Thursday, September 30, 2010


My Pocket Starbucks

has four wall outlets for
those of us possessed
of weak batteries. Get-

ting next to one can
take craftiness plus

shoving. Call us
Pricks with Bricks.

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two Reactionaries Presently in Office–-
Indulging in Aged Bourbon

-How come you never hear legislative ladies
talk about their husbands?

-What's to say? They're pussies! How could it be
otherwise, married to a dragon?

-Can’t we run history backwards and take the vote away?

-Back to '17? Nah. Let's look forward! We're modern, hah hah.

-All right then, I'll introduce an amendment forbidding
them bicycles.

-So they can't pedal their ass around the block?

-Good one! And the car!

-Chip away, huh?

-Making up in the rearview mirror and babbling on cell phones! Danger to their various communities!
And we know they can't park one: All that particular silly pantomime disrupts commerce!

-Agreed. But the big one is voting and, not incidentally,
opposition gets the lion’s share of them.

-So many bleeding hearts!

-I got it! Science! We commission a huge study by a Christian
college: Women temperamentally unsuited to vote, therefore...

-Not at present, but let's not give up on this.

-Where there’s a will...

-there’s a slow, sneaky program.

-How can I get a dick implant?

-I don’t know but our party needs one. We shouldn’t have to
even bother with all this feminist crap.

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Bill Collector's Wife

-How'd it go?

-It went.

-Ah the usual gaiety then! But, pray tell, any highlights?

-Got a sobbing grandmother on a gouging pay plan.

-A service! Like doctor, priest, teacher!
She was underwater then?

-House, car, everything.

-I was...being witty.

-Wave a red flag. My brain is fried.

-And is she still heaving?

-Without doubt.

-Buck up, Macduff! Pays our bills. Thus no obnoxious prick calls us.

-I'm the bulldog face of American Pig Capitalism!

-Halt! Before you mix another metaphor! Or wave the
real red flag!

-Too hammered down to be Socialist rebel.

-I wonder if most of them are ditzy utopians, or have choked overmuch on plutocratic gorge.

-I don't need theory. I need a decent job among decent people.

-Rarer and rarer. Way the bosses prefer it.

-Well, now some cheap incendiary booze and letting the TV paint my face.

-Oh joy!

-I used to be a man!

-Miss that part.

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Monday, September 27, 2010


I live in Cocoa Beach, Florida, and if the shooting war between staunch white Republicans and undocumented brown workers coincides with a Category-5 hurricane, blood will flow down from the causeways.

I hope to have a brick of Kraft cheese to strike a deal with a shattered guy bearing a loaf of bread.

I won’t sell my cheese outright. No way.

And neither I nor my future survival partner will accept a bar of gold.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010


Short Conversation w/Song

-(singing) Better to have love and lost,
than never to have loved at all.

-Your music captures the thud-
ding resonance better than the words.

-They're a team.

-Uh huh. How about Better to be free
than entangled?

-Flat, stale, and unprofitable.
Not to say anti-romantic.

-Love pays?

-Of course!

-Love costs.

-Yes, it's dear.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010


Lunch With Charlie

Ow! said I.
Too bad, remarked
Charlie the Ant.

I browse my paper at
the same outdoor lunch

spot and Charlie or
his ilk get me often.

Hey! Throw down a few crumbs
and we'll go crazy over ‘em
and thereby spare you.

Next time I did and--I want
to say thousands--but maybe

hundreds formed black seas around
tiny pale islands. The Nabisco Islands.
Oh a few outliers came my way still,

like poets leaving men
and women at picnics

to commune with
the sappy pines.

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Friday, September 24, 2010


Rocco and Wiseass Wally

Your Democrats are below pitiful! Republicans throw
bushel baskets of shit at them hourly and they
lisp "Ith a lie!" And girly-pout at such awful meanness!

I have more tolerance. They refuse to legislate
and must have something to do. So, Big Lie
Technique Repubs have learned at Mama's icy tit.

They're just filling the vacuum of Democrat's dumbness!

Nature abhors etc. Or is that Nature's a whore?

Keep wandering! Your opponents go straight to the jugular!

They’re a a dopey burlesque and fool no one.
Death Panels indeed! Just got Grandma off the booze
and now the Democrats are gonna execute her!

Laugh on, Macduff, but that kind of egregious shit sticks.

Only in the voting troglodyte's mind!

At any rate, Democrat and their professors are
gathering themselves right now to compile a dossier
of Republican whoppers. And forge something forceful!

Be a long meeting!

In two rooms.

Why two?

One's for footnotes.

Rocco argues with any who come into view in South Philadelphia. He’ll even chase some down.

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Thursday, September 23, 2010


Oh Say Can You See to Pray?

When you know it's a lie
and pronounce it anyway,

you're a politician apply-
ing a strategy. Awful certainty

of a final reckoning’d militate
against such bopping, meretri-

cious sinning in a Believer, but
doesn't seem to: Staunchest

Upholders of the Faith laying down
the most egregious whoppers.

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Where It's Heading

-Piled too high in the warehouses. Something falls
on a guy, we got Workman's Compensation nosing in!

-Don't want either. Workman hurt or government butting in.

-So, let's sell something? That's the revered model.
Not hoarding.

-Old model. Something new evolving here.
Buy another warehouse!

-As your accountant I'd like to snap you to your senses
by saying you can't afford it, but...

-No end to warehouses I could buy.

-Then how 'bout rent? I'll run the figures if you want but...

-Like to own things. You go there and it's all yours.

-But there's a limit!

-I don't think so.

-Can become a pathology!

-Don't doubt it. May I point out to you that I got rich
by being considered nuts.

-And you can add to your wealth by peddling what crams
your multitudinous warehouses!

-I don't think so. We'll see. We'll just wait and see.

-Like King Midas.

-Always a favorite!

-Perhaps you figure it’s great collateral for loans?

-I’ll consider that. When I get around to
considering anything. If.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Couple in Art

Publicist finds maestro alone in dark theater.

Can’t relax.

Suggests park to listen to summer band.
He winces at expected clinkers.

Art Tatum like improvs at night club etc?

Good, but late hours.

Then, small experimental theater company?

Ever see genius color up? “I’ll have my secretary phone!”

So, newer twists on kitchen sink glazed
with four-letter words. New to him
and his enthusiasm grows.

He becomes investor.

Enter Kyre, stage left, right, and everywhere else.
Other company members call her

Rhymes-with-Fire...or with Dire or Liar.

As in “Rhymes-with-Fire told the playwright
to dump the entire second act. He’s muttering
in the alley.”

At any rate, when she was actor the director drank,
when director the cast mutinied.

As Fate will mishandle it, romance ensues
between our sweet maestro and this incendiary
who'd be a handful to a man thoroughly experienced.

All expect flameout, of course, but they marry shortly after
at a stockbroker's digs in East Haddam.

The prognosis is, of course, less than poor,
however, until Kyre's great decision:

She leaves acting and directing to produce.
In her first try she stages

The Tempest in a roller rink, asking
Maestro to write the music for barrelhouse

organ. It proves more than a smash.
You can’t get a ticket. Scalpers ask
three thousand a pop!

A year later most of the whole caboodle
moves to Broadway, of course, and there’s
a film with Johnny Depp.

Maestro asked to write other scores
and conduct all over the world.

Kyre and he buy a place in Tuscany
and spent a month there a year,

Maestro totally adored and
Kyre battling all the merchants.

Well, flip the milestone years off the calendar
as in old black and white musicals and
place a foot near the grave ledge for both.

The marriage remains in a state of
incipient explosion which amuses

Maestro and spurs Kyre further. She has added
menacing metal bands to her production stable.

He wears noise-canceling earphones
to auditions she coaxes him to attend.

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Monday, September 20, 2010

Big Wheel Keeps on Turning*

Look for a soloist,
find a chorus. Though

the song remains
traditional, entrenched,

despite the fresher
strains we release.

When we leave it
will stay, resounding

over mountains, boom-
ing down through valleys.

Composing, thus, their own paradox-
ically steady and improvisational
brand of music forever.

Afghanistan--*Key Karzai Aide in Corruption
Inquiry Is Linked to C.I.A.-Times

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Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hoary Questionnaire

? lol
4x wk

btw nicer

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Saturday, September 18, 2010


The Terrestrial Saint

When I inform the wise man that
so and so is an obnoxious prick,

I'm advised that he’s to be judged
on other-earthly standards only.

For he glimpses the mystic and
the holy. Those in the same line,
who might lose tooth, instead

praise him to heaven. High-
er loyalty ‘mong such char-
latans forsooth touches moi.

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Friday, September 17, 2010

High Visitor

-I'm here because you're in trouble!

-We're leading!

-Yeah, but opponent just congratulated you
on clean campaign. That means their polls see a lean.

-I needn't ask further...

-Three weeks left. Lifetime! First two: Communist-Socialist-

-Plus, he’ll vote thumbs down when on Grandma’s Death Panel? Uh huh. Well there went our Mr Smith Goes To Washington pure outsider!

-Professional Wrestling! Your glowing virgin couldn’t take opponent’s filth one more minute! So he's compelled
to fight back even dirtier!

-And the last week? I'm guessing fag.


-Well our own person isn’t the butchest knife in the drawer.
Prefers dancing with your son whilst wifey bottles preserves
as a matter of fact.

-U-tube him wrapped in bandoleers at gun nuts picnic!

-He might be queer but he's truly queer for Second Amendment?

-Bingo again!

-We’ll cover the board, and I’ll never again be able
to face this vilest of un-patriots at my church.

-You don’t face anybody in this town, you face ‘em down!


Thursday, September 16, 2010


Benjamin Franklin

was a lot of things o
goodness was he!

But not the least a sex-
ual firecracker! Presently,
it’s mostly crackers.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010


So like a scowling
NBA forward, rich
take elbow room

for ballclubs and ballet
troupes, congressmen

and whores. Now add
slyer miscellanies we

also dare not tax
by low critique.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Dynamic Dialog

-So everything I learned is wrong! My beliefs a shit pile!

-That’s about it.

-And that leaves what to do?

-Nothing. Or reinvent yourself.

-Been a long life, and jammed full of reinventing as it is.

-Yeah, the new remains the enemy of the old.

-Same old shit, I’d say.

-That view marginalizes. Let’s them label you the old fogy.

-That’s okay so long as I can have brews with other
condemned, go back of the ballfield when everything has
shut down for the night, and laugh our ass off pissing!

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Monday, September 13, 2010



Friend hints you're on list so
you go to Feds. They insist

upon solo prolix,
of wide complexity

to square their crated
evidence. Having sung

thus, duly awarded a tract
home in a strange place mid

alien corn. American-Dreaming
neighbors big on Little League.

At old digs, despised:
ratted when, instead,
one for team required.

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Sunday, September 12, 2010



He's obvious, of course,
heavy tread in the carpet-

ed corridor, plywood squeaking
underneath. Door-click from 14E

effectively means cessation
of rosy life within. In 14D

I hear little, dreading
more the shapelessness
abiding in the courtyard.

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Visit

-They’re religious now. So get ready for prayers and grace--

-Latter should have more severe rationing.

-I meant grace before meals.

-God bless these eggs and our egos.

-Well, be polite.

-When was I not? But we're martyrs to a motion
not our own. Last time it was...Eastern?

-Not really, some guy on PBS.

-Ah yes! Temporary social improvement and perpetual
fund raising.

-Well, anyway, they're old friends.

-Their flavor of the month notwithstanding?

-Ooo you’re mean!

-Yeah, heaven's out so long as it's filled with bleating assholes.

-Just thinking of your soul’s a good thing for you.

-(sings) O let the midnight special turn its ever-lovin’
light on me!

-I know that one. For once. Guy's in prison. You think our marriage is a prison?

-Strangely, no.

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Friday, September 10, 2010

The Way of All Fish

Government Gouge!
roar the self-minted
guardians of us all,

but they're as pur-
ring kittens while

Capitalist Rottweilers
devour us hourly.

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Why Are Republicans Greater

thieves? Dishonoring joke
states they steal the train

while less-inventive Dems
light-finger tickets only.

But a something’s there: a di-
vergence of rank vision! Now,

bring it to a solon who concurs,
“Amplitude! Opposition swanks

cramped views, pretends
to aid the peasants. While
we don't even pretend,

knowing where our bread
gets buttered, and how!”

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Celebrity Dies I Never Heard Of

I’m incomplete con-
sumer of mass culture
and an educated snob bob-

ing through famous for allusions
by astringent wit, uh huh. All in

all, satisfied missing out on much.
TV the great time machine, yes?

Catch what was memory-
holed 30, 20,10 years ago.

Shows pretty good though
I condemned back when.

You sniff hypocrisy? So be it
for any particular moment.

Eventually we all prize some
half-ass stance from another.

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


More etc Change

Every fiery revolutionary wave
wills its own orthodoxy, yet roots

through despised predecessors
when it suits. Thus the personal

testaments of freedom of both sexes
to love whoever, whenever, breaks

down with sexual jealously
eating from the inside out as
it has always, and systemically.

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Monday, September 06, 2010

Working Intrigue

Flown to a remote site to solve a unique problem,
he returns
to the office without sleep, only to be greeted
by a guard
with a box containing his personal items.

Later, to his wife:

-I'm fired!

-I don't think so.

-How could you not--?

-Take a peek at my car. Therein sits a guard.
Without doing justice to his macho vacuity I recite:
“Please return. Those responsible dismissed.”

-What a headache I'm getting! How? Why?

-A cabal discovered and snuffed. But why did it
focus on you?

-I just do my job!

-That's it.

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Sunday, September 05, 2010

Actually Had a Dream About Interpreting Dreams

Neat fellow with spade beard there. Let's call him Sigmund, who asks

-Does z’emphasis on zexuality disturb you?

-Makes me squirmy. But that's okay since it's just a part.

-Who says dis nonsense! Merde! “Everything!” you don't understand?

-I don't really have to talk to you. Most clever people today have assigned you to the dumpster.

-Vot ist dump--?

-Dust bin.

-I’ll speak God! Plagues! Job had picnic, believe me!

-Wow! Is there a lot of revenge in the profession?

-You can't know half, Dummkoph!

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Saturday, September 04, 2010


Impressing Judges

Running to beat
the ball at first

base, one must rush
through the bag, not
slide or leap, gamboling

so the umpire might be
hoodwinked by a rapid

change in attitude. As
a later judge might keep

you around or divide the assets
in your favor, or sentence you

to ride beneath
the streets of
Boston forever.

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Friday, September 03, 2010


Victorian Melodramatic Novels

Lose patience with the stuffy
camp of lady overmuch pro-

testing innocence, and man
declaiming full-of-shit-isms.

Yet, keener women “fall” even
today as men preach less than
blessed assurance between

beer and ballgame.
So what has changed?


Thursday, September 02, 2010


The Handler

“That the crazed are righteous hardly en-
lightens. They naturally forge purity tests.

Well my candidates are men and women--
not boys and girls raptured out by lout-

ish terpsichore. Politicians! who'll rock n’
roll with angels and with devils to get it

done. Too impure for present?
Only the vote tells, but the force

of the practical trumps noise
when people gather themselves.”


Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Talent Search

-You got your token Black, so now you want a token Spick?

-Don’t talk that way! We’ve never talked like that. Ever.

-Only your racists and haters.

-Big Tent! And they don’t really mean it. Mostly humor–-healthy venting.

-Sorry, but you’ve come to the wrong man. I can’t run in the present hatred of all things Mexican. It hurts-–if you can understand that.

-No such hatred! Illegals, yes. Hey, some are Guatemalans, midgets down from the mountains.

-Your big contributors are the largest employers of
all such wretches.

-So...we don’t quite start with Utopia?

-You’d give anything for a voice saying in Spanish
“I’m Señor So and So and I approve this message.”

-It’d help.


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