Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Old Program


Micksey was nice.

So much so that an attesting certificate--
all gold leaf, would not be out of place
on her efficiency wall.

Jean, leader of the pack, attempted
wising her up re men.

"Don't worry. I grew up with brothers
pulling on it morning noon and night.
So, I know sex."

She didn't.

Nor, really, did Charles. He dropped the
s in pronunciation, a la French.

So, an affectation. Let's not cast stones.

Anyway, equally as nice. One morning Georgie
and Melody woke to the sound of roto-tilling.

Charles doing the new garden plot at their
house. "I woke up early, so...why not?"

He was never mentioned without the adjective
lovely preceding.

What will you, alive, yet dead, in the ironic
frames of today, predict about these heroic
two marrying.

They toughen up in the terrific adjustment?

Uh uh. Become, instead, nasty as catshit!

Everybody avoided them.

Enter Dixie and Hal, dewy innocents.

Goto 1.

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Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Annals of Daily Wear

I remember everyone beautifully dressed.

The uniforms exquisitely tailored.

Even the Jew when he left his apartment
and we screamed JEW! had a carefully-
ironed suit.

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Monday, November 28, 2016


That Ring

-You’re the man who reached for the
golden ring?


-Sometimes they don’t put them out, but
your horse goes by so fast!...and sometimes
you have an up-and-down one too. Makes it
real hard when they do, but you grab!
Snatch best you can!

-Usually rings made of lead. But...I have
gotten a few gold. Very few.

-And at quite a cost?

-Who’s costing?

-Well, end of a career approaching. How do
you feel?


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Sunday, November 27, 2016


Caesar Is Stabbed in Rome

The UMass people of the West
had done well, and Doc, Pharmacy
80, was pleased to help defray
the costs of bringing the basketball
team to play University of Montana.

He invited Rudge and Charlie, and
picked them up early at their planetarium.

Actually a narrow two-story addition to
the dusty rancher.

There, first, to watch a still of the night sky,
and hear the recorded voice of Charlie,
a Full-Brooded Crow, very slowly announce
“The night sky when Caesar stabbed in Rome.”

“Just lovely!” Doc whispered later in the Ford
Expedition. His compliments were always
deeply felt.

Unknown to them, Charlie’s voice continued,
since Rudge forgot to switch off the sound.

So Caesar kept being stabbed in Rome...
No one in the alley to hear about it.

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Saturday, November 26, 2016


Many Worlds

-You fell directly onto
your face. The wonder is
no broken bones here.
Extensive bruising!

-Feels so.

-I don’t understand: most
people use their hands to...

-Was dancing. Hobby.

-Transporting never on my
med school agenda.

-Many worlds!

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Friday, November 25, 2016



Just the one business in the valley.

And the career ladder had only
four rungs.

Affable Joey got near the last one,
but his wife blocked him.

You never walked by their apartment
without hearing laughter.

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Thursday, November 24, 2016


Kevin and Kevin

We’re a hetero couple having
the same name.

We write about our gang.


Glib Death

Only a few seniors in the gang,
and they speak glibly of death.

“I’ll be pushing up daisies by then!”

“When I got outa my car, the door
hit a guy in black carrying a sickle.
Convinced him got the wrong guy.
Won’t work next time!”

More of the same. Not clever,
but lively.

Doc Andy says they’re really scared.
A Podiatrist, and the feet far away
from the brain, we know, but...he
has something.


Decisions etc

Lutzy decided! Moderate version
of the
Hallelujah Chorus please.

Stow that since he as quickly

His partner, Mark, going bananas
in this regard.

What the hell! Some of us brood
to produce an uncertain egg,
others talk...and talk...and talk...and...


Big One

Monette obsesses about Cancer.
She knows she has it though all
tests negative, and googles its
various forms and treatments daily.

"In Montreal , now they have a
huge machine that...chemo,

Oh well! All of it.

Her boyfriend, Murph-Mo runs limos
in Philly.

He transported the latest boy
band last week and bought her
their dvds.

She's already worried about
Little Jimmy who wears a sweater
in all their pictures because he’s

Maybe she'll knit him a warmer one.

Her obsession may be switching.

Turtle Neck. Icelandic Fisherman’s

It's not brain surgery.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2016


The Invention of Politics

The being found in the hidden Andes cave,
had a stab wound in the back which probably
caused his death.

Probably inflicted by a jagged rock “dagger.”

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Tuesday, November 22, 2016



-I’ll hafta see what I think I think.

-That’s Synesthesia! You don’t
actually SEE your thinking.
You can feel it, though.
Hmmm, I guess THAT’S syn...

-Uh huh?


-I hafta feel what I think I feel? Or...?


-How much would you take to go away?

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Monday, November 21, 2016



-This Senator called a black
lawyer “Boy” when a judge.
Once upon a time!  Does that
make him an unrelenting


-I don't buy it. He could belong
to a poker club where he regularly
plays with black guys, and they rib
the shit outa each other on race.

-That's not enough to extract the

-Such standards!

-The fish is in the water, and the
water is in the fish.

-Oh? And what the hell does that mean?

-If the shoe fits...

-Enough with the proverbs! They're as
lousy a guide as anything!

-We're liberals and yet a lot of intolerance
has seeped in.

-I'm not responsible for seepage. I just do
the best I can.

-Not enough.

-Nothing ever is. It's a curse and fuck it!

-Heart for every fate!

-I'm warning you!

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Sunday, November 20, 2016


The Man Left with the Woman

called The Cripple.

They walked eccentrically until encountering

Who screamed at the blinding vibration of them.

One set of feet then clattered down the metal stairs to the outside.

Sheriff eventually flipped his notebook closed.
“Merged, huh? This is precinct for Weed!”

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Saturday, November 19, 2016


-Is it Fascism yet?

-You always ask that under

-Their love! Law und Order,
Crack Some Skulls. Make
America grate again! G-r-a...

-Don’t spell it! And, thereby,
The One-Percent super

-Both parties strive there–-
called “Reaching for the
Golden Ring.”

-Will you be brought in
for questioning and never
again heard from?

-Promise you'll remember me!

-It it's allowed. Didn’t Hamlet say
words to your effect?

-Why he’ll be forbidden.

-What happened to Reagan’s
Shining City on the Hill?

-Shines tried climbing up to it.

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Friday, November 18, 2016



-I like the women in Perry Mason. All trussed up
in mannish suits, yet radiating sex!

-You mean unlike the Technicolor Slatterns of today?

-You’re saying it, not me. Besides, there are male
slatterns too!

-We call them Pigs!

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Thursday, November 17, 2016


Krill and Moe

-Let us speak of the American Economic Miracle!

-Where the entirely crooked businessman breaks no laws?

-When he dies they’ll screw him into the ground!

-Saving, thus, casket price? You’re just jealous.

-I’ve missed many thieving opportunities.

-Your loss is my pain.


-Nah! nothing?


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Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Face to Meet the World

-Went to Publix for article
I thought about half the week.
Then, forgot to buy it!

-Who doesn't? Trivial. Ever do
the same in real life?

-It's why Veronica married Stephan
and not me.

-Are they happy?

-Fuck no!

-And would've she and you been...?

-Fuck no!

-Don't you think your central problem,
besides vulgarity, is attitude?

-Fuck no!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2016



Pops recognizes nobody visiting
the hospice.

Until he decides everyone, male and
female is Oswit Krelle, the veteran
character actor.

Indeed, he is also. And becomes more
animated in the process.

So, visiting at his bed, becomes Krelles
speaking to each other.

And, everyone catching the enthusiastic
fever, lots of pseudo drama and kidding.

When the doctors and nurses take it really
over the top, in costume, you’d think the whole
participation would get old.

But, not the case.

Pops eventually ceases being Krelle, and an hour
later, the actual Krelle dies suddenly at a Hollywood diner, choking on “steak” gristle.

Immediately after, Pops meets him in the “Tunnel,”which he had taken in his strange mind to visit.

Krelle quite amused at so many imitating him.
“I was minor. Makes me feel major.”

Pops tells him that he’s thinking of being a serial
killer next, but Krelle thought he’d lose the fun
of it that way.

Soon after, Pops dies, drifting away in quiet sleep
as himself.

The young doctors and nurses thought about kind
of Halloweening the memorial service, but
Dr Warren Hartz, Superintendent, warned them
against it.

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Monday, November 14, 2016


Tea in Aleppo

-That last mortar round made a nice fire for us.
Pull up a piece of ruin and sit down.

-Will this new president kill us?

-What’s more certain when the old one
failed to?

-This new one hates us on the spot!

-Look around you! Avenues of Mayhem!
He’s just another form of modern clarity!

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Sunday, November 13, 2016


Family and the

Sorting Out Process

Finally, Grandpa: “Look! We’re all a
little bit crazy, but we don’t hafta be
mean about it.”

Got us all to apologize...for the big stuff,
the bitter stuff.

“I swear, this family!” Delilah sobbed.
“This fuckin family!”

She’s the one studying to be a nun.

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Saturday, November 12, 2016


Just Life

Rita claimed: I’m exhausted! I am TOTALLY

Rodney laughed that “You’re always totally
exhausted.” Asked Mac how he lived with her.

“Carefully. But best is crying a full hour at the
kitchen table.”

“That’s BEST?”

“Next day she’s really wound up to DO something!”

“Purgation!” Rodney pontificated.

“I AM!” Rita answers Mac, reminding both men, too, the conversation’s about her.

“Some of the burden YOU shoulder here!”--
Rodney half-kidding Mac.

“Just life.”

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Friday, November 11, 2016


The Light Side of Dangerous Times

I give Lucyanne all the credit.
Her sexiness. Brought in Otto,
wide between the ears and shoulders,
but a special talent.

Not in the lovemaking area, but she
can learn him that.

What he's good at is food riots.

Last time he come home with Institutional
Size Pepperidge Farms Cookies!

Grandpa grabbed off the double fudges, so
it was double fudge in, triple fudge out!

That's our family! Can't get far without
a joke.

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Thursday, November 10, 2016


The Legal Compact

with the Confederate Army finished,
I, the slave of a Deacon, was given the
agreed-upon stipend, and, as a bonus,
my own slave.

He will not malinger, nor miss Church.

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Wednesday, November 09, 2016


The Person Who Listened to Experts

(or Style)

Now observes his chortling opponents
laying in more salt.

They may never get beyond rubbing it in.

It is, and will be, a frenzy unending.

Until? They'll be dispatched for refusing
to do their actual job. 

Their style pervading as it always has.

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Tuesday, November 08, 2016


Political Attitudes

Chief knew what Mayor
was saying when he
laughed "Trim the herd!"

Darker portion thereof.

But now the new young
congressman"toured" his
district to “hear” black and
brown complaints

Elect a liberal, get a mess!

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Monday, November 07, 2016



Kendal's bunk very nearly
touched Darley's.

But it was warm in the gym
and the lights held as
the hurricane thrashed.

The cleanup extensive later,
they had to stay an extra day.

Was arranged that each
could have a shower in the
Girls locker room.

When Darley returned she wore
a fresh blouse printed with

"From the Civil Rights Struggle,"
she answered Kendal.

"I see."

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Sunday, November 06, 2016


Their Batting Average

For Cause

Phoned the wrong girl for a date.

He wanted Cindy, a talky personality.
Then he could nod all evening, agreeing.

But he reached Mindy, a stone.

Well, she listened. His problem: the
Honor Society.

Neanderthal politicians attempting
to hijack it! Not a scholar among
them! you’ll have no trouble believing.

Mindy would help him fight! All his
causes, in fact, became immediately
fierce to her! Pattern.

No kids...decided after the first very
very serious conversation–-on a weekend
away from the pressing social external.

She did talk thereafter, and over the years,
but not too much small stuff. Always to
a purpose.

Fast forward to Social Security! They did
a lot together. Battles!

Victories! Some lasting, most not.

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Saturday, November 05, 2016


Two Views,

Two Prophets

Moses come down from the mountain
to inform him.

-The world ends soon. But a new world.
With you in charge! Tell no one.

Beans prepared.


-They finally roust out “Moses”?

-That robe had a stink about it I couldn’t

-Precinct chipping in buy him a new one.

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Friday, November 04, 2016



-I’m 100% digital now.

-What do you miss?

-Darkroom. Enlarging. All the dodging.
Particularly shaping my hands to block
or admit light.

-A ballet! Thing of beauty!

-Maybe it went to heaven.

-Nice idea! Heaven as the place of wonderful
dead arts!

-And artists?

-Let’s keep the purity.

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Thursday, November 03, 2016


Defining Drama Queen

-We're more than a bit nervous,
but not Drama Queens.

-I don't like to be called anything
with Queen in it!

-Noted. Well then, let's coin a term:
Dramatics. Suitable for our sex,
and the fair one also.

-I feel like a Dramatic sometimes.

-All about you?

-I guess one likes to add color and
zip to the proceedings upon occasion.

-With a super dash of ego?

-That, too, of course.

-Life can get gray without Dramatics.

-So, let the worst of us overdraw it? Bully us
that way?

-In measure.

-It's...mostly gray now.

-Get more friends! Go to ballgames.
We live near Philly. Phillies,
Eagles, Sixers, Flyers form the
regional bellyache. Sports Radio
will extinguish your spare, lonely hours.

-Should...I marry again?

-Sixty-two percent. She'll bring problems,
but compensations.

-Must make sure she's not a Drama Queen!


-Oh, right. I'm glad we had this little chat.
It brought me absolutely nothing.

-What I'm here for.

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Wednesday, November 02, 2016


a quaint western tale

Judge liked to open the warehouse
of certain mornings. To think.

His satellite office there deathly quiet
at 6 AM.

Not so, that Thursday when actual
cowboys cut the locks to the warehouse
gates to establish a shortcut getting
their cattle to the stockyard.

For some reason the driven beasts all let
go at the same time.

And the expression about the shit hitting
the fan held true.

Actually the fan running into Excelsior
Hair Products, covering Judge as a result.

Actually too, getting him to shriek as to
the end of the world.

For he was a Tribulationist, though
he thought the world would end in
unspeakable sin. Thus inevitable fire.

That the world might end first in shit,
and in a small Texas town chock-a-block
with churches...well, defied whatever logic
remained in the world.

Things, of course, went on the same half-
ass manner, but Judge, unconvinced, found
his way, with the help of his wife and children,
to the Colonel Parkham and Sons Rest Home.

There he belongs to a bible study group,
indeed the whole place is one.

“Well, the world has ended! But this
new one...!” he begins re Matthew 17 20.

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Tuesday, November 01, 2016


The man who knew little else

often fell back on his
five favorite subjects.

Then one day he forgot
even them.

He didn't panic, having seen
similar in his older friends
at the diner.

Stayed in his room a week
and studied five new subjects.

Acutally, one wasn't new, but
he didn't know it.

Off to the diner, then with a sort of
unwritten diploma he granted himself.

He did well in disputes when he steered
the discussion to one of his expert areas.

Especially well in Baseball Statistics,
American League--no wonder, it was one
of his old subjects.

Lumpy Osgood, cameraman, heard him one
morning and told Hasgood Hetterly of
Good Morning Muncie!

Who had him on.

Now, Hasgood brought everything softly
around to sex–-this showbiz “edge” made
suitable to Hoosiers.

Impossible with our scholar since he knew
absolutely nothing in that area.

He threw out many baits but our chum
recited the batting averages of players of
Ukrainian origin.

“Don't ever tout me anyone like that again!”
Hasgood later cautioned Cameraman Lumpy.

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