much if it isn’t a show.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

He was an animal!

exclaims Beverly.
I see, comments
Mrs Prescott-Brown.
But she doesn’t.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Rule Dialog

Kit Carson yelled, “Grab the barber!” And two tough marines dressed as arabs did just that.

The barber? A total innocent! With the little house and the little wife and the new baby. Talks about nothing but the baby.

Well, we had one vacant seat in the minibus. And Kit Carson laughed afterwards, “Hey! Barbers know a lot. They listen!”

Nonsense. He’s the comedian of the marketplace. Released him after a couple of hours, no?

Well, Kit Carson was sent to Afghanistan, and then Buffalo Bill labeled barber a resource, claiming he felt a sixth sense about him.

They still hold him?

Did. In Gitmo.

There! So far! Ridiculous!

Touring congressmen saw blood on his orange coverall, so they screamed to get him a new one.

Does it get worse?

Much. New, bitty brown guys guarded clothing process.
One said barber lunged, so shot him in the mouth.
Big inquiry because these were trainees, from mountainous Guatemala or somewhere. Not supposed to have live ammo.

So, the poor barber is dead?

14-E in the paperwork. Shot escaping.

In the mouth?

Hey! Was probably screaming some Moslem shit!

Little house with the little wife and tiny...

You breaking my heart or my balls?

What’s the difference? You rule. At this time.

Monday, January 16, 2006

Eye to Eye

Chief/ Maybe set something up like Truman had in Key West. At any rate I’m sick of this place! Sun didn’t even break through yesterday.

Official/ It did three blocks away. Picnic at Commerce. Had a few beers and forgot baseball cap.
So this fishbelly-white face now is...

Chief/ Never made it through! You must’ve gone to tanning salon.


Mentor/ Leaked! Daily News ready with BIGGIES’ SUN TIFF! Your apology to him more interesting, so they’ll hold story.

Official/ No way! Too silly even for dealing with him.


Senator/ Look! You want this bill as much as I do. He’ll veto if you don’t...


Owner/ Hi! Maxie of Gold Standard Tan? Girls mixed up. We know you were in yesterday. But was it at ten,
or at twelve-ten?

Official/ Twelve-ten. My lunch hour.

Owner/ Great! Writing it in! I can’t tell you how important it is to straighten that out!

Official/I have some idea.


Secretary/ Just the one message. From Chief. “Don’t forget you’re expected at Friday late supper. Now that you’re back onboard.” Whatever he means by that.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


Turn it over to these
new Polacks &
just guard the oil.

Let them kill
each other,

winner taking all
heroic names.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Blind Dates

Mine spoke extensively of hair and nails. When I suggested impeaching this sonofabitch of a president, she gushed “Oh I love him!”

Well mine resembled the horses that formed her special madness. Lectured thereupon. I’ll tell you, you really can’t speak of their morals, but if you could...!

They’re pigs!

Nah. Lousy comparison. Most of those are smarter than people. Just need to be organized.

No more denial. I’m finished! Interested in a suicide pact, statement, manifesto?

Whatever. I’m onboard.

Start a draft now?

Nah. That’s just a step towards giving it meaning.

Method? Nosedive? Gun? Searing cocktail?

What the fuck’s the difference?

Class. Background. Science.

Why we’ve lost our minds.

Friday, January 13, 2006


A Press’d make something of this meeting.

B Irrelevant-–as they are, have been, will be.

A Your supreme court guy?

B In your place, would’ve hammered him so thin by
now, slid him under the hearing door and
gone forever.

A We can’t get...!

B Ghinny, ain’t he? Mafia!

A No connection.

B Invention is the mother of necessity.
Meantime, take my wife! Please! Well, this
check anyway.

A Grilled cheese and root beer? Hardly sinister.

B Hey! Even a traitorous whore needs a bit of
comfort food.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Temple of Fear

is larger than the world.
Assassins guard our room.

Contemptuous of ideas,
they have a job to do.

Some few escort coffins of
babies. Though parents weep
ashes, they're consoled by

flags and holy books courtesy
of Wealth. Reasons for sacrifice

fade in and out. Victims have
to ask of patriots the latest.

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

When the Personal Is Political*

In sweating fury
you “clean” your
place! An hour be-

fore,phone as-
serted drop-
in! Christ!

Last 5 minutes
you indemnify

w/deodorant etc.
No further worry,

of course, as
we all store
the smile for
opening doors.

*Ethicists: Past time for [government] cleanup--
US New & World Report

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


What You’re Buying

That you hit Mr Y
with a crowbar in

the freight elevator
of The Z Building

has become lost
in niceties. Con-

ference at bar pro-
duces arm-waving.
Each juror blanks.

Advocate returns.
His wink you relay
to the wife. Flashes

then her own okay
to the mistress.

Next-generation Parental Controls

the breast!

horny brats!

But Mohammed's
beheading in portal
A is okay, or his

disembowelment in
Portal B. Best of all
possible games, he

becomes Christian
in Portal C, be-

heading therein
Mohammed 2.

Monday, January 09, 2006

2, believe it or not, related


The man who defrags
is a bit of a nag,

having watched tails wag
the Microsoft dog.


The Horse Latitudes

proved bad
for the horses.

Keep an eye clear,
for we’re looking

to lighten
the firm.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

My atheist prays

with a friend
checking out.
Paradox is human

beauty. We hold
ideas, but love

dreams, as we must, a-
mid corruption’s rout.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Setting Up the Martyrdom

Desire it here, blasted
ground with light
shaft, thus, on me.

Finally, unrighteous anger,
with God’s grace triggered,
has seized, forces them

forth, wrapped in their
Satanic words and sec-
ular raiments. I have

in hand

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