Thursday, May 31, 2007


Lying For Jesus, why
's all the rage.

Lying for empire,
same page.

Politics always
the gauge.

American variety,
most virulent phage.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

The Enduring Aesthetic of Talk Radio

-Well, here’s our only Republican Bleeding Heart!
What’s the cause of today for you and your lefty friends?

-In Cocoa Beach, people reside near beach hafta turn their lights out.
They can be arrested!

-Yet another law in the whole stupid book of them?

-Baby turtles get confused and go inland instead of towards the ocean.

-How tragic! Do they die under immoral SUVs?

-Well, some do. People are encourage to pick them up and put them into
plastic tubs. Then take them...

-to a central point were do-goody volunteers gather them up and make the
trek to the ocean together! Democrats and turtles! I love it! Symbol not the braying jackass, but the aimless, timid turtle. Accuracy!--you just hafta look at the war to see it: know-it-all cowards.

-That’s right. I mean, the volunteers, uh...

-That’s left you mean! Pagan chant go along with it? At the ocean?
Anything sexual?

-Seems like nice program.

-Well it isn’t. Why I’m a freedom-loving Republican. Hey! If y’wanna save
a lil turtle-y wertle-y, fine! Mama p-IN a rose on you! And if you don’t, fine!
If you wanna stomp the little fu...if y’wanna stomp ‘em with your army boots?
Why even finer! Well, that all for today? Anything else?

-No. That’s all. Thought you’d be interested. And I haven’t called for a while.

-I’m ecstatic!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Frightening Developments

Our busses, usually few
minutes late, are on

the button! & almost 2
yrs before presidency
assumes Benito.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Night Posse

Discretion, plus fear
of temper had me
refuse. Thus I

never shredded icy
moonlit rows

to breathe in

Sunday May 27, 2007

The Emergency

Look! I’m local law enforcement. I have no comment about
federal, uh, comment. I just know a threat is here in the District, and I’ll answer questions about that.

How much of a threat?

Half the district is covered, but only at a depth of about eight feet. Seems to be receding or shrinking or something, but top is unstable.

What caused this pile?

I don’t know. Like you, I just know what I’ve read or seen on TV.

Best theory is that it emanated from all the Christian college Jesus-freak “scholars” Bush administration hired. Isn’t that right?

I don’t know. No comment.

Make war, not love?

Excuse me?

At any rate, the pile advances, no?

Good chance we’ll stop it, or at least contain it. Back of the room there...Miss!

What does the pile consist of? Can you tell us that?



Saturday, May 26, 2007


for Empire
has advanced

philosophy where none
requisite. Flack-

ing for a royal corpus
or cadaver.

Friday, May 25, 2007


Coda: Losing Faith and Home–Rocco & Vinnie discuss the monumental vote

Dems just gave the despised Bush a blank check on war butchery.

Thought they were standing up.

For oil, evidently.

And you the capital-d Democrat!

I just don’t play one on TV.

Rocco & Vinnie discuss GOP Debate

Like that Ron Paul dude. Rejected the pet war of the
vicious incompetents. Plus, only one not willing
to wipe his ass on The Constitution.

That’s stretching it. Those others are individual
Republicans up there.

They’d screw a snake.

Even so. Well, what do you see most lacking in
Republican party?


(1 of many Rocco pieces . Search blog if interested. He’s a South Philadelphia renaissance man, generous friend, virulent Democrat.)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rocco and Vinnie Debate Modern Economics

Gouging? Oil Companies? How could you?

I’m ashamed!

It’s like saying democracy is a filthy swindle.

It’s not! It’s supply and demand. Anybody knows that.

I’m confused. Democracy and Capitalism synonymous?

In the US ‘tis.

The same gigantic screw?

Back to oil companies.

An endless loop.

At the end of the day, that’s unpatriotic!

You’re right. Resembles truth.

And What is truth? asks jesting Pilate.

A pirate ship, I answer that old comedian. Anyway, shall we keep skull and crossbones afurl, or run up stars and stripes?


Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bad Deals

The cashier at the Exxon extorts
the heart of a local husband

whose wife gets more
than biting re lust. Her

looks and education giv-
ing added standing. His

friends are told they truly
do not comprehend the girl,
wit and depths, unseen

by us when shaking
loose the shearing.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007


EXECUTIVE Whatever criminality can hold sway.

JUDICIAL Whatever you’re told to say.

LEGISLATIVE Whatever you carry away.

Monday, May 21, 2007

Rocco Helps the Republican Party...sorta

My grandfather wants to send a hundred to Giuliani.

Because he’s Italian?

I suppose. I don’t care. Just wanna help my old guy out.

Send it to the Water Board. They’ll divert it to the
Ghinny Fascist.

(Search blog for many Rocco pieces from South Philadelphia.
A Democrat, he tends to be outspoken.)

Sunday, May 20, 2007

In De Land Ob Cotton

Seems Ron Paul better start
getting his facts straight:

History commenced w/9-11.
Like other comedians sling-
ing rehearsed adlibs, one

righteous, foxy Giuliani
roasted him. Hmmm...

and out of order, really...I hear
their gentle voices callin’
Old White Setup.

Saturday, May 19, 2007


Shorter Discussion of Central Matter

-Was it a sex change thing?

-No! Not at all. The procedure was supposed to accelerate, you know, me.

-Well, something screwed up. Better buy a dress.

-Irony of ironies!

-I don’t know.

Friday, May 18, 2007


Talking Brings Precision

-655,000 Iraqis can’t be wrong. Hah hah.

-Or right, being dead.

-Fuck ‘em all! The fat and the short and the tall.

-Not many fat. After sanctions and all.

-Okay, short and tall then.

-Never saw tall Arab. Not to say a few don’t exist.

-Okay okay! Fuck the short Arabs!

-Who are dead?

-Roger! Fuck the short dead Arabs!




Thursday, May 17, 2007



-Ship ‘em all back, every single one!

-Even Grandma?

-Busloads of Grandmas. They can be first!

-Man! Imagine all the busloads! Millions!

-Glorious picture!

-Will the herders speak Spanish?

-Anybody can understand Get in that fuckin seat or we’ll shoot your
fuckin spick ass!

-And yet you drove to a certain corner and hired a couple of little brown guys
to cut and burn your brush.

-And in the golden future I’ll hire Americans.

-Might hafta pay more.


-How do you figure that?

-Cuz I’m always figuring.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007



-After first baby she became iron about losing weight. Health club, starvation!
But she kept her warmth! My real saintly sweetie. And I threw body and soul
into the care of baby and her, and hardly slept.

-Second one?

-I’m working all the fuckin time and she bal-fuckin-LOONS after! Piles of chick magazines about the latest fraud diet. Ton of money for psychiatrist as frosting on the mega-calorie cake.

-You shoulda just quit your job.

-Amen! But brains in short supply at the time. Well, lots of times it takes guts
to quit, no?

-Well you got through it! And according to Action News, your kids haven’t
knocked over any liquor stores.

-Wouldn’t put it past the boy. Anyway, that phase was nerves! On ch-chattering
edge because of starving, then binges, etc. Add the PMS always thick in the air,

-How’d you get through it all.

-Met a pretty young thing at 7-11.

-Knew that coffee addiction’d do you in!

-Ended up helping her with the rent, uh...

-Typical middle-aged fool knows he’s losing it sexually and...

-otherwise. Accurate on all counts, but exciting enough while it lasted.


-Not really. She met a guy her own age. Then I became der Papa whose
approval was sought.

-So you kept paying the rent while she pulled the covers over him.

-We all understood I hadda stop the scholarship after a bit.

-Meanwhile, back at the...?

-Wife settles down into chubby matronhood and joins every fuckin
thing you can imagine. Stop-start halfass affair in there, but details
are so embarassing to her, I promised God to shut up about it.

-He already clamped his hands over his ears!

-Anyway, I always help at the beanbag toss for her charitable picnics , three, four times a year.

-That signal another phase?

-The last. Fuckin reaper swings at the bag in the air. Hangs out elsewhere also.

-I feel like crying.

-Don’t. It’s a poetic justice. It’s all poetic justice. The ones sliding
off to the innocent sides are usually simpletons. Any sensitivity at all,
life’s gigantic screw awaits. And I talk about her embarrassment:
mine’s exponential! Did I mention the booze and drugs and firings
in the mix?

-Glad we had this talk. Where do I not sign? But...may I point out that
a little moral character might’ve...

-Nah! What’s point of that? That’s just the truth. Fuck that!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Lookouts For Corporate Thugs

Both parties.
Into such miasma

stride the candidates
feigning independence.

Each will drain the DC swamp,
though they didn’t at their last romp.

American Dream is making it w/lies.

Monday, May 14, 2007


White House Entertainment

-Prez will do Lady Macbeth in the show. He’s good sport.

-Too much! Will he try to wash away the war with bloody hands?

-Nah! “Multitudinous seas incarnadine” too much of a mouthful.

-Then how will he channel that vicious broad?

-“Consider it not so deeply.”

Sunday, May 13, 2007


Meeting the Convert Without Fear

-How's tricks, Six-Six-Six?

-You will perish in a lake of fire and brimstone!

-In all fuckin probability.

-Accept Christ!

-I accept everybody! And what’s brimstone anyway?
Can I use it to barbeque?

-Mock on Voltaire, Rousseau!

-Either of those was one prodigious cat!
Ever hear of the brain? Now where's the beer?
Before some end-day angel hauls it off!

-I will be raptured away!

-Yeah? I'll take what’s here. Can I have your iPod?

-You will acquire the Mark of the Beast!

-Then I can always get back into the dance! Hot, unredeemed shit!

Saturday, May 12, 2007



Let's have the talent!

Love the word, hate the wry intonation.

Jussssst count to four as you're allegedly watching
couple sit down. Uh huh. Good! Now be a waiter.

And what will the gentleman and his gorgeous lady have?

Cut. Lovely lady.

Sorry. But gorgeous sounds bet-

They took surveys. Surveys said lovely.

I guess I'm talking about writing.

Oh? Well don't. That's not what it used to be and it
never was. And be an oily sucker next take--
this here's upscale saloon. Roll 'em!

And what will the gentleman and his lovely lady have?
Such meditation! Then let me suggest--!

Cut! Print it!

That's it? Just what am I sugges--? What's the
product for heaven's sake?

I don't know. Some booze-bottle snaps in the size of
Rushmore, and then we finally get to see our phantom
couple worshiping the fuckin thing. That's writing too.
At any rate, another crew is doing that trash.

Traffic's wicked! Thank you for coming.


Your...tone out-corrodes my director's.

English your native language?

Uhhh... Well! And what will they have me be next time?

A man. That'd be a good one.

Friday, May 11, 2007


Corporations pretty much got a lock on everything

moans CSPAN caller.
More of a one on GOP,
which adores license &

takes to bribes with more
open grace. When Dems

do rush in after routs, board-
rooms buying rueful panic?

Not a bit of it, Ace,
for The Grease Machine
keeps on chug-chuggin’

24-7, no matter which
hands thrust out.

Thursday, May 10, 2007


You Run For School Board

backed by free
posters from hack

who wants to print
diplomas. When that

time comes, winner, do
you make a political or
moral decision? If for-

mer, how many of
these make a crook?
What percentage? is

decent question, since
we're all of us political.
50% ? No way! You’re

statesman then! Paragon
to be returned to any office

Wednesday, May 09, 2007


The Tribute

Old Oakey is totally pissed at you!

What else is new? What great cause this time?

His table! Every Thursday evening for forty years!

Well the employee dinner is much bigger this year, so we need
the largest room. Oakey can have his dinner in the grill.
It's one day a year! Then he can talk about it for the remainder.

Why is it mushrooming so? I don’t get it.

We have a tremendous number retiring. From the greenskeeper to
Lilly, the famous waitress. About twenty in between. Anyway, Mac
came up the hard way, and...

Our president! Half-admired.

Anyway, he wants a bash for them.

Well, Lilly won't stop talking about her grandson in Iraq.
Won't be sad to see her go. That gets tired.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007


Imploring the Executive

-That sonabitch is indicting me! And he supposed to be a Republican

-Yeah, well...

-Can you do something? I mean except shrug?

-We did, regarding others, and we’re in the middle of a sorry clusterfuck
about it. Can’t take any more hits! Sorry.

-Then I’m to twist in the wind?

-Quaint phrase. Back to Nixon?

-I don’t wanna put it this way, but I know where the bodies are buried!

-That kind of talk obviates our help. Period!

-Okay okay, I’m nervous, okay?

-We’ll help with legal fees. Our hands are tied besides that.

-But what if he convinces some halfwit jury?

-Then you’ll end in Allenwood or the like. Might as well fix up a tennis
appointment now.

-That overstates. I’ve heard all that before, but all those places are dreadful!

-Ah well! A risk we take. Politics can swirl into criminality almost imperceptively.

-That’s no help, that intellectuality! That’s what stinks about the other party.

-Well...I have others waiting out there... ...

-Oh fuck I’m fucked! Can there be...pardon?

-I’ll bring it up.

-Jesus Christ, Clinton pardoned all manner of sleazeballs!

-I’ll bring it up.

-I gotta have more than that!

-Come in again. If only to chat.

-Please! I’ve given my life to the party! No fuckin exaggeration!
Will I get a pardon? I’ve gotta know!

-Killers by Hemingway? When the diner counterman asks one of the murderers waiting to kill the Swede? “What you going to do with us afterward?”

-Oh Christ!

-He answers that it’s something you never know at the time.

-I’m toast!

-Yeah, but fun to look at things in a literary way. It...lifts us.

Monday, May 07, 2007


Capital Prepares

to rape France
w/a Bush clone.

Howsaat go again?
Liberty, equality...?
Anyway, some such shit.

Sunday, May 06, 2007


How beautiful Jesus

shows a path and we try
to place our imperfect

steps in his. We're in
for a scolding for it

is a poetry. Religion
is the imposition of poetry.

Saturday, May 05, 2007


Don’t You See?

-I dreamt April was a month.
-It is a month.
-No, no.

Friday, May 04, 2007

In a Small City, USA

He’s a dickie waver! University neighborhood.

Street name? My editor fussy.

Caught him redhanded!

Had really been going at it then?

Serious shit. No joke. But how you expect me remember? More than a
week ago. How you expect me remember?

What’s specific charge?

How the fuck would I know? I don’t keep track of perverts.

Well I know. Been in a cell a week and no charge. Ever hear of
habeas corpus?

Yeah! That’s that shit down at Guantanamo. Like to send you and the queer
down there to join those Ay-rab faggots down there! Put ME in charge
of the world oh boy!

Thought you were.

Thursday, May 03, 2007


Lurching Towards the City On the Hill

Another Hunk of
Republican Roquefort
announces. Tugging hoary

fears through wall-to-wall
platitudes at a core rapt
in love unqueer.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


Rocco as Constitutional Scholar

VINNIE O. (just received his Political Science Degree from Penn)

Let’s see if I got this right: Bush and Cheney should be impeached because they’re Fascist traitors who invited their rich goombahs to line up outside the Treasury with bushel baskets?

We hold those truths to be self-evident.

Well, you’re a bit pastoral. No bushel baskets. More like fifty-five gallon drums.
Your vision too pure. Things are more complex–-need a dolly for one thing.

They all have their Dollies. Right alongside their bible thumpers.

Be fair!

I understate. Best I can do. The villains are Shakespearian!


(1 of many Rocco pieces . Search blog if interested. He’s a South Philadelphia renaissance man, generous friend, virulent Democrat.)

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


During the film

your internal says
this is sad. Music
cranks up for under-

line, or goad. Then,
perhaps, a lone tear
makes down its sorry way.

Better? you little Fascist Prick.

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