Saturday, December 31, 2016


Contest of Much Importance

Murch argues continuously
with Tooley as to whose
way is better.

Tooley: "Truth is, World
laughs at the both of us.
But I edge him there too!"

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Friday, December 30, 2016


Storybook Land

-I think a lot about the happiness
of others.

-You WHAT`?

-You heard me.

-Storybook Land! If you're unhappy,
find another book.

-Well I'd rather be in Storybook Land,
than your place of unrelenting cynicism.

-Is it true that nobody dies there?
They're corking off left and right
around here!

-I'll pray for you.

-Get others there to do the same,
a Murmuring Hootenanny!

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Thursday, December 29, 2016



Rodney counseled Lena that
-There are ways to do things
without losing your mind!

Lena allowed that there were, her
girlfriends handling life better, and
THEN losing their minds.

-Then be like them, then. Normal!

Rodney crusaded for status quo.

Be insane for Lena to drop him mid
all of the others.

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016


Local Drama

Radcliffe felt he didn’t need his usual noir persona for the occasion.

So dispensed with Sam Spade in favor of “Sunny Jim.”

The girls grew quickly sick of the Americanness
of his new act, and gigglingly chucked him into
Markham’s Pond.

Sunny Jim became soakingly purple-pissed!

Later, Officer Barb Hentley’s pencil couldn’t
keep up with him.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016


Conferring Odd Fame in America

Cliff has one inflexible rule:

He is invited to address the
Never A's Convention.

Check A: "Who cares?"

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Monday, December 26, 2016


Stalking Rest

For my wallpaper on the new computer,
I chose an aerial view of a flanking
neighborhood, mostly because of
the Suicide’s Cottage in its little cove.

Hallmark card with a twist. Anyway,
a local legend.

Fine, except she continuously walked
into the water, white flowing nightgown,

Through my programs at times.

To purge this ghost, I changed  to snow and
solid New England spires.

There, she stepped through drifts white as
her nightgown. Absurd.

No use, then, regardless of wallpaper.

Finally, though, still tried sombre abstraction.

Yet, In front of pillows of rusts and  browns
she wades in and whitely breasts the first
black wave consisting of felt bolsters.

Turn off computer, go for a walk…to get there.

The cutting wind sweeps away the last remnants
of storm-smell.

Stride into the woods to discover ample brush .

To fashion a wreath.

Place it on the rise and fall of black-gray Lampey’s Cove.

Say nothing, just watch, and can’t feel my fingers.

Much noise re-entering house, since the computer has turned itself on to Western brilliance.

Dashing rivers, red rocks, and cottonwoods.

Some fluff actually blows round the den.

Square dance calls and whoops!  I tap the
speaker icon to mute the horrible distortion.

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Sunday, December 25, 2016


The Zen of the Lazy American

We tried to get Chucksy contemplating larger things.

But. “Close to the vest, close to the vest. Quiet cards, and hidden.”

She was due to join us any moment now, so
we told him that “Babs will surely leave for somebody with an ounce of daring!”

"Here's your hat, Ole Babs! What's your hurry?"

“So, defiantly mediocre? That’s you!”

“I should go to Brooklyn to fight the cops?
Or Oakland, the Communists?”

“Don’t be a hero. Just move off your ass!”

“The still man rules.”

That’s when Babs came in. And we turned her
right around!

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Saturday, December 24, 2016


Three Women


Her chance at...!

Significantly younger he, but...!

Uh huh?

A danger he'd find someone fresher?

Ah but these seemingly mismatched
lovers really really discovered...! Not.

After the previous question answered

Back to the gang, slowwww to forgive.
And, of course, Steady Eddie, who
experimented with a bit of revenge,
but dropped it since the Giants were
on TV that afternoon.


And stayed and stayed. Until HE left.
Quite the Catholic, but the Church
won't declare her a Martyr.

But she is, Academy Award!


Had to escape to breathe!

It got too lonely, however.

So back to the bunch, and whatshisface.

Everyone feared his cruel streak would
come out in their frequent fights,
but he embarked on a Doctorate.

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Friday, December 23, 2016


Actuarial Fate

-With what I can plug in now,
I can tell you the age you'll

-And if I press you, day and time?'

-I sense sarcasm, but...I could
come close, no matter what.

-Well, plug nothing in because
I don't wanna know!

-But if you knew, you could...

-Straighten some things out?
Like, with Steph?

-The amazing Stephanie!

-Amazed me right outa my mind!

-You could soothe both minds

-To an extent. We’d eventually fight
as to how to reconcile.

-So, it won't be perfect? It's
better than the present standoff.
Which, by the way...

-Morphs over the months to an
unhealthy growth?

-Uh huh? Why don't you pretend
you have a year or so left, and then
the pair of you do what you can?

-I'm the one acutely feeling the
disadvantage. What's her actuarial picture?

-If I had to guess, I'd...well, much better.

-Do I get points, like in football.

-At least a touchdown and extra point.

-The latter is her speciality. Anyway,
a strong betting favorite is she!

-A piece of work! But so are you.

-Making it all the more difficult.
Besides...the best things fall outa
the sky. I should be patient. Trust
to Luck!--Steph and I should.

-Not according to my figures and your
health, physical and  mental.

-I'm a case! I don't wanna be a case!

-We have some small choices, but I wouldn't
wish to run the figures.

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Thursday, December 22, 2016


Little Pinky Winky

He was super-cautionary
in his saying, lest he
injure sensitive friends.

But Deirdre stiffened when
he referred to a town councilman
as Little Pinky Winky...his socialist

"What my parents called me and
I hated it!"

Then she went on to hint that
Carl knew that, and was making
fun of her."Why not? Everybody
else does!"

But he assured her, merest

Went on to assert that in the
infinite universes, somebody
was saying Little Pinky Winky
right now.

Deirdre didn't want to hear it!
Accused him of repeating those
words just to injure.

He promised he'd never utter
those injurious words ever again!

Too late! Slammed the door in his face

And in his infinite universes, how many
millions of doors etc? At this instant!

I'll stop; he's tiresome.

And she's done with him forever!   
No great loss to either?

Now now, we’re called upon to be more
tolerant in this single, imperfect world, yes?

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Wednesday, December 21, 2016


The Absence of Right Cards

How Does it Feel

Uptown Girl succumbed
to flash-trash?

In Victorian words, seduced
and abandoned.

There are redemption cards,
none pink unfortunately.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2016


Reality’s Basic Math

 -UNMEANING is now President!

-Will he shake the world, the nation, and, most
importantly, both parties?

-With no center, he’ll throw a couple of bones
to the Democrats. The bulk of his shit, though,
will be the usual Republican 1 percent trickle-
down fantasy that never works, never could
work, never will work!

-As if that mattered! What DOES work for
the -pubs?

-13 l/2 percent of their devious smear!

-That high? And dems?


-Nonsense! Probably much closer to the initial

-Tweedle dee, tweedle…?

-Close enough. What’s the real problem with
both, do you suppose?

-Like Vegas mobs, skimming too much off the top.

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Monday, December 19, 2016


Making Matches Once Upon a Future Time

-I couldn’t marry another stinking human like myself!

-Oh yeah? Well your planetary broad doesn't exactly smell like roses!

-I got used to it. Like something outa a Chinese Restaurant’s garbage disposal.

-And the WAY her organs are ARRANGED, with…!

-Never mind that! There are workarounds.

-I'll take your ole Stelly anytime. Spray some Chanel.

-But that mouth on her! Oojuh has none at all.

-How she talk?

-Chimes from somewhere.

-Too weird for me! quarter mil to marry her.

-Does her sister do chords?

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Sunday, December 18, 2016


The Idea

 Nerksy was pretty sure it was an idea.

Glads confirmed it and congratulated him,
promising a triple chocolate cake.

But her longtime boyfriend, Professor
Yetnov, asked "But what QUALITY
of idea?"

The rest of the gang booed him.

His questions always ruined things.

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Saturday, December 17, 2016


Life Summary

-That’s the way it shook down.

-So passive! You hadda be in there doing some of the shaking!

--When others did, I felt embarrassed for them.

-Empathy? Unwanted!

-Perhaps so. And when some pressing horror made ME do it…really, blow my own horn...well I can still feel the humiliation.

-You’re too pure for this life!

-Not much longer. String shortens.

-And what did your lovely attitude buy you?

-Someone will say “I’ll never forget whatsisname!”

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Friday, December 16, 2016



“Scapegoat Wanted”

Due to the overwhelming complexity of real problems and their side-effects, including debilitating addictions,

Muslims given preference.

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Thursday, December 15, 2016


Hope I etc when it's my turn

Mr Utshwon just laughed
and they put in his teeth
and adjusted his wheels.

Then off to the CITY OF MERCHANDISE.

He was the only person there in
that super warehouse.

But all the robots knew him,
and joked with him.

His favorite named “Slowwwwww.”

An import from Hungary whose
speed is too erratic and, frequently
erotic, so engineers make slower yet.

They made a strange pair. This stump
with everything screwed in and...

He had inquired about becoming a robot,
but the authorities told him it has
never worked out.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2016



-Never saw a place where
all the modules died at once.
You'll hafta move out, and
Jeremy, Max and the gang
replace everything.

-Thought that was easy. Old one
out, new one in!

-In theory yes, but comparability
issues. Be a few weeks before
everything straightened out.

-But where...?  I don't have..."

-You’re in luck. My sister has a
vacancy. Real old-fashioned!
Not a module in the joint!
And the food!

-Sounds good.

-AND she's a lusty widow--if you
catch my drift.

-Devastated! And then must perform?

-Lucky you!

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Tuesday, December 13, 2016



-Some TV fan site gives a  “Female Masturbation Warning”
for Fleabag.

-Oh? I hope she’s not TOO into that.

-Needs vaguely significant other?

-Or hobby.

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Monday, December 12, 2016


The More Things Change

During the year-long celebration
of King Mongroid's 60th Birthday,
he suddenly died at a gluttonous

King Desnerplait folded into
the celebrations, putting off
the official funeral for a year.

He soon dismissed the Southern
Castle's load of physicians, and
stocked it full of even more women.

Wine, Woman, Song, etc an understatement
concerning Plait, as the peasants called him.

The Northern Castle was peopled mostly
by herbalists, grinding potions for the
king which were entirely harmless.

Something worked though. He is 96 presently,
and states he will live forever.

As courtiers oiling everywhere in government and
commerce, his agree!

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Sunday, December 11, 2016



Roger always had a plan, and a backup.

So when the promised storm all but
obliterated Duncey Falls, he had to go
to the backup, but that failed too in the
wind and rain.

The heaving oak outside his den
window sent electric sparks showering
upward from the impinged wires, and then
a black limb crashing into his window, and
his forehead.

Later he did realize he was in an ambulance,
and calm, although the babbling of the other
patient truly annoyed him.

Then, he realized he was the only patient,
and shut up.

Chubby checked his head bandage 

and maintained to Desktop that 
the TV was full of shit.

"Like, this ain't the Storm of the Century. 

Was in 80, and my Dad filled a notebook 
about it."

"Like father, like..."

But Roger told him that was really impressive!
Asked Chubby if he could phone the old
gentleman when all this was over.

"He's outa range, like forever. But I'm not."

“I...had two beautiful plans!”

“Make them all the time. Nothing to chance!

“We...can help each other.”

“Enough said,” concluded Chubby.

“Yeah!” snapped Desktop to Roger, “YOU shouldn't be talking, period!”

Then driver Harold squealed through his little window. "It's a buncha women back there!"

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Saturday, December 10, 2016


Death and Innovation

Fresh from his MBA, Clifford put in charge
of a new, experimental department called
The Lab.

Here, innovative solutions blah blah blah.

He was joined by others, including Hortense,
who spouted new ideas continuously.

The Lab's Main Function was to run seminars
for the other departments, convincing them
they were sticks in the mud. Which they were.

Upper Management loved Clifford and Hortense,
and the corporation received many high-publicity
awards because of them.

Soon enough, Clifford and Hortense loved
each other.

And married. A new Board had swept in from
Moral Phoenix and that connubial state, only,
set well with them.

But, Hortense grew restless. All the innovations
proved same-old same-old to her.

She quit to start a firm counseling employees
trapped by fluid management.

Had so much work that two years later she
persuaded Clifford to partner in the cause.
They had learned the ropes and knots together,

As long as bullshit rules, it must be countered

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Friday, December 09, 2016



We all liked the idea of the Revue.

First up was Georgie, with FEET!

She had been a Radio City Music Hall
Rockette.  Then migrated to Vegas for years,
perhaps a few too many.

Dancing just great! But even more interesting,
her extended family, and she introduces each
vital youngster! From three quite captivating

Second, lifetime police officer, Jeremy Carruthers.  Finally, Chief of Brenley Falls, where he whipped an indifferent lot into shape, and instituted some innovative forms of actual clarity.

Chief had a heart, also. And helped many criminals back to decency.

He gave a slide show, nothing flashy, but steady
and wholesome.

Last for this week. THROUGH A GLASS, DECEPTIVELY. Hoddings Kraft. Noir film. Banking.

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Thursday, December 08, 2016


Nazi Dress-up Day

intended to purge, of course.

But Hal, Sweet Hal! 

At kitchen table in Storm Trooper Black, 
and slashing a riding crop at the shrieking kids!

Temporary. It’s in everybody as I say.

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Wednesday, December 07, 2016



-What counts is EMOTION!

-So you sex up dry facts?
Easy come easy go!

-Something like that. Sex up, half
make up. Like, Totally INVENT!--
why not?


-Send bonbons.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2016


After the breakup--


Heck and Lucy never met again,
though living in a five mile circle.

After two years, he thought he
spied her athletic rear in Home Depot,
and followed at a distance.

But that woman was soon hectoring
a clerk in Lighting. Lucy was a
smoother operator.

Friend Lincoln: "Statistically you have
to meet her soon, unless the gods
of sanity are holding you magnetically apart."

"l'm dreading."

"That's you! She has moved on!
But you're a nonentity from nowhere
doing nothing!"

"Helps me breathe."

"You know what I do when faced with
a really human conundrum? I ask
what would a grownup do?"

"ln my juvenile case?"

"Phone her! Hey been two years and I wondered..."

"Yeah? And where from there?
She's unpredictable! What if she
wants to hook up again?"

"A fear completely groundless!”
l just want you two chatting and
hanging up. Perfect! Now you
can meet by accident without
a stroke."

"Nonentitiy, hey?"

"Well not ALWAYS!"

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Monday, December 05, 2016


Topic A

Participants searingly direct and
honest, ordinarily, at the Way of Calvary 

Adult Discussion Group.

Some displayed their embarrassing
addictions as if determined to
suffer even further in the telling.

But...when it came to sex, a kind
of Victorian quaintness enveloped.

Even the rare euphemism felt nearly

Like soft-spoken Maryanne D. claiming
her boyfriend abnormally interested in...
her "thing."

Leader Cliff finally invited a sex therapist,
Dr Hodley Nethers, who gave them a reprint
of one of his articles, and used clinical
terms again and again.

Soon the group was using them too, but with
an air of superiority: as if to say those people
are really really sick!

Dr Nethers confided to Cliff that such airs
were an important first step.

Cliff...started to worry that he had a tiger
by the tail.

“Exactly! But that's what it is once we
acknowledge it."

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Sunday, December 04, 2016



Linc Hess

never took "City of Angels"
seriously. Until he saw some.

Oh not the whimsical creatures
hauling wings around, but actual

On van Nuys, a guy handing out
playground equipment to hiving

Began glowing!

Now Gretch and he were no angels!
No way!

But some little something about
them was.

If...they could talk again, maybe
THAT could come out, and not all
the neurotic shit: gnashing!

But her latest was a wildcatter,
and they were going somewhere in
the world unknown to search for oil.

Wildcatters at their age! All boom-bust
should be unknown after forty!

 Linc did text her that he had been
wrong so many times.

She answered. “Wrong right so WHAT

now? As always, I'm moving on.”

Nothing angelic there.

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Saturday, December 03, 2016


Knowing When

Question of the Moment

-How can you be inclusive
without inviting Nazis
to the table? The fun

part comes from chasing Jews
down main streets. Don't

try "Holocausting” me! I said fun.
We know when to stop.

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Friday, December 02, 2016


A Bracelet Shaken in a Dance

-As my career winds down,
I more and more have to
convince younger colleagues
of my worth.

-That gang now is fractious
and edgy. Not a laugh in
a carload.

-Fair appraisal.

-How long do you have?

-The CEO, half my age, doing
my final evaluation.

-Did you pack your shit in the
famous cardboard box yet?

-My last trick is to distract him.
A sort of gypsy dance with lots
of silver bracelets.

-The flash sets him to musing on
pleasant topics, and he says...?

-Let's keep the gypsy for another
year or so. Plug it into some new
group or other.

-Where no one wants you?


-Or, OR! he says...?

-You know? I'm sick of gypsies and
their dances. Let's terminate now.

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Thursday, December 01, 2016


Quite Thoughtful Analysis.

-What think you of Trump’s Cabinet picks?

-Various demented Righties, and other loonie-tunes with a bug up their ass!

-That good? Doesn’t surprise you?

-Nah. He got elected on the premise that everyone is totally full of shit!

-Including him?

-The Master!

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