Friday, November 30, 2012

Home Free When They Laughed

Consecrating him, and speech.
After, his ideas, all of which
forgotten by him, explicated

by fellow, fervent inebriates.
Turned out a warming evening
in sum. Presidential though?

Despite rout of next morn’s aching
head and so-queasy stomach, he

has learned to start the ball careening
at an exploratory committee:

lobbyists he has loved
and been loved in return.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

So we'll go no more a-roaming–-
a political air

Yet, run to Right and Die.
Just what Wall St Hack
accomplished, in order

not to piss maniacs.
Necessary politics

and Death Wish. With
Dems would be bounce

towards Left, but that's in
mysterious coma for
the nonce.

Awaiting kiss from
Prince or Princess?

(I thought Frog, but
Frogs are so French.)

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Lawyers Huddle
-Well, broke down in tough neighborhood. Machine pistol in glove compartment.

-I wait in cringing anxiety.

-Not as bad as you’d think. Group of guys muttering–-against him, he thought.

-Sprayed ‘em?

-Nobody killed. A few uncomfortable 
hospital stays.

-How come they weren’t suspicious 
of white guy lingering in car?

-Thought he was salesman checking his email.

-Okay, let’s talk motive. Could they be said to be plotting in some way against...?

-Plotting all right: transportation for church picnic.

-Forget motive. How to defend him?

-He’s been fed steady stream of right wing hysteria by Fox and hate radio. 
When I spoke to him I got the full dose.

-Insanity defense?

-Somewhat. “Right Wing Hysteria Defense.”

-We’ll make history–-unless we draw reactionary judge.

-That’s taken care of. Then you’re in for sure?

-Wouldn’t miss it!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Jim Crow Party Lost

Weeping and gnashing etc
on country club verandahs?
Actually, softer types there.

What rock to leverage up
to find this specimen?

“Should never gived woman
the vote and nigra
the bicycle!”

Okay, emphatically drunk, and
his wild buddies claim him

mostly funny, just
coy-camping a bizarre

Good Ole Boy persona.
And even bright of heart!

Are we too quick to judge?
Do you think?

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Monday, November 26, 2012


Secession Airs–-a discussion of two
Northeastern Smart Asses

-The welfare states wanna leave. They don’t, like, cotton, 
to the “Nee-gro” jiving back to the White House.

-Hey! Don’t let the door hit them in the ass on the way out!

-You don’t mind losing the culture?

-The what? Smithfield ham, pure salt! And without football,
nobody’d ever hear of Mississippi or Alabama.

-Grits not bad, and a lot of the girls are pretty.

-Yeah, but shit for brains. Tammy’s in love!

-That’s the DNA. They can’t help it.

-There’s good in this! The billionaires’ll flock there!
They can fuck the independent rubes even more rawly.
And won’t pay a penny in taxes.

-They do now?

-The secessionists’ll still be low-information voters even in their new country.

-The Fascists like ‘em that way.

-I see Georgia, South Carolina and Texas bringing
back slavery.

-But Twenty First Century version: a few token spicks thrown in too.

-So South-Centric is we-uns!  We’ve been leaving the West out of the equation. (sings) Ok-lahoma where the wind comes...

-Well, smart cowboy’s an oxymoron, that’s for sure.

-Where men are men, and women fuckin glad about it.
Sagebrush! Coyotes!-–the four-legged kind. The Red River Valley!  (sings) Just remember The Red River Valley and the cowboy who loved you so true. I’ll miss the sentimental songs around the campfire. And, by the bye, take down your pants so I can see your brand. I think you’ve been rustled!

-No doubt, but we ARE...missing the finer points in all of this learned discussion!

-Not a worry. They’ll reveal themselves over the
laugh track.

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Sunday, November 25, 2012


Of Choice

-You did it exactly backwards. Upside down.

Young physician, puzzled.

-How come it made me feel better?

-I don't know. I can only suggest the Treatment
Of Choice.

Whose choice? I  wonder. His profs in med school?
Pharma drummer dropping in at doctors’ offices
between golf dates?

So...what the hell...I'll do it his way. The obvious
strategy would be to pretend my last method
was his, and then depend on Irish Perversity.

(Substitute your own brand before Perversity.)

Oh, well, shouldn't ever end with an aside...if
you wish to keep the few friends you have
in a world recalcitrant itself.

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Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Post-History of Holy Matrimony

After Cliff and Jilly's wedding,
they discovered someone or thing

had strewn the Road to Happiness
with boulders. Strove to remove

them, often at odds. Babies arrived,
distractingly, and C&J plodded bravely

enough in and out of the bungalow
on Appletree Lane. When fledglings
teen, horribly hating all and sundry,

Bride and Groom grit through. Fast way
forward and Kids have their own--will soon
enough again attempt comprehending serial

heartbreak in highschool. Old marrieds
have retired to Cocoa Beach in some confusion,

feeling they should’ve figured it out by now. Mal-
adies, however, seize the forefront. And how!

GERD for him, a strange clickclack in
the back of her sacroiliac.*

you raise your glasses to couples?
If you’re one, then higher still!

*South America, Take it Away

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Friday, November 23, 2012


Little Girl, Little Curl

Most especially horrid!
Meet with parents as their
experienced friend. Her

father for some punishment.
To his credit, not physical.

Withholding beloved chocolate
milk a week. Religo-Mom

for prayer, the intensity
of which points quietly

to goodness, or at least
relative peace.

I, in professorial guise,
submit a program
long and wise.

They object to its length,
which suggests even

greater doubt re
my reading children.

Short of it, we give up.
Victory for brat. Oh well,

that settled it then, queasily.
Fast forward twenty years

and she lives with cohort
of tantrum tossers. Boys too.

Drama has exhausted them
to zombies, though they

metamorphose each day
for business, and fake it

to make it. This goes unusually well
until excruciating scene disgusts

everybody. Prompting vacating from
latest victims by our own adult brat.
So? Can you spot one ask you?

Quite impossible.
They don't come
with timing fuses

like bombs in
bad movies.

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Thursday, November 22, 2012


Defining Moments

When the new ballpark opened, our gang hit the open house. Actually taking turns at the batting cage, like our high-paid heroes.

Jixxy performed his usual athletic mishmash,
but cheered the rest of us.

He passed that night. 

I thought, when coherent, an autopsy with one so young? But Doc confided,

“Nah. Bad heart since a kid, in the family.
Knew his days were numbered and spent
them in...well, love really.”

I spoke at the service about Lincoln’s phrase:
with charity for all.

Felt inadequate after, that my words not much.

But my girlfriend, Fay, whispered, “You were great, what you said!...well, Lincoln and Jixxy belong in the same breath is all. But I just can't be like them. I just can’t. I try, but...

God knows I try!”

Then she exploded in tears and I didn’t know if it was for Jixxy or her or everything.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

When mountebanks scream

at each other,
suckers crawl
from the din.

They must therefore talk
to preserve business, and sin

along that line.
Making Market

less free but
more sublime.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No accident Republicans keep calling

theme which cost election.
Dems bribe sardines to vote

for them. Government bids
to lazy nothings defiling all!

Billionaires’ dough still soaks:
They won’t relinquish place
at Mama’s enormous tit.

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Monday, November 19, 2012

Crude Show

How the law clerks adored
this appeal! It being dense

yet blubbery--
howlingly funny,

save for intriguing
metaphysical leaps.

His Honor demanded
concision from them–-plus

thumbs up on this plea. They
comported, and he ordered
the prisoner released upon their

recasting of the original evidence.
All in graves a good while now,
student historian sniffs bribe to judge.

Prof informs him cease--how just
reflective of that time and done
to media death aiding tinpot reformers

since. Payola aplenty adorns
contemporary politics, he avers,
though, yes, a ballet by comparison.

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Sunday, November 18, 2012


-You walked across Russia for a woman?

-Afraid so.

-Uh, move a bit. No, the other way. 

 Gardener just back from Moscow 
 Horticultural Institute. I wish to see
what he learned.

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Saturday, November 17, 2012


The Ceremony

-Rough veined marble, ugly cube of it.
Just ritual. Do what the priest tells you.
It’s an honor though. I sponsored you,
I know, but can’t be there. Wicked flu!

-I heard. Horrible!

-He grabs the rock shrieking “Thus do I receive the sins of the world!” 
A tremendous shudder! Then he dies.

-Oh my God!  So very tragic! It’s my fault!–-
but I never knew him to be that emotional.

-Guess so.

-At any rate, that’s when my flu left. Can you beat that?

-A miracle!


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Friday, November 16, 2012

Maine's Independent Senator

will caucus with Democrats.
Legitimate Rape and recent

Right-Awful pronouncements
hardly cutting it Down East,

where fond of COMMON
Sense, not NON-.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Secessionists have petitioned

the Executive
for exit. Of
scratch-ass Red

States, there-
fore Snow White
in alleged mind,

though boobus
most. (To be fair,

liberal succession
advocates exist.

They're of course
for the best stuff:

Back on subject,
Racist Republicans

can’t afford this rout
of their Clown Car
so careening.

As a kid at the circus,
New Haven Arena, an

actual tiny little
clown car entering
the spotlight, thence

disgorging to my delight
what seemed

an endless stream
of motley knockabouts.

To America come!
we implore all
huddled masses

not named Juan or Hasan.
You’ll have opportunity

and never have to
grow up.

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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Hooray for
"Plot involves hairdresser, let’s call him
Bruce, because cliches are easier to deal 
with this morning. Anyway, what he 
learns from his clients lays the ground-
work for his second career: Cat Burglar!

Anyway, get me a masculine actor. 
I’m sick of these pseudo macho men 
who camp it up because they’re afraid 
we’ll think them queer.

How about Relitzky? Uh huh, yeah, I know. Brute! He eats steel and shits bullets!

Are you finally through? Too hard edged? Couldn’t sell Bruce? 

Yada yada yada! No empathy there at all?

I...uh...wouldn’t worry about that. 
I know him better than you.  

And his wives. 

(Sings) And the boy he left behind him,
where the River Drava flows.”

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Long, Short, Law

I cut them, drink-
ing straws,

multicolored in
a swirling pattern--

to further disappoint you
railing romantics who’d

desire extractions from
an actual bale. Held

by Very Old Kack. As
I, he didn't have to draw:
smelling of dirt, anyway.

The short one to Rence
who loved his AK-47s,

grilled cheese sandwiches,
and Louneen. Quick sentence:
so-elite firing squad sporting

automatic weapons--fellow club
members to wit. Settlement

of 30,000 put by her: half 

to gun community summer 
camp for underprivileged, other

for her own use. Proved
to be Dr Abel’s treatments
for incipient Turkey-Neck.

Worked, since she acquired
beau week after finishing.

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Monday, November 12, 2012


We will slice,
we will dice.

Left and Right.
All hail Chefs
of Lying!

Crusade has truly passed
but mincing slippery last,

explaining prevailed, or lost, 

to jubilant and dying.

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Television Life

In Chad, Dr Z of Ed-
ucation Ministry sub-
limates radical bent

with favorite Italian
detectives, Colombo
and Montalbano. Here,

situation comedies
underline the quirks
friends see in us.

The  world is TV
pure and simple.

Our lifetime shorter, murk-
y pond smaller, though

we're pleasing as odd,
blinking fish, quoted

and admired if, on
occasion, mocked.

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mac’s Rebound Marriage

Shortly after Jeanine-Ann sped off 
to a conference of Curriculum 
Integrators, Mac threw the pillow 
slip on the floor.

The sheets, though, still reeked of floral scent,
but aromas off Ritz cracker crumbs partially
obscured it.

He had to rouse himself even before endless commercials would pause the Jets vs Raiders on TV.

A staccato fart issued on his amble towards the bathroom,  longer, all in all, than the elongated boom now greeting a Jet’s touchdown.

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Friday, November 09, 2012

A Certain Republican Speaks, Further Foreshadowing

“So we lost the Spicks? Know
any old Speedy Gonzales jokes?
With blacks, lost cause anyway.

Scratch them!–between the knife scars pref-
erably. As for the young, they still know shit!
Sex,rock n’ roll,video games,and space drugs.

Also, lots of hugs–-where can I puke?
(Won’t mention Jews...very PC in this place.)

Some faggots elected with sup-
port of depraved European brand
of Anything-Goes Socialism. Then,

women didn’t realize how much
they’d get to enjoy vaginal probes.
And relish rape, should it fortunately

arrive. Next time we’ll buy their votes
with vibrators: Hey, since old pros say
party must renew, there’s idea for sex-

y start! In any case, it’s
a White Ship, Honey. And,
going down, Glory!

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Thursday, November 08, 2012

Natural Meds

From the topmost limb
of the Diddle-Doodle tree

when birds excrete and
apes lumber, comes a par-
ticularly curative leaf.

$10,000 a pound.
Kids clamber up
for a dollar a basket.

Our entrepreneurs
give over preaching

of Free Market to
show it in action.

The host country, though,
not impressed and ex-
tracts payola mucho.

Consumer Reports
eventually cries Fraud
from A to Z. Scientists

are marshaled
to challenge them.

And patients relieved
from flaming rectum

or GERD testify of miracle. But
FBI cites production chain where
they find the leaves trashed and

sugar cane ground for
the terrific mix instead.

If they give a Nobel for sleaze,
surely an American will slide
through for win. Take pride.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Repubs say their guy
Gordon Gecko-ized in

early carpet bombing, brutal-
ly unfair! Then “47%” fed
this jejune misperception.

Horribly negative advertising,
a type of propaganda they

couldn’t really recognize. Rove
shocked, shocked. & sore at best.
House stays with them, however,

proving Treason
prospers. Media, hard-

ly shy in all of this, can so
untwist its panties now,

returning to who wore
what sheer dress.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2012

It’s too late now to come 
weeping  on my shoulder

Oh I don’t know:
Damp Act being
rather timeless.

Like betrayal of
rock n’ roll love.

Or World Cup
dives in soccer.

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Monday, November 05, 2012

The Business of Fatigued Language

Ducks on a pond,
thence in a row. You

move them somehow: They’ve
flapped down in chaos, mid

little family strings
gliding around. So, rout

whatever riot in trade
for metaphor. Thus run

up flagpoles to see
who etc salutes etc

whilst thinking--where
Which becomes the new inside

said container. We’re speaking here
of waking up deadly dull work by

literary speech of sorts. Flower past? 
Still lingers the essence. Yeah,

so what the figures flaccid
and long since expired?

We are bold in insisting on
at least breathing out good

ole feathery conceits. Hey!
when we ourselves get old,

can afford to see
things in true,
scathing light

on us. Which
we’ll deny.

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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Turn and Counter

Society proved cruel
to Jane Eyre. For return

she spent
honest toil,

fidelity, and

All awful coins.

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Saturday, November 03, 2012

Flower of Malaya

-...and I found that I didn't have to undergo
the torture of choosing between Bruce and Betty.

-By choosing both?

-Bingo! Happy at last!

-Judging from the solo aspects of this shitty
apartment, something happened to divert
such happiness?

-Bruce and Betty happened.

-I see. But even then...I mean you're experimenters after all.

-They left.

-And a note?

-A doozie! Including an allusion to words from an old song...flower of Malaya.

-And which of you is...?

-Couldn’t say. All incomprehensible.

-Like love--or loves--itself. Or themselves.
Or something. At any rate, here you are, celibate and eating from cans.

-Not the latter. Frozen dinners. To which I
apply a chef's touch!

-Could exemplify your whole life.

-Let's...keep it light.

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Friday, November 02, 2012

When Our Office Mgr Vacations,

ocean remains calm
per directions, am-

bient air as Gold-
ilocks, therefore
not warm nor chill.

Later mountains likewise
behave, filling his camera

with pixelled serenity of
repetitious snowcaps
replacing flat seas.

Even the wildflowers
order themselves in-
to a spinster’s garden.

Last, though, Vegas,
where women
find him

out. Ditto booze,
cornucopia drugs
and Blackjack.

He has returned, boy-
babbler of high exploits
at bed and table. Office

runs itself, with predict-
able results. When half

the copiers bust at
once, we push rehab
on the now-depressive.

Of course, the exact record
re Vegas’d help psychiatrists,

but he sold the camera there,
and scrubbed the chip of sin
for a concluding whack at it.

Well, long story short, how
he’s carted away and half

the down copiers
suddenly race!

We learned it’s all of it
Karma, Baby!

Business model, in any case,
more discrete. Thus, probably,
Karma, Colleague.

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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Then and Now


I run a political weekly skewering blatant thieves and their business bribers. 

Special pet is Republican Party with its all-things-vagina approach.

More enemies than subscriptions.

Seemingly more bills than both

Before Sheriff launches us into new careers,
we always inebriate away in a Thursday party
at a low establishment, having put the rag
to bed.

The only rule is to be self-critical, to
try to balance off our scorning of others.

Some of the confessions lead to beery tears.
No surprise.

When my turn comes, I aver I’ve stopped
beating my wife, to general hilarity.

Not wife nor girlfriend, having lost both
in incendiary divorce. As hot as it was,
gossips lost interest due to my non-importance.


-Those were the days...and weren’t.

-Oh Daddy, how, like, profound!

-What we could muster, lacking Nintendo.

-Lame, in all dimensions. But please stop talking. Your vacated life makes me too sad.

-Is that possible?

-I haven't begun to cry, but no time now.
Gotta scoot to Walgreens, thus car keys please?.

-Some  legal drugs?

-Nah. Makeup shit. Awards ceremony tonight
where I get one or another. School wants
us to act like ladies and look like tarts.

-Wouldn’t miss it.


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