Thursday, March 31, 2011


Republican Acronym

Pronounced the way you'd think:
Hands Off the Rich,
or HOR.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Tax Purposes

“Gotten too musty in there. Hygienist says leave the door slightly open. At any rate, that American flag is particularly foul. Send it out for cleaning.

And I've ignored that email request that you enjoy
lunch in there. That's not a Swiss question.
Are you sure you're Swiss?”


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Many a good story has been over verified.*

So let’s, at Fox, go with
the hot sucker punch.

Sorta apologize later, re-
gretting the inconvenience

to the sordid lefty
whose nose got bloodied.

*Many a good newspaper story has been ruined
by over verification. - James Gordon Bennett


Monday, March 28, 2011


How Glows the Nominee

Truly scrapes The American Grain
that a wealthy and successful person
can be a dunderhead. Secretly laughing,

cynics manipulate idiocy
into a run at the Presidency,

boosting endless blab of
God and Free Enterprise

(synonymous) while lining up
the ducks on the fetid pond.

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Year and Kaput

-I hear she’s moved to a spot as geographically distant
from you as possible.

-I haven’t measured.

-So? Too hot not to cool down?

-That’s in a song.

-Will you join the battalion of the bitter now?

-I remember some nice moments too.

-Nice? Condemning with faint praise?

-She said some genuine things.

-Beats the average.

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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Legal Philosophy 101

-(reading) "Running Pig Hollow Road in his underpants."

-Ah but to understand that, you must attend to a long story.

-No I don't.


-Release him with the suggestion that he run
in another jurisdiction.

-Can't we charge him under decency statutes etc.?

-His hairy balls and ass were covered. And his lawyer will produce photos of teen girls lounging around shopping malls in men's boxer shorts. "Why is my client being singled out?" and on and on.

-Law carries on, doesn't it? Like bullshit.

-I'm gonna stop hiring college grads: Everything's
Philosophy 101!

-The law fascinates!

-It does? Thank God I got just two years and twenty one
days left of this fascination!

-About right for me to occupy that chair.

-Adding insolence to incompetence, are you?

-I'm off to do my duty!

-You still here?

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Friday, March 25, 2011


The Office of Raw Desire

It's told they gave each
other aps for outdoor
underwear. Will a one
of yodeling be next?

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Thursday, March 24, 2011


Idiots Onboard

I like the cable crime
shows from Europe. Dark-
ly complex. & when

there's a political back-
ground, same as here:
Nazis versus the rest of us.

Latest pseudo-intellectual
suck-pop is that Nazis
are actually LEFT Wingers.

Exposes yet another Euro-delusion.
Why those poor idiots abroad
contend, too, that their high wages

& month vacations & strong
unions & universal medical care
& unemployment safety net

are actually good things. But fools
have traded Freedom for them.

Heil Freedom! The true bread being
that for the spirit, not the gross body!

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Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Most Great Fortunes Based on Great Robberies*

But there’s the actual and the metaphor.
Consider the full frontal holdup

at a bank. Grim threats with guns
terrorize associates and customers,

latter staying down on the floor
as per spat instructions.

How gauche all that compared to
the Board stamping the latest

gouges and fashion-
ing the half lies

to cover them,
and themselves.

*freely translated from Balzac

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Organization

-What am I to think in this tank?

-It'll come to you if you're really in the tank.

-A benchmark or two wouldn't hurt.

-What our benefactors do is sacrosanct.

-You mean even if their products kill?

-Especially then. You are to make
coherence out of greedy chicanery.

-Pays reasonably well. Many have put kids
through college with lies.

-We're building towards a philosophy,
of course. A systematic program to be
taught at universities.

-My strength is writing. I can write
the basic tome for such and...

-Forget it. We'll bring professors
on board then. They'll 180 for cash.

-Then I can fictionalize the principles
at that point. Knock three inches
from the thickness with some drama!
And the film will out-Fountainhead
The Fountainhead for the unwashed!

-No matter how thin or thick you slice it,
it’s still baloney!

-Is sarcasm the lingua franca of this institute?

-Of all haters.

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Monday, March 21, 2011

Manufacturing Consent Among Robots

Most students cowed
by decreed testing
of the repetitive

steps best scholars all
but forget in getting on
to the good stuff.

But a few incipient wits
will manage to conclude

the majority of adults
are goddamn fools.

So tyrannical flatulence
is never entirely wasted.

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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Adverbs Rounding Corners

Manage to duck her as
a matter of survival but this
time, full frontal preface:

"I am so so so so so disappointed!"
--re man, event, movie, cataclysm.

Five, this time. The future
is limitless.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011

The Lamp

Wore out dictionary,
thesaurus, Bartlett’s.

Seldom went to bed.
All to flesh his wit-
less thoughts.

Presently, he inches
up the learning curve
of Writer’s Software.

Well, so what? Why
shouldn’t morons
get some mention

amidst the wryly
half-assed crowd?

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Friday, March 18, 2011


The Power Couple

He, Senator. She,
by dint of brilliance
none fathom, Head

of an agency, once
obscure. Together

they grease the sluice-
ways for those who
later employ them.

“Serendipity!” they shout,
joyously. “Just lucked out
by so exclusively serving

the public!” In old London Town,
you walked the middle of

the cobbles since
shit showered down
from establishments.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011


Claude and Andre confer in dark French before switching on the pencil spotlight to illuminate Madame’s upper lip.

Outside, Mexicans edge the paths with noise. Nearby, Rickey,
chauffeur retired from a police force on Long Island with
phantom disabilities, smokes while leaning on the Rolls
wherein Mantovani and A/C purr.

At her private bank, Mr. Tomkins sprays Spring Floral anticipating her depilatoried entrance.

Above all, the tall Palms seek air.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Which Republican Plank?

Smash down the middle households
on wages and benefits and work up

resentment against union ones for
surrendering less. (Hey it’s The Market!

sacrosanct. So why not get off your ass
and move to a Right-to-Starve state?--
study Mandarin at the junior college.)

At any rate, it's not let them eat cake
but get them at each others' throats.

Money never lost a war. It has, though,
a class war. Madame Defarge knits.

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Players want share
of additional funds
owners earn or extort.

Their retort: Uppity! Not,
too PR savvy for that.

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Monday, March 14, 2011


The Game

“Mustn't just play. You've been chosen for this assignment
because you know how to play, but in these exercises,
the decisions are severe ones. That is, if you kill an
opponent on a screen, someone literally dies.

We have brought in populations of criminals or prisoners of
war, but one can't indiscriminately zap them. Laws.

So, killing is a last resort and it is expensive.

What can you do, in the game, to avoid it? That’s what we’re
learning here.

If you’re left with no choice, then you're left with no choice.
You must, of course, win, whatever the strategy.

We’re pointing towards more merciful war, but we don’t
want to become silly about it. Trivial.

And even though you sit in a chair, there will eventually
be military honors.”

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Sunday, March 13, 2011

“No drama!”

So goes raw imperative
of certain ads. But we

all emote, yes? And with
some frequency. Guess it’s

a proportion thing. Don’t
Sarah Bernhardt a dry

brownie, or rain when
not promised. Whatever

ads insist
or we hope,

the irrational lies
flawed within us.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011


The Cliff

Ireland and Apparition Jilly always took girls to Ireland for a summer seminar. Ruth joined her towards the end this time, prior to researching Expressionist Art on the continent. Dr O’Finerty returned that evening after his fortifying pub dinner and did a q&a with the girls on Folklore. They in their pyjamas and fuzzy slippers. Jilly and Ruth had cocktails in next room, where Dr O’Finerty proved an agreeable drone. But a certain regional legend filtered through, to their giggles. A blacksmith had been struck by a local beauty and actually told her “I’ll come to thee by Moonlight though hell should bar the way!” “Uh huh?” whispered Ruth, “I know that chestnut poem!” “Shh! The girls don’t.” “Well mostly her high-born family barred the way, but the lovers persisted and eventually married. She became pregnant and the village couldn’t leave off praising her beauty.” “Too great a cost!” Ruth opined. “Then...awful then...she died in childbirth and the baby too. Their home atop the cliff became his silent refuge and he was never again seen in the village. One night, the moon like a sun, so large and bright, he walked off the cliff.” The girls moaned, but Dr O, the girls called him, hedged all round with disclaimers. “Of course only the old crones believe he did it. No body ever fished out of the cove. More likely he just moved away...sure and it’s all of it enough to destroy you without his dying!” Quite a bit later, Jilly heard the front door quietly close, and knew Ruth was embarking on one of her late walks. Next morning her room is empty. just a forgotten gold lipstick atop the battered bureau. She texts her. “Wha! No gdbye?” Answer: “Nut-Air changed flite. Hadda lv b4 u rose. C u for din in mo?” Jilly puzzles, it not feeling quite right, but has to get the girls packed for the following morning and into the airport limo with minimum drama. They meet after two months at Michael’s Italy for an early dinner. And don’t mention Ireland at first. Then Ruth looks up over spumoni and pronounces “I saw him walk off the cliff.” Jilly laughs, and they finally agree a misty atmospheric that night, coupled with Dr O’s barrels of blarney, caused the illusion. They go on to gossip about both of their oddball Chairs. Ruth insists on a taxi since the traffic’s excruciating, and she doesn’t want Jilly to suffer the long drive home after depositing her. The sky forms fiery layers and it has rained. Ruth takes out the lipstick, perhaps just to see it in the fire. Jilly waves goodbye as she plays with it, the driver calling in his location. Ruth forming the words behind the streaked window: “I saw him...” as the cab pulls out.

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Friday, March 11, 2011


Wink-Wink Nudge-Nudge + Social Analysis
at the Triply Très Exclusive _____ Bay Club

“And jump down Lefty’s throat
when he says we don’t pay taxes!
We lay out our fair share, no?

George! Freshen the Congressman’s drink!
Yeah, the class warriors desire the class war
that they’ve already lost. Democrats and

ACLU are trying to cast medals for them,
and that’s harmless enough-–pitiful really.

Most are sad sacks, actually,
and yet we must all of us help
them save face after each rout.

They’ll catch on when we
ship the remaining jobs out.

But that won’t stop the whimpers.
What will? Learning to do
with less. Why George’ll tell

you: We had our own little budget
crunch here and had to knock off
for a month those lovely appetizers

we’re inhaling right now.
Can’t stop!

Hey, George, any
calories in these
hors de ovaries?

I always ask the same question
and he always answers ‘Not a one!’
Sweetheart of a guy!”

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Thursday, March 10, 2011

GOP Wants It to End

in Blood Everywhere,
Martyrdom being

a stronger Crush
for them even
than Sex.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2011


the Boat

It’s a business: They keep
the crazies who keep fab-

ricating news & such
crazies get crazier

so Fox continues
keeping them etc.


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Candidates The Right seeks to Rush- more a one whose time passes in favor of a champion re- installing Slavery. History points up their employing it as caustic metaphor heretofore, but mincing intellectuals cannot prevent the massive sculpting of the head.

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Monday, March 07, 2011

Death of a Racist

-His rants disappear from unfairly balanced radio.

-Thank God for any aural peace!

-And his kids turn their inheritance over to black causes!

-Other charities exist having little to do with race.

-It's justice!

-Justice can have bad karma.

-I can't see that.

-I knew you'd say that. Look beyond.

-That’s always the chicken anthem.

-So, present dogma makes good?

-I only get to live in my own time.

-But we resonate in others, for good or ill.

-Or nothing.

-It may sound like that to you.


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Sunday, March 06, 2011


-My clipboard shows you reverting hundred
percent to old habits.


-Do they make you happier?

-Don’t know the concept. Just know I got totally
fuckin sick of the constantly improving me. Prig!

-So, the sick neurotic preferable?

-It takes a beer and screams at ballgames.

-You could’ve become decent and still enjoyed some pleasures.

-Yeah, guilty pleasures they’re called.

-Ah hah! You feel guilt?

-Not a bit of it.

-You’ll come back.

-I’ll talk about it when drunk, lending the goody-goodys hope.

-We can point to many who have come...

-And may God have mercy on their milky souls!

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Saturday, March 05, 2011

The Absent Diva

-Just needed toilet valve.

-Yeah? I used to be a plumber in the old country.


-It's a new profession there even yet.

-That a joke?

-A lame one.

-Will I get to see...?

-She's not here. Argentina or someplace. If she sweeps in
with hairdresser and assorted fruits, you'll know.

-Is she really a diva?

-When she has a man, yes. When not, it’s worse in a way:
she's the brutalized child from Rahway mostly.

-Anyway, I like her music.

-Most do. I'm lukewarm.

-Wouldn't say that to her face!

-I say a few things there, but never that.

-The office'll send a bill.

-And I'll pay it, which is the right and proper thing to do.

-Well, I got another call.

-To aid a bottom less rarefied?

-Something like that.


Friday, March 04, 2011

Rocco and Communist Chaz

-Democracy is a flop! Look at the right wingers it puked up
this time!

-What’s the cure, Communist Chaz?

-To the fuckin barricades!

-I was willing to go one time, but the liberals kept losing
their keys and we spent hours looking. Then they wanted
to read interminable papers, footnotes first!

-We found the keys and today's young people won't listen
to any papers.

-Are you advocating the overthrow of government?

-Yeah! The Right keeps asking for blood and we're
gonna oblige!

-At present, everybody's just totally pissed! But don't you
think there are honest righties?

-About seven.

-Will you spare them?

-No one. No fuckin one!

-Christ, Chaz! You got at most ten percent!

-That’s what they got, really. Did you ever hear such
fuckin noise from ten percent?

-Billionaires and media built megaphones.

-Yeah? Well we’re shutting ‘em down. Blast ‘em right outa
their filthy hands!

-Good luck. You ten percenters will destroy each other,
leaving the moderates to rule the country.

-So be it. It would leave a better world for the kids than
these wagonloads of pricks we have now!
Is Chaz anachronism? If such, should he register?

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Thursday, March 03, 2011


Respecting Larceny

In freezing mega billions
sly dictator purloined,

the large boys should at
minimum leave a sock to

maintain him and staff
in a rambling villa midst
orange groves some-

place. (Where is Franco
when you need him?)

Maybe he can join
his rainy day fund

in the Caymans, along-
side American familiars.

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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Vitally Important Question

What will the future do
with the sonofabitch
who hurts you

and your family?
Government deals
with him now by

making him wealthier
and more powerful.

How do we counteract
his bribes to them?

With our own, or
something moral-
ly substantial?

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Tuesday, March 01, 2011


Rocco and Chickie Rainbarrel

-Rainbarrel! It's you. Almost as big as life!

-Rocco! Still pretending sarcasm is wit?

-Among other things. Tell me, how came you by this
ridiculous moniker? Relatives tab you thus?

-Who cares what old ghinnies do?

-How about Garibaldi?

-Fuck him especially.

-At last! How I waited for an "Italian" denier!

-Hey! I live in Cherry Hill now, in the middle
of grasping Jews. And they're as full of shit.

-But let us, please, get a good word from you.
Now how about the Egyptians revolting?

-Correct word.

-And the workers in Wisconsin standing up to the reactionary
toads and their oligarchic wingnut bribers?

-Like, make a movie, Rocco! Dip Brad Pitt in grease
for the Egyptian. Oprah can knock off fifty and be the
Wisconsin workette! They got black people there?
I know they color the cheese.

-Like some bread with that acid? But shall we go to family?
Specifically, your teens?

-Sharpening shivs to shove into the old man's back.

-Well, at least little Marie can’t be doing that.

-She's my sweetie-pie!

-That answer makes you Shakespearean!

-Don’t give me the college crap. They just teach fancy
language to lie about the shit you swallow.

-Whoa! Leaving without a traditional transition.

-Have a miserable day.

Rocco thinks the types met in South Philadelphia can’t
be duplicated elsewhere. Of course he’s wrong.

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