Saturday, June 30, 2007


Go Ahead & Wear Your Nicest Panties to the Prom!

But stay out of Real Estate.
How you bragged about
purloining sixty thousand

in one month with just two flips.
& now you have rebellious tenants

& funereal properties & hectoring
banks, & hafta sell your car. We’re

laughing & it’s tinged with sadness,
not. When you strike rock bottom,

we’ll buck you up with a nice tea,
the drink of amateurs.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Power Shoes

-Completely lousy timing! Madame’s voice shook and that’s a killer.
Her statement suffered.

-Well what do you expect me...?

-Fire ‘im!

-I’m not gonna fire every marginal faggot who talks about her shoes.

-But it‘s the last thing she heard before going in front of the cameras!

-Accident! She OVERheard. Nothing directed to her. Whisper!

-Look! you little sonofabitch! What’s hard to understand here?
Unless YOU wish to be fired!

-Well first, you little sonofabitch, what gives you the power...? If you look
at the table of organization I should be firing you, you you sonofabitch!

-Boys boys boys! Can a lady inject herself into this imaginative argument?
Let me take the responsibility of speaking to all our young men and women,
and telling them that comments about Madame’s couture are out of bounds.

-Well that won’t establish who’s in charge of anything around here!

-I thought Madame was. Or is it just my inner woman speaking?

-This whole place is inner woman!

-Suits you perfectly!

-Listen to Mr Lisp there!

-Boys! Now you don’t want me to bring your darkly masculine hissy tiff
to Madame, do you? Let her just worry about the World, no?

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Song of the South

Big time Christian,
Big time Crook.

Ah la la
la la la
la grits.

Hate the nig-rahs,
love their food.

Ah la la
la la la
la jazz.

& that rhythm IS
natural & we don't
give no shit for no PC.

Ah la la
la la la
la shoot.

Why,shoot a possum,or in-
vite the Japs in for
t'make Toy-oh-turrs
or whatevers. Can't

guarantee them old shit-
eating redneck they loved
so,but tame enough worker,

courtesy of Church--
but it's what the fuck
they're for, no?

Wouldn't kid yuh. Anyways,
Regional Pride,Yankee!
You use t'have it

up our ass,so how's
it feel now

we run the whole shebang,
from whichever idiot in
the White House to

the Charlie McCarthys
of Congress? We're smart-

er than you and got computer
guys smarter than us t'adjust
old-timey grease-elections

towards higher good & Jesus &
fucking you forever ah

la la
la la la
la true

all politics is local &
the town's full of thieves.

(Foreign stuff's a Jew
thing anyways.) We'd

say get used to it,
but looks like you're
lovin it instead.

Ah la la
la la la
la y'all
come back, hear?

Wednesday, June 27, 2007


The Volunteer Spirit in America

-What’s the price of freedom?

-Waterboarding Spick-Ayrab terrorists.

-Where do I sign on as Torturer’s Apprentice?

-That the name of opera?

-It’s all opera.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Abu Ghraib

-I can’t get ahold of those tapes featuring rapes of boys.

-And you never will.

-Off the record, do you condemn homosexual rape?

-Not if it’s for Jesus.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Inconvenience

-Not my first call and won’t be my last!

-I’m sure of it. And I know the subject I bet.

-Twenty minutes waiting for a little family group
to amble across! Time is fuckin money! Due at airport
and Lear all fueled up. What you think that cost me?

-Those animals protected by Feds. Endangered.

-They’ll be endangered when I get through all right!

-We offered to build a fence along that route and you
and other no-tax hooligans fought it like hell.
Then bragged about your victory in a full-page ad.

-So you wouldn’t forget it! No pool at new high school
either. Y only fifteen miles.

-Well, no critter remedy here anymore. Would you care
to shout anyway? Or buy another ad touting Power
to the People!–so long as they’re rich.


-That obnoxious little prick. We made him and
he began forgetting the very first hour in office!

-Out here in the wild, we don’t even take notice.

-If I hired you to kill them...?

-Uh uh. No federal pen for me!

-Well what do you...?

-Relocating. I’ll trap and bring ‘em up here.

-How much?

-Fifty thousand.

-Uh huh? That’s to start talking.

-Not up here. That’s it.

-That the only arrow in your quiver then?


-How much for that?


-Dangerous! I mean can it be traced?

-Know a certain good ole boy. Be something can be claimed
it’s from camp sites. Okay for us but toxic to our little friends.

-I’m still worried the whole business’ll come back here,
to me.

-Twenty years maybe. Who’ll give a shit by then?


Sunday, June 24, 2007


Night & Day

Saving Cole Porter’s house
as B&B, & museum.

In the roaring traffic’s boom,
the stately clock against the wall...
silence of such lonely rooms. Well,

hail to thee, Peru, Indiana. Despite
your lack of roaring traffic & tom-
toms under falling jungle shadows. With

a bow to the other Modernism, had been meth
lab. From Art to Commerce and back in free-

ly spastic America. Take heart though:
Can put Meth Museum anywhere.

Saturday, June 23, 2007


No Pass, Timids

Madison was shy, short, very soft-spoken, slight.
Shrimp inconsequential proving an intellectual
and political giant. Never was easy I’d guess.

So, step it up! You’re required. Open your placid
mouth. Because you owe us. When

baton is handed off, you can grab as well as anyone.
Better! Why not today? We await, and don’t care if you

stumble. Or stutter. Or mumble. Or fear.
We’ll lean forward to hear!

Friday, June 22, 2007


-Okay, girls! Check’s about a hundred. What’s ten percent? Lorna?
You’re our math whiz.

-Four dollars.

-I’ll leave five. And without a vote. So, executive decision benefits waitress!


-Mac! Can you help me out again? I just had a table tied up an hour
and they left a lousy fin!

-Republican ladies was it?

-What’s the difference? I’m screwed under both parties.

-Give in and marry me and I’ll buy...what am I buying?

-Special baby formula pediatrician insists on.

-I’ll buy that! C’mon give in!

-Yeah. Eventually.

-It’s fate.

-Ain’t it?

Thursday, June 21, 2007


-Christ! All the kids are crying! Can’t you find happy ones?

-Is hard. No eat.

-Flies crawling into their mouths and eyes. Ugh! Turn off the cameras!

-Impossible stop fly.

-Back to the plane and thanks for nothing!

-My government grateful senator coming!

-Go fuck yourself!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007


We Got Righties Now &

what y’get? Y’get torture
& criminal authority. Y’get
lousy wages to shove more

money into plutocrats’
pockets. Y’get War. & Glory

Words incessantly. Don’t like
it? Shut up, Treasoner!

Y’get moral maggotry
from righteous religious.

This it, then, Ron? The Shining
City On the Hill?

Tuesday, June 19, 2007


No Child Left Unmarked

All these examinations sic-
kening children now. Shine

shine shine the little cogs: how
a free country bullies kids. What

for? To run abreast the Chinese
to the Eden of bottom wages?

Sunday, June 10, 2007

No posts till 6/19/07

Getting Together

Listen! We go in there in a few minutes. Now with A, they’ll try to ram through
the politics. We can afford to meet them halfway. It’s weak law anyway.

With B it’s more like fogbound law. Nobody has ever figured that freakin
thing out. Judges are push-pull. At any rate, we’ll let Administration have all
of B or more. It’s Theater of the Absurd.

Now C we gotta stand up for. No choice! Or we have no raison d’etre. When all is said and done, we must finally fulfill our duty for Justice. What the country believes in. What history sanctions.

Back seat for politics there. Way way back! Future depending on us.

Gentlemen! We can zip through all of this tout suite! We gotta have A to
fuck the opposition, simple as that. They’ve taken to trying to fuck us,
so they gotta learn. Such balls!

We can’t go all the way on that one. Sorry.

That’s what the Vegas whores say, until you whip it out. American Express
that is! But don’t worry about A. We’ll consult with you right after we act.

Somewhat reasonable. But that’s last deal we can make.

Except we need elbow room on B. Some very fine points we...

You can have all of B.

You grow in stature by the minute. We want C too. Unfortunately.

No way there. Settled law of the land. We can’t lose all honor on that one!
You’ll hafta back completely off! Completely! There is a Trust from our
ancestors, even back to Magna Carta! Let alone The Constitution.
Supreme Court’ll hand you your head!

Hey, one more appointment there, it’s Golden Asshole.

That’s where you’re wrong. No matter the appointee. The historical glory of this nation...!

You see a podium here? Platform? This is a no-speech zone. I have Senators in here and I shut them up too.

I know we all hafta play ball with one hand, but with the other...!

You can jerk off. You’re fired! Now get the fuck out, to put it politely.

I can go to the press!

You won’t go anywhere. Why the fuck you think we picked you in the first place?

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Facts About Meat

Conventional slab
of beef is, naturally,
well-marbled. Touch

& it says Jesus, you have
Republican Presidential Candidate.

Facts About Meat

Conventional slab
of beef is, naturally,
well-marbled. Touch

& it says Jesus, you have
Republican Presidential Candidate.

Friday, June 08, 2007

Liberty and Justice for...

Paris Hilton released from jail
quite early after “consultation
with medical authorities.”

Ghetto Girl might be encouraged
to apply, her medical consultation
buying a swift kick in the ass.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Breadcrumbs leading to 1600–Conyers

There are stale and
there are golden but

loaves,more like,

In patterns

Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Crow trying
to mount

Banded Dove
on a wire outside
my window. Dire

enough to tout
me Republican.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007


A's Book

indicts B&C,
who damned A
previously. Scor-

ing at last where
he's been scored up-

on. Truth from such
Don't be absurd!

Scandals & messy
divorces, killing

lives to try to save
the face of villains.

Any parallel in
this last?

Monday, June 04, 2007


GOP Strategy Board

-Beautiful! Sandwiches! We couldn’t leave here to get anything. God will bless.

-What’s up? Important stuff?

-We’re inventing a titanic struggle!

-What against?

-What the fuck’s the difference

Sunday, June 03, 2007


The Desire For Clever Underwear

-It’s just a fun thing! A pair of panties for every day with the day written across
the bottom in script.

-I get the fun; flagged the expense.

-The blue noses’ll rule the world yet!

-I phoned the store and they’ll bill you at home.

-I can’t have anything like that coming to my HOME!

-Then just drop by and pay in cold cash.

-Man! This is much ado about practically nothing. You know, I could throw my weight around and you’d be out on your ass!

-Funny how someone says a thing that’s already in your head in a sort of turnaround way...what do they call that?

-Sorry. I’m passionate.


Saturday, June 02, 2007

Thoughts At a Film

Wow! This dude can’t walk to the car without someone opening up with an
AK-47! Man, I’m sweating. Whew! Oh no! Female lieutenant saying bent little things to him. RELATIONSHIP ALERT! RELATIONSHIP ALERT! They’ll wor-KKKK it out as the action strangles in the background. Jesus H. Christ on a bicycle! Love! LUVVVVV! Kiss MY ass! Now she shakes her little butt, thus ruining an exciting movie. They got, like, gears of menace grinding, g-RINDING, and they empty a carton of high heels on ‘em. Where can I puke?

Thank God we’ve finally left the Juvenile Home. Real people in a real relationship.
What life is about. Not shooting them before their cars can explode!


Nice film. And they’re gonna get married! How really clever they worked all that stuff out while getting the bad guy too. Eventually. Yes, ups and downs in the
gritty male-female world. So completely exciting. And totally unpredictable.

You looked uncomfortable when they were handling grown-up matters.

Me? Not at all! (under) Sorta yearned to be stretched on the rack is all.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Theater of Today

GOP spewing forth
another actor.

I do have issues
with ideas
never working

except to shield
aristocrats. Not
acting–there we’ve

all indulged
in our share.

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