Sunday, August 31, 2014


Important Parties

He still hated her.

But there she was at the party for Mickey and
Melora going to Europe for his job.

Laughing! Well he had seen her cry many a time.

The more she enjoyed, the more he withdrew.
Finally sitting in the middle of several chairs,
nursing the bottle he had brought. Perhaps not
the exact one...had grabbed it from a table.

He's eventually shoved to the wall with the chairs,
and rugs thrown over the jumble. For the kids and
their dancing.

Muttering under there, and then crying. One youngster
shouts “Lighten up, Old Man!”

Their comedian.

He falls asleep, but wakes to hear her leaving.
Even over all the din, her usual hysteria.

Emerges in the middle of crazy dancing.

But Becks rescues blinking him. "Where you been?
We got a helluva football pool going! Throwing in
twenty each, so one sweet payoff!"

"I'm in!"

“Money talks!”

Gives him the twenty. “I got the munchies you wouldn’t believe!”

“Eat for Crisakes! Enough for an army!”

Laurette loads her plate too. Did she see Delsey leave?

“Yeah, with some bum. Exquisite taste!...oh I’m sorry:
you were one.”

“Ancient History!”

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Saturday, August 30, 2014


Loves and Marathons

Opal and Carrie

I just left the dankness of his living tomb.

What was that like?

Dying, flat and cold, not warmed-over. Icy!

Add him to the defunct list!

Have we alphabetized yet?

I had an Aaron.

First in your heart, also?

Hell of a body at any rate. Professional Athlete.

Marriage considered?

Yeah, but his wife wouldn't let him.

Leave us move, then, to my Allard. Dedicated cell
phone to Mother. She called constantly. During our
love and kisses once, she offered me love and kisses.
Turned, like, everything off in sex department.

Shall we go on?

Nah! Too boring! Let's do a crappy soap opera
marathon. Weed, beer, monster hoagies.
Farting slobs in the worst of it.

Like the guys! Except for the stink. Why are all the good
ones taken?


Thus not Men of Honor anyway?

Where YOU been? At any stupid rate, let’s order up
Pride and Price. Every episode, chaos. One time
a so-called actor said. “I think I really hate you, Carl.”

And the other said “YOU’RE Carl! I’m Maxey!”

Idiot actors and twisted loves! All directed by morons!

Like life itself?


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Friday, August 29, 2014


Nearby, 4-AM

The kids have gotten themselves into their beds,
after fighting about video games most of the

Glenda, a fairly competent referee usually,
snores on the sofa, Martini-ed out.

Cliff picks up the pitcher from the stale rug
and places it back on the coffee table.

The TV blares offers--second one free if you
pony up additional shipping charge, etc.


He clicks the remote.

The blank screen makes him aware of the computer
blinking, so he jiggles the mouse to find out why.
Three potentially unwanted programs have been found.
Cliff checks Quarantine All.

"Thus I COMMAND!" he whispers.

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Thursday, August 28, 2014


Another Brace of Operators

-My Congressman needs your Golden Negro!

-There's a fee.

-Always, but let's be reasonable.

-What's the mission?

-Accompany him to black districts, where
Republicans reflexively despised.

-He can do that, and then to Hispanic if
you want. As a labor leader he negotiated
contracts in Spanish.

-Pinch me! Is this heaven?

-About the opposite, really. Why we love it!

-But what are his actual politics? He seems to
have started as a Lefty. We don't want the media
proving it's all Academy-Award presently.

-He's far far right of Generalissimo Franco.

-Who's that?

-Spanish Civil War?

-Can't be bothered. Got our own.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2014



Short Political Conversation

Buster, who has remained a Reagan Democrat,
thus Republican, seemingly out of inertia, asks 

Lou, "Why are you a Democrat?

“With them, poor and middle class have
someWHAT of a chance. With the Republicans,

“Not a strong commitment.”

“Mostly against. You?”

“A to Z? Abortion.”

“And Z?”

“See A.”

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Most Important!


They can mouth all the Lefty and Righty shit
they want, but the real question is

Can they raise money? And how

that question insures toadies
from here to eternity!

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Monday, August 25, 2014


American Song

Core Scat

Back on the plantation, hey hey hey,
were important and controlled,

but today? Hey hey hey,
would the Cullids go away?

Yellows next cuz their food
stinks so. Ho ho ho!

Get more ships and planes for
Spicks. But take the knives away.

They can talk to each other,
Hey hey hey!

In that endless babble of theirs
all the way to wherever.

Some Hell anywayz!
Or they’ll make it so,
like our other pretty groups.

Hey hey hey. Ho ho ho.
Hava cuppa Joe

and toast ‘em all with
a comfortable sigh. Hey

hey hey and ho ho ho,
fuckin forever!  True?
You seen the light? It’s

Bright White, Baby!

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Sunday, August 24, 2014


Language in the Park

Mr Bellsome always chooses the bench next to the
spready oak. You can be mostly alone to see
the light before evening.

Mrs Travis happens along, and he informs her that
"The Light is beautiful!"

"Beautiful I don't know. Pretty I'd go for."

"Pretty!" he tells Light when she’s gone. "I've always hated that word. It's like half a word."

“What can you do?” wearies Light.

Mrs Travis hears Mr Bellsome’s voice, and hurries
along the dirt and bark path.

"In my family," she whispers, "we don’t talk to nothing!"

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Saturday, August 23, 2014


The Beautiful Woman

Tired of the attention, disgusted really, and, skipping
the makeup that morning, puts on her grungiest sweater
and jeans.

The test fails when she passes the construction workers
after exiting the Lexis.

Instead of individual calls, though, just one slamming sound
like a wall falling.

Once she’s in Starbucks the Baristas stare so, they bump each
other assembling cappuccinos.

But Desko Ho Muchanols approaches her mezzanine table with
a proposition.

Business. She eventually accepts, and is now Queen of the
Hellgora Tribe in Exile.

Picked up every morning in a limo, and the driver is forbidden to
look at her.

She catches him peeking in his mirror. “Do it again, Motherfuck,
and I’ll get you fried!”

Queens can be vulgar, though very very occasionally.

She eats mostly chocolate now, and is gaining tremendously.

The tribe loves this. “More more more!” is begged of her.

Their Goddess, Samolist, having been many stones.

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Friday, August 22, 2014


Political Science@

KoolKup Bar

“Who’d wanna be President?”

“Most of what they...well, damned if you do,
damned if you don’t!”

“But they know that going in.”

“And all the rest of the political shit too?”

“ get in the history books.”

Then The Professor intruded. “Not necessarily!
I quote a book from the future: ‘The presidents
in the so-called Incompetence Lull were named
Hoskey, Minters, and Landofil.’--all misspelled
by the present Ruler’s toadies.”

“Just a bare mention, and screwed up too?”

“Nothing is more probable!”

“Science Fiction, Professor. Nothing is easier to
bullshit about than the future.”

“We’ll see.”

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Thursday, August 21, 2014


War As Something Else


-Music incredible during Nam!

-So, like, weak now!

-Let’s have another!

-Nah, driving.

-I meant war.

-That’s crazy.


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Wednesday, August 20, 2014


Kicking Against the Pricks

Jilly calls CSPAN. (The men around her amused afterwards.)
She’s nervous, but wrenches her point out.

Goes to Party Chair and wants to run for something.

“I need help. Details submerging me. Be my third hand
for a bit. Party going down the toilet here, let alone
nationally! Learn the ropes, we’ll run you for something.
Eventually. Maybe.”

When she’s later elected as a Delegate to the National
Convention, all their friends didn’t know she had it in her.

Husband suspected it, though.

Jip Heller opines she's gotta be the cutest one!

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Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Just a Conversation

Two National Guardsmen

-So it’s off to the big fuckin riot?

-Bringing Order!

-Could be. License to kill?

-Would be, if Media didn’t ruin everything!

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Monday, August 18, 2014


Meeting Lovely Men

Bert and Gert

-Now you take Karl. Hates Jews and Blacks
and Spicks and Women and Gays...uh,
Moslems of any sex and shade.

-Covers the Waterfront. And afterthoughts.

-But is open about it all and funny!
His wisecracks about Political Correctness
are hilarious. Does one witty routine there.

-Comedian of Hate.

-You're overstating! Especially since he's
the loveliest guy you'll ever meet.

-I've met lovelier.

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Sunday, August 17, 2014


The Family and Solutions

Hoxey would wear no clothes. One day he takes off in a run,
and leaps the back fence.

Sgt Williby returns him, saying "I feel like it myself with
this heat!"

He suggests another trip to The Ramparts.

Though Old Carter said “Never Again!” his last discharge, the
new Doctor proves warm.

So, Rose and Wagner in the house again. She hides his Viagra.

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Saturday, August 16, 2014


Modern Dialog

-Do you surrender, Irene?

-Surrender? What the fuck is this?
Great-Grandma's love music?

-No such trick!

-Or even a silent movie with
the virgin imperiled?--
though never impregged.

-Just an expression. Truly!

-Hey! I MIGHT go along with a few
things if you shut up enroute.

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Friday, August 15, 2014


Breakfast Meeting,

Dreadnought Screw and Die

-The morning is here. Light has returned!

-Just been elsewhere.

-Thank you, Murray. But let's assume the model is
our place here and now. Thus morning, and light,
in the twenty-four hour cycle.


-Well...must start somewhere. Might I ask if you sold anything lately?

-Life is disgusting!

-Probably, but let’s see the printouts.

-All on my tablet. Look!

-Clever. But we don’t get paid for clever.

-It’s a good thing.

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Thursday, August 14, 2014


-Good we have funerals. So,

 saying goodbye to somebody you haven’t seen in years.

-Not so! I ran into the corpse last year when the 

Steelers came in.

-Don’t mention that game. I’m still sick!

-Don’t take it too far, or you’ll be lying there soon 

with New York Giant decals on the coffin.

-You discovered my last wish!

-Rest in relative peace!

-But how about you? Still the Rebel Without a Cause?

-I won’t be the stuffed dummy in the box! That’s
for sure!

-Yeah, yeah? Conform in some fuckin something,
will you? You’re a total faggot bore!

-It’s stupid!

-Life is fuckin stupid. Grow up!

-I refuse.

-Refuse! Confuse! Defuse! Shut up!

-Our friendship never changes.

-Huh! I got real friends!

-You’re just trying to hurt.

-What’s this? Chickflick?

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014


More to the internet than cat videos ...Mozilla Webmaker.

I hope not! ...Bruce.

Cat vids are The Fairy’s Bible! ...Malcolm

Swish or Macho? ...Bruce

In your case, the sound of waltzing gowns
during the Queen’s Ball! ...Malcolm

Listen to John Wayne of Faggots Inc! ...Bruce

Partners, they go on this way. But we love ’em.
Is it all right to say that?

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Tuesday, August 12, 2014


Theory of Revolutions

-Song says "Ain't gonna study war no more"
and yet that’s what you do.

-Won't go away. It or me.

-What's latest model?

-Two. We ran them together.

-Let me guess. Revolution from the Left?

-Soaring rhetoric!

-But the follow-through?

-When the tumult and the shouting died,
women looked for steadier partners.

-And men?

-Dissolved into a massive lump of
bureaucratic suet.

-So, the more or less mushy moderate
nation of today. Bourgeois crooks, and
those they worship.


-I know you had to run the Right Upheaval too.

-Glowing goals! Clear and clean. Simple and

-And the penalties, lucid?

-Most are so.


-Firing squads for the least pure.

-And, then, for the middling immaculate too?

-In short, they killed themselves off. But the
anger trooped on.

-Over too many corpses to count?

-Precisely. When they declared victory, not
much left.

-But Anger. Lovely and sustained, it embraced
Mayhem upon the smoking piles.

-Yeah, Nation so weak, a foreign power marched in.
Monarchists. Now the Righties are too busy
reverently smooching their ass.

-Who says the vicious can’t become loving?

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Monday, August 11, 2014


Chaos Mode

Figuring Her Out

-Sorry to miss the wedding, having just
returned from the same sewer where I've
twice before kept the nation safe for
Crony Capitalism. But, anyway, you caught
you a young one! Good for you!

-Not so. She's working her way off the hook.

-How so?

-Screaming divorce practically an hour after
the honeymoon.

-Weren’t you tender? Isn’t that Italian?

-I honored my heritage thusly. Plus some caveman
stuff to keep her interested.

-Anyway...shrug I, Period of Adjustment. For anybody.

-You know that saying the tumult and the shouting dies?

-No, having been mostly in the middle of it for the army.

-Looks like it's never gonna domestically also.

-A temporary impossible. Get her pregnant!

-Should I take away her shoes too?

-You mean you haven't?

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Sunday, August 10, 2014


Art and Other

From her reading she knows
it's a cliché, but schoolmarm,

after being extensively felt up
at stimulating sites, goes sex-

ually mad in Rome.
Back Midwestern home,
forgets the wild stuff

and pens her cultural
boyfriend in ex-

quisite cursive, re classier
joys of the trip. Slants

and rounds almost ro-
mancing all of art

itself. Though, of
course, controlled.

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Saturday, August 09, 2014


Hick Tragedy

As Related By Rural Comedians

-(sings) They got married in a fever.

-And it done never burnt out.

-As a result, skin and bones, both.

-What’s loudest sound in world?

-Two skeletons fucking on a tin roof.

-They don’t got the roof.

-Or much else.

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Friday, August 08, 2014


(As Translated by Scallywags)

Parables For Children

-The little boy put a white pebble in a hidden box
every time he attended Mass.

When he went to count them much later, instead of
many pebbles, were three.

-So...the times he really DID Mass!

-Ponder this: the archetypal religious story.
Moral as heavy as The Earth itself!

-But be sure to stick your thumb up your ass whilst.

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Thursday, August 07, 2014



-Israelis dropping rockets on schools.

-The death of children is a scar forever!

-Haven’t noticed in the bad old places, 

where people drink cappuccino now, 
and talk of shitting.

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Wednesday, August 06, 2014


Skull Session for 2016

-Okay, they throw up “Party of the Rich!”

-Proudly embrace it!

-Won’t fly. How ‘bout “We wanna make
everybody rich!”

-Fuck that! That’s Socialism. Dems stuck
with that crap.

-So we stay Party of Rich?


-But we’ll lose.

-Again, honorably.

-Where’s the strategy in doing the same thing
over and over?

-Why mess with perfection?

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Tuesday, August 05, 2014


Farseeing Republicans

e have to be cruel to be kind.”

Rudge swallowed this, and worked his
ass off for the Republican Party.

But no evidence ever emerged as to the latter
part of the maxim.

He finally brought it up at headquarters.

And was shot.

His body carried across the street and dumped on
the Democrats.

Police Chief complained that it was murder, but since
the parties tied 3-3 this year, Prosecutor would let it
slide if it all stopped.

“That’s how you make a deal!” trumpeted Boss Edmunds,
“Scare the shit outa everybody! Even though Prosecutor
non-partisan in this bailiwick, still a politician. That stipulation
in County Code puts us in Dark Ages, though.”

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Monday, August 04, 2014


Clarity Fighting Chaos,

and with ultimate trump card

“I've today introduced in the Senate
The Tri-part Dress Code.

Upper Class can wear what they wish--
but always with a patriotic flag pin.

Middle Class, a uniform, quite fashionable,
product of a top faggot designer.

Working Class, shirt and trousers, gray
in summer, blue in winter. No exceptions
for Church or Marriage or parties or
celebrations, etc. Always worn everywhere.

The non-working class of loafers and idiots...
any rag they can get their hands on.

(They're tagged for elimination anyway--
in a very methodical and merciful way.)

Children should echo their parents, as a
necessary reinforcement to Community.

Critics say CLASS? I say ORDER!!!

Knowing your place is next to knowing God!

And their little boats are crushed on the rocks of
THAT certainty!”

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Sunday, August 03, 2014



We're warned not

to injure same
in the case
of X.

shouldn't there
be other inputs

the general public

where, hint
of approval?

hint, tiniest 'll suffice.
Otherwise, "Lack

Self Esteem” seems
most deserved.

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Saturday, August 02, 2014


Limits of Perception

Three Lines of Nothing

-The sunlight scattered like someone threw it.

-You're blind. How do you...?

-I don't know.

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Friday, August 01, 2014


The High-Minded Couple

Rest of us, crudest
jokes drinking, vile
double-entendres, too,

hungover. Add hysterical
laughter traveling behind

accidental cracks whilst high.
Our HMC, though: Spinoza

or some such tangled egghead dude.
Thence Christ for revered simplicity.

Larry Lank sneered “Wouldn’t say ‘shit’
if they hadda mouthful!”

Well, we’ve all matured now, fully,
customarily would approach their

level of spotlessness, but they’ve
spurted ahead in the Doctrine.

Birthers, with no end of plots thereby.
Other conspiracies cavort madly

in the looser wings to test them.
They are, moreover, beset horribly

with Mencken's dread involving an
earlier American “Puritanism:

The haunting fear that someone,
somewhere, may be happy.”

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