Saturday, September 30, 2006


As we came down the ramp from the Pennsylvania Turnpike,an Ohio State Policeman ran towards us waving his arms.
“Go back!” No motels,or restaurants,or tall gasoline signs behind him. Just rubble.

Our mouths froze “Whaaaa?”

Though flustered,he was kind enough to answer. “They stole it literally this time!”

Friday, September 29, 2006


FOPs* To Meet at White House

Sep 30,8PM


*Federation of Obnoxious Pricks
aka Fill Our Pockets


FOPs* To Meet at White House

Sep 30,8PM


*Federation of Obnoxious Pricks
aka Fill Our Pockets

The Other Dakota

Thought we put a burr
up staunch old Thompson’s
ass: What y’think about
two faggots taking a room
over the drugstore?

“Used t’worry ‘bout things
like that,but now I see babies
blowin’ apart from our bombs.”

The Other Dakota

Thought we put a burr
up staunch old Thompson’s
ass: What y’think about
two faggots taking a room
over the drugstore?

“Used t’worry ‘bout things
like that,but now I see babies
blowin’ apart from our bombs.”

Thursday, September 28, 2006


White With Foam

In America we speak without shame
of torturing others in God’s image,
and,to some,his name.

Rabbi,Peter said,the tree
you cursed has withered.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Joe Hill

-Will no one rid me of these mettlesome Joe Hills!

-Lit AND history,Boss! You de man! Allusion King!

-Yeah it broke my cheapskate father’s ass to send me to Harvard. Too bad he’s no longer around to see a payoff.

-Rookie wants to find out who Joe Hill was.

-Played at the club once. Five holes on the left before he collapsed.

-Well just put today’s bland versions of him out of mind! Whatever could they
do to us? We’ve bought the executive,legislative,and understate.

-Yeah I remember that trio from prep school civics. What a dreamworld that was!
Talk about Pie in the Sky!

-Well,Peace is wonderful–even if expensive for you,Boss.

-But you know,that really WAS some war way back then! And Joe and his buddies?
Formidable warriors before we got Utah to officially off him. “Murdered by the
Capitalistic Class,” somebody wrote later--didn’t know his Emily Post.
You don’t say such things even if true. Today we deal with a super polite America,
where John Q is scared shitless by Government and Church.

-Amen!...Amen Amen I say to you that...

-Anyway! It’s all ancient history,this war between Capital and Labor.
Agreed? Good! Now would anyone care to guess who won?

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


We tell you it’s the most profound job in a dangerous world

But we’re bs-ing.
Previous guy found time
for blowjobs.

Others planned burglaries,or
Frenchified interior decorating.

Presently we’re about POWER.

Every scintilla we can extract

from the lay-down Congress,and
the inaptly named Opposition.


can’t DO

a fuckin thing

about it!

Monday, September 25, 2006

Joe Hill and Ronald Reagan

Heroes to the Left and Right.
As do all of us,both had flaws.

Ron foresaw this Shining City
On the Hill,and Joe eviscerated

all such Capital tropes
as “pie in the sky.” Both

shot,one by a scattered nut,
and one by Utah,whose marksmen

had a sense of poetry,
leaving five nice holes
in Joe’s left side.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Celebrating Global Capitalism

My 3 begging phone calls daily
from Calcutta,where a person
whines I cannot understand.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Brain‘s a marvel!

How do you know,
examining it
with it?

Friday, September 22, 2006

Young in The Green Zone

-What’re we suppose to do again?

-I don’t know. Something to do with lots of money.

-Shall we steal it?

-Nah,no challenge there.

-Keep those vodka-tonics coming,Hasan!

-I’d like to fuck him if I weren’t a young Republican.

-You get this alleged job ‘cuz of your father?

-Yeah,he’s a neocon with a flaming brick up his ass.
Our family’s big in defense stocks too. Peace’d mean
fewer cars and lower-tier golf club.

-My father a loyalist too. Pervert and renowned preacher.
Hasn’t screwed the mother in years. Depends on
jerking off to Penthouse pictures. Gets sermon
thoughts that way-–pubic hair tickling the route to glory.

-Never mind all the greasy human frailty. He loves God and
The President! Besides...I’m not disgust-proof! Yuk!

-Well the Party is. Anyway,we’re ‘spose to read all these reports! Christ!

-Throw ‘em in the fuckin pool.

-Sure. That’ll solve...

-No,I’m not kidding. Here!

-Christ! Down like rocks. And our Hasan laughing.

-I intend to,quite soon,boost the white man’s burden up his
hairy...! Well,it’s a duty,actually. I mustn’t be irreverent.
I apologize. Adored British ritual: Bugger the wog as he
sinks to the prayer rug.

-I prefer All American Wall Jobs. What’s Iraqi-speak for Take down your pants?

-Everything’s a Wall Job. Look at this place! It’s one humungous Wall Job.
The War’s another.

-That’s disloyal!–if I gave a shit. Ah but I do love summer camp!
Even so,why don’t we sneak out from THESE walls and find
some women?

-Uh uh. This is a fuck-the-boys country. It was chosen for that.

-Is this...reality? I only just got my degree.

-There is no reality.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Rocco and the Republican

-We’ve been discouraged,but now are throwing everything
into this election!

-Why? Something left to steal?

-You’re a Democrat,Rocco!

-Yeah,and we’re had our thieves too. But you guys are

-Why,thank you.

-Democrats steal the tickets and Republicans steal the train.

-All A-boarrrrrrrd!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Rocco’s Friend Leroy

“See on TV ragtops
burnin’ Pope in effigy.

Squirtin’ gasoline
from plastic bottles,

everything flarin’ way up!
Fuckin’ dumb as rednecks.”

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Letter From a Pilot

Dear Capt xxxxxxxxxxxxxx,

Good to hear from you even with your sad message.

I do recall you from Lackland Air Force Base,and cherish my time there with you and the other foreign military.

Whether I took part in the mission causing the death of your daughter–that’s classified.

I will say I take responsibility. That’s the warrior’s burden and he must proclaim it loudly.

As to your “How many more babies,etc?”–I’ll be blunt,as you would expect.

Until you do as you’re told. But I’m a simple patriot,not a diplomat.

May God bless you,xxxxxxxx,Major,USAF

Monday, September 18, 2006


Friends love you as
they must,and show

patience at the eventual
discovery of the point
in your own words. But

when phoning CSPAN,or hot-
ter 1/4 wits steering
talk radio (and I include

them to join my vulgarity
to their resonance) shit
or get off the pot!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Neocon Prayer

War with end,

Saturday, September 16, 2006







Friday, September 15, 2006

The Village

-The men still tip their hats to women!

-We specialize in empty gestures.

-Be that as it may,the school is so quiet,and playground.
Not a giggle or yell. Where are the children?


-Oh then they’ll come back!


-Forget it. You’ll have others.

-What for?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Holding All the Cards

We fuck you because we can.

Your gouging has increased our costs exponentially.

Pass it way-yyyy down to John Q. That wondrous “Salt of the earth” in the
Land of the Free and the Powerless.

Amen! And don’t look to us,you powerless John Qs! We’re party of unfettered markets.
Laissez-faire,baby! And throw in a few hobbyhorse wars. Those promoting them do profit
big-time,a fortunate accident. But we remind them to kick back.

We’ll gnash and make rude and blatant noises,but,well...being on the payroll too
ties our hands. But can we produce reports! Thick bastards! Inevitably,we’ll be forced
to imprison the entire Republican Party. Restitution for what they’ve stolen
will pay for Katrina.

Relax everyone. We’ll manipulate prices down a bit. Establish a new high platform
for the next huge spring upwards. Sky’s no limit!

The chaos is terror for us all!

Then give speeches! Hey,we’re almost truly sorry. We fuck you because we must.
It’s fate,as if God-decreed.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

When I first move to Cocoa Beach

see a little guy around,a dif-
ferent color neck kerchief for
every day. (“al of the newe jet”

as Chaucer said of his Pardoner.
Or,flashily fashionable.) Amuse
myself by labeling him the Head

of Drama,retired,Port Arthur,
Texas Regional High. Dr Hobart
Berklee Delacorte,say. Do we always

become what we laugh at? Well,often
enough. So,two skin cancer surgeries
have me,King of Immediate Satire,cir-
cling a kerchief round my own red neck.

True,I’m not lisping yet,but...

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


-Sad tale and familiar.

-Like to have her popped!

-That used to have sexual meaning.

-You know what I mean.

-Haven’t heard a thing.

-Well among the things you haven’t heard...?

-You know,all those piles of brush around your place?
Pretty unsightly. I’m sorry.

-Yeah. I haven’t had time.

-Fellow around the apartments? Used to be maintenance
but they fired him. Now he just helps on individual jobs.
Redneck junkie drunk.

-But the type might help?

-Hey! Everybody needs a hand tidying up.

-Any news on the brush problem?

-He’s got a more specialized friend.


-American cornerstone.

Monday, September 11, 2006


On the Street Where They Live--sort of a trialog

Baghdad Body Count Triples

Morgue figures contradict U.S. military claims of declining violence;
facilities plan to expand.*

-Such a thing as morgue stocks there?

-That question shows we’ve bottomed out.


-It’s time. Been a lovely war though–but that’s between
you and me.

-And the RNC?


*Ellen Knickmeyer,WaPo

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Jesus H. Christ! Darktown Strutters’ Ball!

Just having a good time is all.

What? Voodoo celebration or something. I thought
we were going to a farmhouse.

Well,this was the country once.

Turn it around,Billy.

Slowly,Sir. Got to thread through.

Well,little faster. They’re plastering their faces on my window.

Will do!

You’re denying our roots!

Never! But we’ll remain in our Museum District Penthouse,thank you M’am. Speaking of which,Billy,I’ll want the coldest
vodka-tonic you can engineer. On the deck. And then keep ‘em coming!...mellow out and forget this fright!

But the realtor is waiting for us!

Yeah? Another sucker’ll come along. Throw cell phone back,Billy, so the Missus can inform the REALTOR we won’t be goin’ back to the plantation. Yahsuh! And I can see your rosebud smirk in the side mirror. You never heard this conversation.

What conversation?

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Lies, Noble & Bald-Faced & Both At Once

R Yeah,a lie. But old stuff! Let’s move on!

D It’s only old because you blocked it before the election. When it should’ve come out.

R You politicize everything!

D We...!

R Growing up is hard to do.

D Arrogance!

R Job requirement.

D You’re in for a bloodbath this next election.
Will you have wisecracks then?

R Absolutely!

Friday, September 08, 2006

GOP 1,2

Gotta do something on Iraq. Our country still looks to us. We’re still in power.

I’m so totally depressed! Why don’t we just wait for the slaughter?

Yes! I think we can run on Party of Martyrs. The cathedrals! Incense! And Fox’ll flash it in the bottom banner.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Hope Democrats get in

and that I’ll turn both barrels
on them when they get
snarky. Be

a while cuz helluva benchmark
has been set.

Hope Democrats get in

and that I’ll turn both barrels
on them when they get
snarky. Be

a while cuz helluva benchmark
has been set.


feeds each dog-
face in Iraq.

How on earth did
the army handle
that job in WW2?

Cooks were good in
my war. Privatized

Korean precursor,
Meant pig.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

“The bright blessed day,the dark sacred night”*

Former New Orleans guy could never listen to
Louis Armstrong’s Do You Know What it Means
To Miss New Orleans?
without a lump in his throat.

Now,crossing airport concourses,he sobs hearing it
while multitudinous TVs play,soundlessly,this

hobbyhorse war. “Rebuilding” of that
AMERICAN city is a moral disgrace.
Racial,probably. Well,Louisiana

people‘ll hafta handle their own shit down
there for now,but the rest of us,to put it

in most genteel terms,must,MUST

*from It’s a Wonderful World,another Armstrong song.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Goal of Conservatives

Fellow in McDonald’s
anxious to show worker
that a raise in minimum

wage’d be a bad thing
all around. This is
a conservative,one

who proves what profits
him to victims. Prison’d

not be too good a place.
There he’d find buddies.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Americans Enjoy Buying

On Labor Day.
What they’ve bought

is a Plutocratic vision,
which has brought

the death of unions,re-
duction of living standards,
with the big boys directing

the bargaining. But,we’re
told,let the system really
work and all will profit!

Could put on those ruby
red slippers to click to-
gether,but they’re


Sunday, September 03, 2006

Dogmatist Insists

upon the path,brush
slicing his now far-

advancing face.
We could barely
shoot him from this

angle. But another’d
arise,worse. And now,

we’re bottlenecked,
mixed with competing
expeditions. His voice

flung back to all of us,
strident,righteous echoing
within the limitless woods

until swallowed by
a green buzz. And then

Since we can’t move,
we begin talking

Querulous,closed,and yet
a joy creeping into the quiet.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Shortest Federal Conversation,Post Disaster

-They want millions,to be dispersed locally.

-Fuck them! They’ll just steal it.

-And we know stealing.

Friday, September 01, 2006

The Latest Line on Wasting Blood and Treasure in Iraq

We are the brave.
Questioners despicable.

A science and an art,
selling flood cars.

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