Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Senator and His Critic

-Let me put it to you this way. If you're three-quarter
owner of a small company in a little town, and some
of the citizens have bought in, do you go around the
tables at the annual celebratory banquet and
insult your partners?

-So, you're corrupt.

-I swing with the system, not heroically but...

-The best Congress money can buy!

-That's glib. Money doesn't buy me but gets my ear.

-Uh huh. And then you do what the big boys whisper?

-Well that's often because they write the laws.
Ones I submit are things of beauty. Compiled by
legal geniuses, not ham-and-eggers.

-The aesthetics of treachery.

-Look, this is a burg of circling knives. To do the good I do--
and there is some...


-I hafta keep one of em outa my back!

-You have many counterparts on the other side.

-But their platform is bananas. Not that anybody cares.

-Those are merely ideas. Money is not an idea. It has a palpable stink.

-Aroma is the word.

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Monday, November 22, 2010

No posts till 11/30

Saturday, November 20, 2010



Via cell, reporting
you can see the wave.

Rescuers aim their craft
elsewhere. Thus your

final instant serves us,
mattering not at all

if you set marks
ever higher

or pissed your life
away before this.


Friday, November 19, 2010


What the Butler Saw

was everything.
What he said was nothing.

The gentlemen and ladies of
the household dwelt far above
reproach. So he

enforced his snooty vision
to mere staff, threatening
dismissal sans reference.

Well, not enough has been done
to honor such Americans who see
and pretend.

O say don’t you say what you see
being the true anthem of greatness.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Long Unemployed

are pressed to become messiahs
for ordinary soap or the like.

Friends and relatives gain cupboards
groaning with the crap. Hey it's all
disguised charity. Better straightforward
thirties with rent parties where players

threw a buck or two in a hat
and proceeded to drink a bathtub
of gin and lose a spouse and gain
another's for the nonce. In screaming

over the roar, some excoriated Capitalism, but
the gin made the vile monster not worth spit.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010



Banks are best at crap-
ping on their own rules,

an upshot finger the real brand.
Amusing the legislators
and referees they’ve bribed,

they smug through hearings while
protesters carried away,

fucked again in The Land of the Free,
and raving against the icy decorum
of the self-recognized brave.

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Disease & Prognosis

It’s the second Gilded Age.
The rich grasp everything,
the rest table scraps. (Since

duds, we do
get to wildly rap.)

Looking to the sorry crop
in front of us for a TR?
Not bloody likely.

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Tuesday, November 16, 2010



Keep on with that one. We need the room to swing our elbows and knock out what's left of the unions.

It's not free.

A card of dedicated plastic says GOP!

We can't afford a cooling off period.

Believe me, smoke comes out of it. But you gotta help
me with these bankers. We're sitting on billions,
but with them it's trillions.

They’re afraid.

Just a hangover after their crooked pipedreams. That's what’s different with us: we make a product, real and palpable!

Is it any good?

I've lost track.

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Monday, November 15, 2010


Madoff Auction

Fercrissakes let the Jew thief
keep his underwear! Co-religionists
want to stamp him sub-human. Anti-

Semites, the tribe itself. Goethe said he
never heard a sin he couldn’t commit.

Meaning for the sex fiend low inside
us all, a sleazebag latent too.


Sunday, November 14, 2010



The party leans forward
as if to say and? But

story chokes and won't
go on. In a parallel
world it does, and aptly.

But this one imposes
haze when crazy
for a wrap.


Saturday, November 13, 2010


None So Vile

-So this guy appointed to lit department at prestigious university.

-But a serpent in the fescue?


-Harmless enough for most. Even academics.

-Allusion combat. Much out-clevering whilst zapping
the other with the table wit of lit.

-Did our champion acquit himself with valor?

-Mostly, but often his stomach churned going to class.

-Is it a story with this acid end?

-He left for a small college where they really respected his specialty and baked each other casseroles.

-What was his specialty?

-I don't remember.

-Emblematic of the weight of your tale. Of a whole lot, really.

-Oh well, anyway, every profession must have its silly

-None So Vile

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Friday, November 12, 2010


-Ten thousand a month for an apartment for a...

-very good friend!


-Such a sleazy tone, that word, whereas...

-And under a foundation you created for the bank.

-We do a lot of Little League too. It does.

-Look, I'm losing friends at Justice referring anything less than
a few million for possible indictment. Just start paying for Sweetie out of your own salary and the matter's closed.

-That’s decent of you. I'll withdraw the account from the foundation.

-Miriam Foundation, huh? What...?

-My Mother's name. God rest her soul.

-Really? I find that touching. Very touching.

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Thursday, November 11, 2010


The Process Works

“Bold suggestions” from boards,
those not running for anything.

Working pols applaud,
promising study, and flash

the same choreography still
bringing them fame. They’re

studied by fresh-elected,
drilling steps in dark corridors.

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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blunt Grace

-Meeting’s at Ronald Reagan Office Building.

-Lovely ring!

-There's of course a Ronald Reagan Airport and...

-Music to my ears.

-Well, he deserves the honor as...

-Never mind that shit! Best part is they stand as symbols!
A symbol beats whole fuckin dumpsters of words.
So you can look at the building or whatever and buck up,
even in a fallow time of socialists and crybabies, with all
the women compliant whores and half the men fags.

-At...uh...any rate, honoring RR is great for the nation.

-Fuck the nation! It's great for us. Wipe the mother's milk from your mouth!

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Tuesday, November 09, 2010



-We gotta temper the more vicious hits.

-Let boys be boys!

-Then you'll end up with a few in wheelchairs.

-Gangbusters! Wheel 'em out before games wrapped in flags,
with a littler one in their dicks.

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The Popeyed Revolution

We're seeking players
who slide in spikes high.

Not Lou Gehrigs but Ty
Cobbs. Those cruel in order
to be kind. It all devolves

to a particular grammar:
not those extreme adjectives
that count the most anyway,

but the noun. Order. Your security
will depend on your knowing

your place on the team
and acting accordingly.

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Monday, November 08, 2010


Stow Honor Badges

cuz Mr Smith al-
ready a Street slut

when he survives
to arrive

in Washington.
Payback time,
never mind

the broil of lofty
words and anthems.

Daily a roiling crib of pigs
who’ve paid to play

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Sunday, November 07, 2010



Coyly practicing on the stone
gnomes in her garden,

Grandma becomes proficient
enough on the digital camera

to catapult up the aisles
at Graduation in a frenzy
of angles. All save the rear

view of the hemorrhoidal
commencement speaker.

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Saturday, November 06, 2010


Rural Wit, Thus Short

-My one soap opera stopped with the Republicans gloating.

-Like drunks. Bible says that if...

-Then old ducks come on there and tell you why.

-Ain't no mystery. Unemployment! Why look at that guy
down at the bridge. Out a year or so from sawmill.

-Only one not the family there. By the way, he's selling that
little red car he got.

-That thing? Useless crap! By the time you reach decent road,
whole ass end be tored out!

-Well, he’s selling it.

-Wonder what that perky wife'd fetch?

-Never mind all that! And wondering what I'd...!

-Why you're as pure gold to me, as the Bible says.

-It don't say that. You're full of it like always.

-Well, something like.

-I know what you'd fetch. Nothing!

-You was always a harsh woman! Why the chemicals in me
worth five bucks!

-They’s all played out!

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Friday, November 05, 2010

The Pirate Ship Has Docked

Our officials rushing out
to fawn and surrender.

The captain is mercurially
disinterested, thus murder,
rape, and pillage will proceed

normally. They have
other words for it.

God has designed the very worst
persons to be politic. When

they do something totally unspeakable--there
are degrees for the stomped and dispirited--

we'll recover life and, mid their snoring,
stick them like the pigs they are.

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Thursday, November 04, 2010


Wave Election, Fuckin Wave

sweeps in re-masked versions
of corporate whores.

Fox News (pause for laugh)
excoriated for being the RNC

but meaner and more crooked--
if that's even possible.

(cue Send in the Clowns)

Ah there’ll be laughter in the House!
So isn't that worth the billions cooked

after the supreme court
can opener?


Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Our Paramount Difficulty

is language. Inadequate
to describe the pirates

and egregious thieves
massed in the private sector

who tell us “Leave us alone
to make financial magic for all!”
Uh huh. How is that working out?

And “Just enforce the laws on
the books! We need no fresh ones.”
Uh huh. Like, let’s privatize police
in a city of 100,000 and hire one

illiterate a shift to handle the whole burg.
In the high public sector? Well, lines blur,

but they're florescent green
money. The Democrats engage;
Republicans find God

free-wheeling. The Right desires revolution
because depravity hasn't gone far enough.

The Left wants to start over by
first nabbing the worst, but
the prisons aren't large enough.

Besides, if you fill them with such
conniving talent, they’ll corrupt

that system even further
reasserting power from there.

Stalin, of course, went too far, but
his earlier game plan might merit study.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

The Pollster

Bottom line you ask? Ah yes!
That’s what you’re paying for after all!

I’ve digested tons of figures and
Bottom Line: More than likely, it’ll
go your way, and big, or fairly big.

Of course, it could go the other way
but that’s not as likely. And if it does,

won’t be as big--as if it went your way, uh,
if it goes–not likely–the other way.

All possibilities are in the universe,
of course, but I like yours better,

or somewhat better.
You have my bill.

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The Senator, Very Drunk

"Call it Race if you wish.
I don't give a shit!

We don't like 'em.
End of story.

Except it never fuckin ends
while their media whores
suck in their sick ecstasy."

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Monday, November 01, 2010

Election Night, Not So Large Market

Okay, Talent, let's try things out.

This is a set? Looks like an elephant shit in a paint bucket!

This is a set like you're definitely not a commentator!

Oops we hafta go on! Quick, powder his nose. It's like a beacon!

No big deal, just a souse.

I heard that, Fairy Designer!

Now girls. Ten seconds to airtime, Talent.


Just read what's in front of you.

Eighteen votes are in from Chester’s third precinct
and it looks like bad news for Democrats.


That's it?

We're weaving in and out of Football Highlights to begin.
But don’t worry we go big in a couple of hours. Bring in
the experts! The winners to gloat and the losers to analyze.


Nearly seventy votes are in from Chester's third precinct and
Republicans are worried.


It’s still dribbling, despite your promises.

Like a drunk pissing. Just a generic comment.

Your set is beautiful and we no longer need you.

Yeah, go way and give us the chance to destroy it.

Why do we always get hasbeens from the network?

We do the best we can and we're perpetually for sale.

Not much job security.

You can always paint shithouses.

And go! Talent.

Most of the vote is in in Edgemont and no clear winners yet due to tallying write-ins for, among others, Mickey Mouse.

(off) He always gets a vote or three!

It's our own resident wit, Patty Kleinhoffer, returning
from the field on this historic...!

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