Sunday, July 31, 2016



The trouble of her difficulty is the men!

An even dozen.

Who often fight, after requisite bragging.

And, bloody, after.

She finally drags them before Head
and Council.

Each speaks of his frustration.

Listeners nod, and then whip them.

Ritual, though some lay on hard to
hear the yells.

Head pronounces "Tribe needs babies.
To be cute and loved by all, and then
grow up to help build the canoes.”

In chorus the council sings

"The Gods need canoes.
One to a family and
another to them!”

Head tells the young men.

“Loving is learned with time, just don't
hurry the moment for your own self.
This is not America!”

Unless a good report to the council in
a year's time, all the braves will be
forced to paddle West, never turning back.

The young woman smiles and laughs more,
and is pregnant! The other women smile and

laugh more also.

The tribe sings to each possible father, traveling
from hut to hut at twilight.

The gods are happy with the promise of new canoes.

Anyway, the babies will come in a flood now!
Midwives are training new midwives.

Head can’t stop drinking, and is replaced.

Not a disgrace, since he will soon visit each
and every baby, and be Uncle to all of them.

As the new Head has ordered.

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Saturday, July 30, 2016


Small Talk

-The Economics of Size.


-You’ve been shortchanged.

-What can I do?

-My other boyfriend is a doctor. He’ll help.


-Not JEALOUSY! Old old hat!

-We’re in it together?

-The only way.

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Friday, July 29, 2016



Cyber Wags

-Behemoths merge!

-Well, one buys 'tother.

-CEOs in conceptual pingpong
on a screen near you.



-Life is absurd!

-A start.

-The Tower of Babel constantly rebuilding.

-Necessary, for a sensible voice to get through?

-But, so so rarely!

-Story of History!

-What an expensive project!

-Oh, I don’t know. It exists so we can work.

-All HAIL! then?


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Thursday, July 28, 2016


Trying Proverbs

He decided to live by the side of the road
and be a friend to Man.

Unfortunately, Man stole his animals and
ravaged his crops.

He decided to be a friend to Woman.

Just kidding.

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Tuesday, July 26, 2016


Machines Handling Rebels

“I rather think I'd like to die!”

He was shushed, with everyone pointing
out the cameras and listening devices.

"You will make your jokes, but, don't
worry, the robots can pick up sarcasm."

"No sarcasm!"

"Even THAT statement is!"

"The rest of you live in misery with lousy
meds treating incurable diseases. All to
prolong, indeed never end, what is laughingly
called Life!"

All the machines screeched into red, spinning-
light mode.

Then the one-hour lecture as to everyone
wanting to move here. Where we had fulfilled
the dream etc.

But he still wouldn't shut up and twin robots
came for him.

Being led away, he cried. "Do your worst!
But, that must be life and not execution.
Therefore do your best!"

One robot said to the other that this rebel had
lost it! The other one said they'll take him to
the island.

Lectures will play in continuous loops.
Ten to twenty simultaneously.

And patriotic songs.

All in the defunct stadium. Enveloped by a huge flag--originally one of a corporation.

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Monday, July 25, 2016


You have signed out from another location

Thus, Hills found someone else had been rewriting his blog.

“Wonderfully literate now. Not as bare bones. Great fun googling the allusions!”

He prefers being clever to being himself.

“As everyone should,” adds he.

He has stopped writing in order to fall in love with the Pretender.

He can tell it’s a female, the way he can tell everything.

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Sunday, July 24, 2016


Too Many Heavy Things

"Craig is such a Boy SCOUT!"

He wants to invoke Rule One then,
but can’t help saying "Well my
Ruthie's no Girl Scout. That’s for sure!"

"But, I know, we're not to be discussing
spouses. I mean it's such good luck our
small conventions in this same hotel."
At that point she attempts to add a
confirming smile.

"Look! I got Ritz Crackers and there's
nice cheddar spread in your mini frig.
Lets go to my room and feast. I brought
this Kraut Ice Wine. Delicious! I stuck it
in the little freezer thing."

But she is pondering. "We...always have this
little pop-off before. You...could have let
Rule One slide."

"Inevitable! We'll get through it."

Both laugh. Maybe no argument this time.

"Most of the world is lonely," she decides to
finally say.

A dance band starts rehearsing in the ballroom.
Wheezy and flat.

He maintains she says too many heavy things.

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Saturday, July 23, 2016


Visionary Seasons

The Dream

of the children
in the woods,

their voices firing, flint-
like off of trees in Spring.

Quieter, slow Summer.
Loudest in bare November.

Crisp in flying Fall, then
muffled in snow later.

Now, regardless of season,
one sees them playing,


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Friday, July 22, 2016


Getting the Right Man

The Selectmen politely asked each year,
and Curt became a Minuteman Sentry,
guarding the town.

Actually a “statue” with bronzed clothes
and makeup.

He'd alternate the small bridges connecting
to the world.

This year at the Markey Avenue one by the

There cars honked and trains whistled, and
he frequently acknowledged both with his
bronze musket.

Unfortunately, the pigeons treated him the
same way they do other monuments.

The result: a thorough shower and brush-
scrubbing every evening of Revolutionary Days.

His friend, Marcus remarked "You such a great
method actor that  the pigeons think you're a
fixed apparatus to an edifice or something!"

Then he'd wind deeply down into one  of his
lecture-arguments, how we all play parts in
life, and, therefore, are never really genuine.

Curt's Jill always laughed their discussions away,
this time saying "I don't know why they picked
my Curty for a statue, but they got the right man!"

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Thursday, July 21, 2016


In his old-fashioned neighborhood

the girls still jump-rope 
with rhymes

Starting with five girls, the one 

about him: 

“Old Moe. 

He still don't know. 
He’s never known it.

It it it it it.”

And continues: 

“He’ll never know, 
o no!

O ho, ho, HO!”

On the third, emphatic one, a girl 

is forced out.

And sits and stares at him, the knives 

of her knees wide.

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Wednesday, July 20, 2016



 -During the Cultural Revolution, I wore a compulsory sign around my neck: REACTIONARY PIG!--face of a particularly
filthy specimen in the photo!

-Great God! And the other professors?

-Their signs more directly to do with excretion.

-How humiliating!

-To most. Some toadies and fools smiled in agreement while parading.

-I opt to be one of THOSE in the Next World. They found the Secret of Happiness!

-Continuous lowering?

-Going along to get along!

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Tuesday, July 19, 2016


Every man she knew

sleazed into sex.

Even the non-lovers with their sixth grade hints
showing the absolute glee of being dirty.

She gave up. Dismissed the lot.

Threw herself into work!

And then met Rory.

Entirely healthy, caring, fun! Wholesome.
With caressing words!

After a few months of undirty sex and
the warmest affection, anxiety flooded.

“Rory,” she informed him, patiently,
“it's past time for you to do something evil!”

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Monday, July 18, 2016


The Cellar Manifesto

So back landed I with Mom and Dad.
Strong into politics is she, thus my
old room joining an ongoing reconstruction
labeled Guest Suite. For visiting party hacks.

Pretty nice.

Combination of Ikea and suffocation.

So, I’m in the old storeroom next to the

Lots of protuberances coming out from
the latter to hang diploma, and the
occasional late notice of my insane
educational loan,

The cellar is nice.  Cool and private.
For one person.

My girlfriend instructed away

I couldn’t take her pity.

Bright spot is I’ve always worked.

At what? You can guess. I’ll take anything!

This makes me the Perfect American:
Live with Mom and Dad, never growing up.

And eating shit.

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Sunday, July 17, 2016


The Blend

“Let’s see now, which one are you?”

He’s addressing JMM, Jesus Meek and Mild.

“Oh yes, here it is on my clipboard. You’re
WASM, Wise Ass Smash Mouth.”

Thus the new orderly mixed up the men,
and they went ahead and played the new parts.

The physicians would have easily straightened
it out, but they were replaced by Indian Doctors,
speaking an English that went out with Kipling.

They brought with them, also, tea-times, and
often had Earl Grey and biscuits as the patients rioted.

All not chaos, however, since the highly-organized
Dr Caruthers Caruthers brought onboard to shepherd
this insane anachronism.

He switched back JMM and WASM for one. And decreed
no cricket until after visiting hours. So...smooth running!
And for years.

Exacted its toll from him, and he took up a sort of fat,
middle-aged ballet that had been sweeping fitness circles.

The dumpier female Indian Doctors joined him, but plantar
fasciatus retired him from the art, and one of them assumed
the male role in productions.

The patients brought in, and JMM and WASM displayed genuine grace.

Perpetually the jokes about inmates taking over the asylum,
of course, but they manage a blend at Whispering Falls.

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Saturday, July 16, 2016


Aesthetics-Ending Demonstration

-Not in dispute: you are beautiful. One of the Greats!

-Not easy!

-Ah but it mostly is, You can do what most
women can’t. Wrap you hair in a rag and
go out to Starbucks in a ratty army jacket.

-Isn’t it strange that men will whip out their phone 
cameras even then?

-Not strange. No. I don’t blame them. You know,
of course, that I, too, am considered beautiful.
More the chiseled classic, but nonetheless…


-You know also that something is afoot to credit
the plain woman. Give her rights she deserves?
Even though she…

-I’m all for that!

-Me too!


-(joins her)

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Friday, July 15, 2016



Not that he was one for radical experiments,
but Ash revolted that Spring day.

Pale knot in front of his building, and crude sign:

                        FAMILY HASENT EATIN!

Up to his office, but has had Doorman Charlie bundle them
into his limo for a trip to the boatyard.

Now, Secretary Jeanine texts Hobart Grimsley there.

       Sml yacht delv 2wks. Train this crew!

His old Captain back, of course, but woman
to handle galley. Man, bartender and
general mate. The one cockeyed girl
helping  her mother. Other girl, waitress.

Just his business partner along for the
shakedown cruise. Nursing frosty gin and
tonics as afterglow slides silkily under.

“ cutest waitress of all time!”

“Thinking of marrying her.”

“You’re some Libertarian! Fuck anybody!”

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Thursday, July 14, 2016



Dr Lotz called a meeting to gently reprimand.

Starting with himself. He got on the scale in front
of everyone.

“Two nineteen! Should be one seventy!”

Didn’t insist the others weigh themselves.

Physical evidence in straining seams, pot bellies,
expanded derrieres etc.

Even Scrawny the Chief Orderly and his assistant,
Fred Astaire, aka George Hebberly, resembled
Macy parade floats.

As to the patients, there for therapeutic weight loss?

They seemed to do better and better, while the same
principles enlarged individual doctors, nurses, and others.

Ripper Askew, Engineer, could wait no longer. He presented
the plan to reinforce the floors to the Board.

A genial bunch who just laughed at the staff predicament,
but okayed the remedial construction

Fortunately, just before a massive influx of new
patients, the old ones being discharged a week earlier.

As the construction gang waited to begin, the
steel girders and rebar piled on the grass
and the cement truck revolving its huge barrel,
the building collapsed, crushing all staff in
the process of vacating. Unfortunately, handling
last-minute chores.

The Grand Opening of the New Serenity Falls
in a year.

At that, Architect Hap Happersly of Happersly,
Keenan, Otz, Merriweather, and Dingel, wisecracks.

“If you had polar bears on the staff instead of docs
and nurses, these floors will hold. Drive in some
General Patton tanks. The back bank of elevators
will send each one to a specific floor!”

But, one serious sign: the new staff devours
the luncheon, and catering company “Eat!”
rushes in more.

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Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Man dropped dead

& did it well

Girls, gathered again on Misty DeLand’s porch for the usual nothing, had witnessed his stumbling demise.

Jeanine: No yukky fluids came outa him. He left dry!

Misty: Wet? Dry? I don’t wanna go any which way!

Doris: No smell neither. I won’t go if I hafta stink!

Jeanine: The Princess!

Misty: Whose farts pollute the whole neighborhood!

Jeanine: But...noiselessly...

Misty: That’s what she’s Princess OF! SBDs!

Doris: Shall I bow to you both for con-whatchacallit-ferring my Title?

Jeanine: Carefully!

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Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Articles Armed

Smather Utzloo of his city shot and killed
by a vending machine.

Second Amendment Rights clearly stated
next to the dollar bill insertion slot.

Witnesses say he bumped into it.

The machine tells a story of grim jostling by him.

Zach Holly, Esq. represents the machine.

His retarded nephew, the family.

They’ll get nothing--which they’ve gotten 
used to, since Freedom has stripped them
of everything.

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Monday, July 11, 2016


Etiquette of Adversity

Ripped off the balcony by a rogue wave
from Hurricane Jasmine, the plywood
he was nailing following him and smashing
and cutting his entire body.

Deposited in a stripped black oak, naked
and shaking uncontrollably.

All night, his wounds freshened by successive,
drenching gusts.

The morning brought preternatural, misty calm.

So much so that he could hear the dipping oars
of the two guardsmen.

“Excuse me?” began he.

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Sunday, July 10, 2016



People fell very slowly in the new country.
One from a twelve-foot ladder could take a day.

So when Mr Darl fell from the highest knob in High Knob State Park,  Max, Laurine and the kids went out to greet him as he passed the North Face Picnic Area.

As others had done before, they brought a backpack full of snacks and juice.

He was the only celebrity they knew.

He begged them to get strong men to catch him
when he hit the bottom of Black Ravine in two months!

This flummoxed the family, since it was a moral cornerstone here never to ask anyone for anything.

But they did persuade the firemen to go in there at the appropriate time.

No problem: they had a drunken picnic and staggered mightily even before catching him in a net.

Mr Darl is always first with a fruit basket on New Christmas!

At family and firemen.

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Saturday, July 09, 2016


Small World

He couldn’t speak. Laryngitis.

Then wouldn’t.

The first week in, he took a week
in Seaside. Rental Cabin.

There to work on toy designs away
from the shop.

He came up with Captain Smitty
and the tugboat, Mary-Lou.

And, back in his home studio,
Shipmates Chipper and Doogie.

Cook Delilah was a late night
inspiration watching Casablanca.

If Ingrid Bergman considerably

When Jennifer brought some stuff
from work, she became intrigued
with his silence.

On weekly visits, she really got to
understand him. And interpret
him to the others at work.

One night she couldn’t leave in
ferocious rain. Waited till midnight
and fell asleep.

Then, she pretty much didn’t leave

He’s beginning to talk to her normally.

She works with him on suggested
scripts enclosed with the full
Captain Smitty set.

The Crew Cuts a Sick Lady’s Grass
is among the latest.

Many tend this way, with the new
owner a Lefty.

Last was The Crew Goes to Washington,
and Captain Smitty testifies before Congress!

But, both agree that the whole crew should
return to the water and stay there.

Jennifer is now Cook Delilah when they talk.

Biffer Hoxey, his boss, calls her that now, also,
when she shows up at work.

She mostly cooks for Captain Smitty, in their
new, larger house.

Mates Chipper and Doogie stay their bulbous
figurines, but Smitty and Delilah often take
their parts in little plays.

Her mother has visited, with the lovers

She proves to be a winner in imitating
Chipper and Doogie, shaking each in
arguing with each other.

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Friday, July 08, 2016


Article of Faith,

or Nun

Since it’s Sister Dorothy
on the stand,

the fresh Assistant DA dare
not paint her

in his usual ways of scatter-
ingly candied

wench or The Whore of Babylon.
When she returns to her seat in
the courtroom, worry

vanishes from that section. And,
mooing commences. Moving
the Judge to gavel order.

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Thursday, July 07, 2016


The Vital Exercise

We climbed the rope ladder.

Carefully! As a team. Buck, Jasmine and I.

A wrong move could send the other two
smashing into the wall!

Anyway, slow process because of our ages.

Once there, we made sure to pull it up.

Just before the young wastrels packed
the courtyard, begging us to let it down!

Love the bitter looks waving over the
upturned faces.

As we thrust a unanimous finger at them!

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Wednesday, July 06, 2016


Too-Shy Roger finally spoke up at meetings

for Truth, Justice, and the American Way!

But, by then, he had lost the thread of the
discussion, and came off babbling and incoherent.

Dorrie found all of it warmly charming, and set
her cap for him.

Of course, he had no chance.

Strides ahead of him at Home Depot now.

He trundles the cart she throws plywood on.

He hears it after in the car, some awful meeting,
but she’s on the cell with girlfriends.

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Tuesday, July 05, 2016


The Match

The man who zigs
when he should zag

met the woman who zags etc.

The result: accidents.
But not always. Athwart

core structure,
they assist

each other.
Go figure.

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Monday, July 04, 2016


Conversation re Patriotism

-Even you feel a twinge at the ballpark.
The huge flag and the service men and
women manhandling it to cover the field!
Then a local person, not a real pro, singing
the National Anthem with gusto.

-Would be like cheering billionaires.

-Granted they’ve gone too far and we’ve
let them. Adjustments are beginning
to be made and...

-Playing into a stacked deck!

-Even so. Such an unstacking will take
some time.

-One gets only one lifetime.

-And we can never achieve Utopia in it!
So what?

-Only that we can’t put up with a phony one.

-We moved from that...or are moving.

-Oh well! You and I are throwing into the effort.
Not hanging back to make wisecracks. And that’s
enough for me to feel the twinge you speak of.

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Sunday, July 03, 2016


The Diverse Couple

Some women, some things never get old.

Reps never looked into that famous mirror
of course. If he did, it would proclaim
HIM the fairest of them the equity
meaning of that term.

How to be fair to all! obsessed his life.

His friends were racists. No matter.
He worked on them constantly, drawing
out concessions from even the hardest-core

His Laurel was fair enough. Really didn't think
much of major issues. Her signature utterance:
“I want a big cock!”

Sending girlfriends into hurricanes of laughter!

Always. New to them each time she said it.

He was normal in all respects, even dully so.

The other married women were red-faced-
pleased after her famous phrase.

A popular couple. He joined the church, and
she went along.

Though, "Why bother? You're holy enough!"

Feminism tried to throttle her, then pin her
down. But "What's the fuss? I get what I want!"

That's the picture. Unchanging. Unchanged by
kids, too, since they decided no.

The years...! Well, did what years do.

They're in Bide-a-Bit now, one of the cottages.

Lovable eccentrics, to Dotty Heller, RN, who drops
by once a week.

She’s so professional that Laurel never pulls her
big cock line. Reps bit crotchety, feeling the
younger generation resigned to chewing ashes.

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Saturday, July 02, 2016


The Person Who Couldn’t Make a Point

never tired.
But we did,

stopping it!

that arrived

No use.
Though one
in there


Bruised by

Where are
the points

not made?
The un-

told trillions!
In the West,
they say,

buried in mineshafts.
Of a clear moonlight

one can float
through brilliant
Cottonwood fluff.

to the edgy

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Friday, July 01, 2016


Game Day

The Stalwarts brought their patriotism
too far.

Instead of a flag covering the entire
field, one draping the entire stadium!

Down to the surrounding walkway.

Went well in rehearsals with dozens of
armed forces personnel holding it down.

However, game day proved windy, and the
uniformed  handlers, stationed outside with ropes, couldn't control it.

Finally, just made an impenetrable lid over the
stadium, a giant sucking sound indicating
a seal.

Those from lower seats who managed to crawl out from under were purple-faced with exertion.

A few old men made it, and, unfortunately,
crapped themselves.

One of these, Professor Deltz, spat.
"Patriotism moved from being the last refuge
of the scoundrel to the main pursuit of
total fuckin incompetents!"

No one helped him because he stunk so.

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