Monday, October 31, 2011


By the pool the upwards light lends Brace and trusted Jinky aqua glows.

In the middle distance, Jeanette and prep school chums urge shiny horses over stubbled pasture.

Beyond them, at the edge of the woods, Old Charlie drives the tractor, with new guy Bertie standing up behind him.

Brace speaks. “Tell the senator: Austerity! Even he
can understand.”

Jinky shrugs. “Will do, but, you know...well, maybe do
nothing a while? Wait for things to shake out?
You win in the turns.”

“True, but we ain’t so fuckin shabby in the straightaways neither!”

Marine laughter.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

After the average

share of tragedy,
began learning

without the herd.
They remain apt

in sucking, though,
grass mid stones.


Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Other Shoe

The man upstairs at my hotel on Lake Ware was noisy.
At about 2AM he dropped one clunky shoe.

Unfortunately I suffered a massive stroke then.

During the Great Recall of 5076, I was revived and,
as you can imagine, had to hear that other shoe drop,
so went to The Sound Registry as soon as I could.

After it played, granting me closure, a message charged
the surrounding air concerning Bisbee Landsome Hocknach,
74-term Republican Congressman, that he:

“climbs trees at night to blow sleeping apes.”

When I got home, my computer flashed that I was under
house arrest for generating that description.

I pressed my Law Button and was informed by my team
that they were having the order rescinded immediately.

They explained that since I was part of the Great Lobotomy Section of the Great Recall, I thereby lost the projecting
area of my brain.

I never missed it and don't now. Without it I’m safe forever.


Friday, October 28, 2011


Wall St

I underwent homework when
financial scandals first smashed.

Searched “Credit Default Swaps” etc.
Deriving Wall St sort of smarmy pick-
up. Forgotten most. Do know it boils

down to crooks and patsies.
The crooks must ante up to
keep from jail. Who wouldn’t?

The patsies, us, enabling
the whole demonic coil.
I think now of a desert-

locked monastery, the monks fig-
uring how to screw God himself.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011


Advising Innocents as to Right

Where's the astringency?
List or lists? Business!

Thrust up your Ghandi &
ML King as you wish,
but Accountants handle it

after “great words” nudge
reluctant history.

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Wednesday, October 26, 2011


I Don't Chase Every Buck

Time of receipts
asks accounting

I'm too cussed
to perform. Or

cussed lazy. But I'd
like monies I’ve

missed placed in a fund
for the poor. That'd be
my perfect age. Well,

in a perfect age, there’d
be no poor. Conservatives
adopt their usual hardeyed
view there too. Take the world

the way you meet it, then squeeze
whomever for a profit. Since

Christ ate with whores and thieves,
they never deign realistic company.

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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fatal Choices

-He walled himself in as best he could and managed
to salvage an old-fashioned phonograph. Real artifact.
Played dusty LPs of Prokofiev. He loved Prokofiev.


-Boys had a bit of fun. Point-blank mega-rocket.



-High fives all around?

-You got it! Hey, we're cultural in the end. Bits of him and
Prokofiev will float around the universe forever.

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Monday, October 24, 2011



-Why don't you name your name?

-Whoa! One too many there. Could give the name
you already know. But no reason to.

-Then, instead, express it in a true expression!

-Life is short! Have you heard that expression?

-It drags. Unless we put language to it.

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Sunday, October 23, 2011



Actresses arrive
in swarms of hair.

Fitzgerald had
Bernice bob hers

in defiance way
back where.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

If Children Wrote Our Bios

He sells toasters and things.

She helps write books.

He works in New York about money.

She helps girls play basketball.

He shows people how to make cars.

(Gallons of ink conserved and so many trees!)

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Friday, October 21, 2011

Two Opposite Operators

-Even if the economy is zero, you lose on demographics.
Hard to find a Hispanic you haven't offended.

-Nineteen thick-skinned Cubans in Miami are sticking!

-O and won’t you be out a long long time? Sharing the
self-righteous tent with pseudo-religious jerkoffs, and
reactionaries pining for the day when you could
whip the workers.

-Skip the hyperbole, what's the cure?

-Simple. Just become the party of Lincoln once more, thus
assigning us to the wilderness for generations.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Night of Disaster

-Hey! Like where’s the breathing space? Us to mourn,
them to gloat.

-My office seven am!


-We start hitting! Hitting! Smashing!

-Any particular...?

-Four-pronged attack!

-Fork them, hey?

-Sabotage everything they propose!

-They haven’t yet.

-Their platform leads us to ruin! Ruin!

-Socialism, Communism, and any other ism I can invent?

-Gattling gun!

-Don’t we usually start by pretending to cooperate?

-Not this time. It’s war!

-They’re...actually blocking the postmistress of
Glurch, Idaho from private gynecological care!

-Specific things like that. Bingo!

-I get it, but’ll become persona non grata among my Georgetown latte friends.

-Go after the fairies too!

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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Bill of Particulars

-When I need your vote, you deliver. Short and bitter.

-When you don't?

-Then you can go against us for your lovely Tea Party
of racists and sub-morons.

-You got it ass-backwards. They’re actually...

-We know what they are. The old reactionary wing
of the party, which has maintained its egregious self
since just after Lincoln.

-One of us will sit in your chair some fine day!

-Why if that happens, I'll just be full of praise!

-One learns a lot in one's freshman year.

-Never too much in this town.

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Tuesday, October 18, 2011


High Strategist

“Listen! Who doesn't get a charge outa shine jokes, or spick
or kike? Even dumb blonde?...dumb all-of-the-empty-female-
heads really. Bless the gals!

But the thing is: be wary of your company. Liberal-shit
reporters are out there with rabbit ears, and we
unfortunately live in this disgusting, politically correct age.

It's depraved, but they’ll chip away at your integrity.
But more importantly, of course, that of the party.”

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Monday, October 17, 2011


-I had signed up with Lawn Care For Pennies
when I discovered a top executive right here
in our pretend-affluent neighborhood!

-Let me know if the boys aren’t keeping things
florescent green.

-And a fellow drunk to boot!

-How bout some hair of the dog? What you got?

-Estelle just put in fancy-pants liqueurs. Any hope in
that bunch?

-If you wanna puke, yes.

-Well let’s whip something up with a few ingredients
of a drier variety.

-Old is better.

-I had a question last week when you were incommunicado. Cell phone off.

-Working on hush-hush something in Far East.

-Anyway, I reached the 800 number in Calcutta.

-Globalism for better or for worse.

-Guy was helpful and mega polite. Oxford accent.

-I'll look into that. We specified American.

-I think it's more pleasant, sort of a lilt.

-Then I'll give your our UK number when you
give me a drink.

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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Devising Worlds

B consumed this life
with indignations.

Some blazing-
ly righteous,
others under petty.

Fantastia folded in with
a few hurts even cooked up.

So, off B, to a better world!--
will lose its standing, though,
if like congregate in nooks,

grouching of missing strife,
true and imagined. But

to most, Heaven is going
on the same.

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Saturday, October 15, 2011


-We have discovered place!

-I have already it. My village. Three Trees, Moon Entangled.

-Not any more. It’s Headley now, after Headley Russcomb,
our chief scientist.

-Three Trees, Moon Entangled!

-Well that was adequate see the three trees
atop a hill. And the full moon etc. But we are naming
places much more simply, without the, excuse me,
pseudo-poetry. And, well, how do you say when to meet someone at Three Trees etc? Headley is working
on a system, an exact thing. Oh we thought numbers
were just to play with, but he's figuring they can be
used for little bits of time, instead of moons and
the old silly rigamarole. Why what if it's clouded
over in your way of looking at things?

-Pray to Sky God.

-Uh huh. And all the other gods eventually.
Noisy multitude! We're devising a way to roll them
all into one God. You pray to him.

-Then all get angry! Don’t!

-But there are explanations for things now!
The snow melts in the mountains and the river
swells and floods! No God!

-River God know what he want.

-Uh huh. Well say hello to him and everyone at Headley!

He had to tell the River God who sped his dugout
canoe faster.
Then he told the Three Trees,
Moon Entangled place god.

That night a fierce storm! He hugged his little family
as the fire
blew out with the loudest noise ever heard.

At first light, he ventured outside to see everything below
the hill flooded. He knew that Headley and the rest
were swept forever into the realm of horrible gods.

The place of ideas.

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Friday, October 14, 2011

Zuccotti Park--Two Resident Wags

-We’re due to vacate. City wants to clean.

-Uh huh. And build a wall?

-Don’t mix up the imagery. Communists built that hulk
in Berlin.

-Hey! Capitalism can build a WALL! You bet your ass!

-Covered with corporate logos like the hotrods at NASCAR?

-Nothing But Class!

-Why we’re here.

-Righties in Laughing-Uproariously-Mode. Most of us
from affluent households doth they snicker in a
superiority evident to themselves.

-Well I am. A million hours in a dining room smelling
of dry-cleaned drapes and Lemon Pledge.

-Ah I miss it so!

-Arguing with Free Market No-tax Nazi Dad.

-Any other divine attributes of the Reactionaries?

-All of them. The same pail of Republican shit he slid down
the polished mahogany daily.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

After the Film “Flame and Citron”

As German troops
march in they’re

swollen by units
of Danish Nazis in
proud step. Where

were they before?
They came from out

the same dark per-
sisting here as

zealots embark
on the 4th Reich.

Sponsored by the Right,
Corporations, Legislatures,
and The Supreme Court,

plus self-chosen
spokesmen for God.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Re Wealthy Owning Just About Everything
(including Congress)

Democrats: Learn to enjoy the stacked deck.

Republicans: Learn to love it!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The “Resignation”

He threatened to resign. Repeatedly. And always for
a principle. Which changed.

During one cruelly dull session, the Chair accepted.
In error, of course.

He protested, but the parliamentarian declared him
out of order.

Efforts to rescind the resignation led him to a fellow
attorney, who explained that this sort of double-dry
case necessitated the best champagne. Thus, 300,000
just to begin. Mega more to follow, naturally, the advocate
later exclaiming "We know you can screw John Q,
but give me a lawyer anytime!"

The case ultimately, and woolily, spun its way through various
courts all the way to the Supreme.

The plaintiff, now much grayer, IN-ching up the steps of that august edifice...only to be struck by a poisoned frisbee tossed by a rogue Department of Defense robot.

The department settled handsomely with the estate, admitting no guilt, though the robot was tried by the singer Hurcher Headley, playing a judge on Justice Now! The sentence was dismantling on How It Works.

The High Court went on with the case, declaring that a resignation threatened nine or more times can be treated as binding under the Commerce and Elastic Clauses.

Later christened by McClatchy’s legal reporter as “Nine strikes you’re out!”

The minority declared that Free Speech embraced threats and pseudo threats in any number.

The Wall Street Journal concluded The Court Produces Its Usual Unpalatable Pudding.

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Monday, October 10, 2011


Waltzing Sans Matilda

They had to learn, so
we had the hairy miners
dancing with each other.

“Is this a dangerous thing?”
queried Squinty. “Just

till we get women,”
answered I.

“That’ll be whores at first.
Then the pinched-nose Churchies.
Don’t know which more vile.”

“Well now let’s show them how.
It’s just lurching out there!”

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Sunday, October 09, 2011


he docked it.

The others eased
in, having Swedish
Modern interiors.


Saturday, October 08, 2011



With ritual,
does it sell
the same

with man
and sex-
ual ape?

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Friday, October 07, 2011


Thundering Ibexes of Elocution

once seized this floor
where dwarf species pipe
party lines,

and thud the drum of
chauvinism to punc-
tuate decline.

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Thursday, October 06, 2011


Finishing Thoughts for GOP


-Ugliest anagram yet.

-“Only what we can get away with.”

-Wide application.

-Yeah, but let's talk Race.

-Race Card, Race whatever....

-there’s a fearful swarm gotta be served!

-And some live in Dry Cow Gulch, dustiest West. Three blacks
passed through once.

-Just the place to bus Lurk-Negroes for a little visit.

-I can see Jingos, the old cowboy cook at the Destiny Diner...

-peering out from the kitchen as the scrambled eggs toughen
on the grill.

-That's some image!

-It’s all image.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Rocco and Pal, the Moderate Republican

Yo Pal, still fighting fiercely for the middle?

Yeah, tugging back the fiery reactionaries to common sense.

Good luck with all of that! Your present presidential
lot swings from icy libertarianism to warm racism.

Hey! Primary time! You run to the right of Attila the Hun!

They get to love that ferocious shit the more they say it.
Thus do the moderates fade into insignificance.
Well, less than that, really.

Yeah? Well, nobody ever came back from an exalted position.

Give it up, Pal! You're finished for all time!

We love Ike. His good Midwestern fairness will return. Trump!

Not a chance! Hey, starting a Museum of Moderate Republicanism. I'd like you to be a living display.
You’ll revolve in a nice lighted case. Maybe wear
one of those baggy coat sweaters?

I got one stretched beyond recognition. But can I get pee breaks?

Of course. And almost minimum wage. Plus we’ll
spring for lunch. Any preferences?

Nothing spicy.

Rocco encounters a spectrum in South Philadelphia, not much mid-range.

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Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Dialog Concerning Query of the Day

-How dumb is Texas?

-Important question, since they’ve threatened to secede.

-Off and running once they found someone could spell it.
Well, anyway, undumb in the college towns. Austin, all the others.

-And oil roughnecks?

-They'd get killed. And their big execs ride in stretch limos
while punching up iPhones, so they're smart. Along with armies of accountants.

-Teachers and fireman and cops pass tests, thus can't be too...

-Some ranchers fly their own planes around the huge spreads.
That takes some brains. And their newer cowboys have to
keep track of things by computer. Believe it or not, they’re
almost like little businessmen.

-Scrub another romantic legend! Well, at any rate, what
does that leave?

-Bags of rocks.

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Monday, October 03, 2011


The Field

All this hue&cry
about the creds

of presidential
candidates! I can

despise what they say,
especially in truly base

utterance, but they’re
representative public
persons. Live with it!

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Sunday, October 02, 2011


St Peter re Having a Pet

-Heaven is full of dogs and cats, and any other pet you can think of.

-Good. I had reservations.

-No one has reservations.

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Saturday, October 01, 2011


The Cost of the Deal

At the most frustrating point of the negotiations, L exploded into tears. Emitting, too, some sobbing home truths about us. Individually.

Both sides brought her tea and sweets and alcohol wipes.
Then we resumed.

In the wee hours we had our settlement,
histrionics forgotten. (Not including L in that,
hers being genuine.)

I’ve often thought of the things she said, especially
concerning me. But, too much truth is dragging
a useless leg.

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