Tuesday, January 31, 2017



Both returned separately to the empty house.

Cecily turned on all the lights and walked through.

Snapshots to anyone watching. Mutterings so quiet as to not exist.

Hark kept the black silence.

But his car shrieked when leaving. Water Pump.

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Monday, January 30, 2017


Abuse, forms and ramifications

-I like the feeling of violence--its brewing.
And brewing.


-Oh yes! I can dig into him so, frustration
setting up inside him like a silent scream.

-Stop it there?

-Or...get him to hit me?

-Then have the sonabitch put away!

-I like that idea. I like all ideas!

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Sunday, January 29, 2017


Hall of Discontinuous Mirrors

All the Kingdom’s mirrors ordered broken.

Because the dead pretty queen once primped.

Girls sneak into the huge hall and use shards.
Others do also.

The children swordfight with same.

Their hands are cut.

The King orders the hall sealed.

Many trapped in there. Smells escape.

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Saturday, January 28, 2017


Judging the Reply

-As Moms Mabley said  "Ain't nothing an old man can do for me,but bring me a message from a young one.”

-As an old man, may I answer?

-Please do.

-Wit and warmth, and the sheer comfort of having around!

-Please do.

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Friday, January 27, 2017


The Necessary Combination

The old worries no longer sufficed.

Though they drove Kohs beyond distraction...nonetheless,

a lack there, a stale familiarity here, a boredom...

So he applied to the Bureau of New Worries.

There, in collective wisdom, he became Chicken Littled.
Not exactly
The Sky is Falling Down!...but several keening
anxieties of smaller types.

“I've never seen you so happy!” wife gushed in their bedroom
two weeks later while packing her stuff.

“Be careful of those luggage locks. They can pinch! Start infection.
Man in Elmira DIED.”

She thanked him for his concern, and left forever. One less worry.

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Thursday, January 26, 2017


Schooling the Inert

 When Marks read Cindy-Jo's
Divorce Complaint, he mostly
nodded yes to get her off
his back.

But his lawyer insist he contest
some points.

All confrontation was hard for Marks.
Even on petty matters.

Took Aggressiveness Training once,
where the participants swore at each
other with exaggerated bitterness.

So, a Patsy. His choice.

But not for the action at hand.

He fought. A little. Then, more.

Anyway, the contestants threw the kitchen
sink at each other, followed by smaller
sinks from the bathrooms in their split level.

Anyway, again, this couple hammered out a settlement, like cleaving couples do.

And Marks became bolder in life because of
the process! Not.

He pretty much reverted to passive.

Hey! We can't all scream continuously!

Anyway. Personality. Such a mystery! Let's
do our best at fathoming our own quirky one.

First. Then take a hand to unraveling those
of our friends.

And Good Luck with all of that!

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Wednesday, January 25, 2017


A Heart Resolved

Our Gen, for Gennifer, had
one defining characteristic.

She marched. For Feminism mostly,
but she needed no persuasion to
go anywhere and march for other

She burned with conscience!

"You could ultimately win, Gen! Over!
What would you do then?"

"Somewhere they're not winning.
The opposite."

So, she’ll die at one of these events.

Massive, as against this threat of
a president. Or ragtag somewhere.

She feels even more alive at the latter--

if that's possible.

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Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Q&A, Small Bore

-How long we go out that first time?

-Seven, ten months.

-So much better now. Ready! We were such
Selfish Pigs! You agree about us now, yes?


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Monday, January 23, 2017



-That kind of leader leads by indirection.

-What the fuck good is that? Passive-
Aggressive? Isn’t that what it’s called?

-An Art Truly! Not a psychological syndrome.

-So is its brother, Bullshit!

-You go too far!

-Somebody has to!

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Sunday, January 22, 2017


Two Painters

-I shoot for a concept right away.

-Because you can’t draw?


-Lack of talent is the best shortcut.

-Would you say that such lack tends
to abstraction too?

-In your case, yes.

-Not necessarily bad, though.

-Are we judging on results?

-Jury always out and never returns.

-You vaguely posit one very slippery universe.

-There’s another?

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Saturday, January 21, 2017


Bureaucracy Oy!

-Your Prostate Claim refused
because you're Female.

-Not last time I looked.

-Oh? Then I'll put you down as
Claims Male.

-Do that!

-However, we have a route for 

immediate payment.

-Better yet!

-The Cralzer-Demsel Index of
Sexuality. You have CDI of 61.
That's male enough for payment.

-But I'll still be Female in your records?

-No action and you'll revert to Male.

-No Action is my middle name!

-We still have one piece of business, however.
You'll be using your CDI as a BC.


-Bureaucratic Convenience, while your original maleness gets settled.

-I don't know...

-Got the stamp right here. BC!

-Okay, use it.


-Wow! You are one loud stamper!

-Known for it!

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Friday, January 20, 2017


Two Citizens

-Do you have the time?

-For what? Of course not!

-Of day, I mean?

-Irrelevant to the task.

-How does it feel to always obey?


-No shortage of awards.

-I trip over them on my way to further Glory!

-How will we ever do without you? How fiercely
you completely behave!

-Such compliments! Unlike you.

-We also serve who only see the bullshit.

-Oh? And does it make the world go round?


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Thursday, January 19, 2017


They made a desert and called it...whatever


Russian and Syrian bombings have destroyed  etc

"the most savage week"

100,000 children play in barrel bomb craters

make paper models of dead friends

What’s it like to make dead friends from paper?

Do you make them larger
as you grow
or not?

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017


“Team Concept

gone bananas!”

Exploded his leader, Marty Robb.

In partial explanation of transferring
Retzy to another plant of another
company in a part of town where
everyone muttered.

And the buildings the color of rancid

Stephanie joined the Marriage Team
there, a step guaranteed to lead
to divorce.

Retzy attempted to hook up very quickly 

to the Retirement Team.

But was fired first, entirely without
benefits. Or explanation.

"You were a good team player for me,"
shrugged Marty.

At the delayed party for his leaving.

People chipped in when the hat passed.

The New Unemployment Law charging
the recipient.

The State collecting instead.

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


Desiring Toast

Rex couldn't get warm
in the new house.

He brought back the
heating engineers, and
they assured him that
the system was almost
double what was needed.

An old aunt contributed
her heavy quilt depicting
World's Fair scenes.

Bundled in this, he met his
medical team in the steaming

They ruled out this and that
disease, and came up with nothing.

His girlfriend could've helped, but
she was doing the final sales push
for Delphinium Acres, staring
at 490,000.

Finally, Chuckie Blitiz, the absolute
joker in everything, seriously showed
him the ad that frigid evening.

Enjoys sex with wild abandon! Sustained.

A certain Rosa Destiny.

Well, pondered Rex. In the name of Therapy...

The Sustained did it.

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Monday, January 16, 2017


Feeling Around Invention

Jersey Guy had to extinguish some
fires in Albany, so missed
out when the gang invented
the planet of Mariskosay.

So the in-jokes flew by him later,
and nobody seemed inclined
to fill him in.

Enter Laurel, who thought him
intriguing, and the gang asinine.

Laurel, he told her, was his
planet now!

And this lasted a while,
mutual infatuation.

Then, rather than cooling,
it deepened, so that the
two of them thoughtfully
assembled the planet of Runce-o-fel.

Most of Laurel’s women's bowling
team came immediately onboard,
feeling that Mariskosay had
become sexist.

And had run out of ideas generally.

“Stale, stale, stale!” Laurel sneered.

But Jersey Guy still didn’t want to hurt anyone.

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Sunday, January 15, 2017


Styles of Leaving

Lisa-Lil has stopped leaving me in the old way.

Thus blocking the fierce fights when she returns.

Now, she goes to her sister’s, and they do each
others hair and nails. And gossip about old
times and new.

Gone are the bums she once fled with.

You can sustain a relationship like this.

It’s just that healthy things take a bit of time
working out.

I...think that what it’s just.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017


Contemplating Ends in Jerome Falls

-Well, one week of Mohnaritin
and nary a thought of suicide.

-Lucky you. I have them hourly.
And my Jeanette!


-You know her well.

-Her fantasies...

-could be lousy movies!

-At...any rate, uh...

-Whole town's on Mohnaritin!

-You exaggerate?

-Oh? All my bakery route guys
and their wives. And at the
auto spring factory, they're
practically arrayed in candy dishes
all around the plant!

-All this to keep from going crazy?

-Or being the same. Jury out.

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Friday, January 13, 2017


Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Institution

-What was it like when the Religious Founders came?

-Same. Just hadda order up more whores is all.

-That's a strain in American Life, isn't it?

-In. To.

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Thursday, January 12, 2017


Cabinet of Billionaires

-Now each can get a hand
in the public till!

-Already one in your pocket,
and another in mine.

-That’d be three hands.

-No limit!

-Who was that? Hydra?

-Piker! But it’s all HEADS.

-Ganesha then!

-Stop getting educated! Enough!

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Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Serving Each Other On Appletree Lane

Delilah Stebbins loved hearing her
morning bird sing.

Distant, but lovely.

She listened to birds on the net,
but never could identify the species.

“You always wanna find out too much!”
remarked her mother.

Since his accident on the railroad,
Bill Hye couldn’t sleep but a few hours.

His "hobby" consisted of a 6 AM rub of
a wet cork on a glass.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Hers is the world and all that’s in it


Our Shellzy got a number.

DF, or Defunct Professor, claims
that she's already famous, but
this should do it.

The number is expressed in a
formula few can begin to grasp.

Last week she went to Princeton,
and people flew in from Japan.

All this for one unexpected property
her number seems to have. Or not.

It's, of course, so incredibly large
that you'd think all kinds of elements
in there.

She's taking a break from it, down
to Cocoa Beach to help her sister prepare
children for new schools.

Her health will depart if she doesn't
shoulder different things.

But, once that's done, a visit to Florida
Tech in Melbourne, their largest computer.

After, a few anointed NASA people wish
to chat.

Ben, our Ben, who struggles with the figures
in his bank statement, desperately wants us
to retain her womanly properties.

But DF shrugs that we lost her long ago.

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Monday, January 09, 2017


The Reinvention of the Wheel Goes Not At All

-When I finally got up to the front of the
line, a Sears' lady gave me a shirt and
their apologies. Hokie Kennedy, the hockey
guy? Last line they introduced.

-Capitalism's last slap-shot to your balls!

-Not quite. I'll be able to use the old Sears
card in Dillards, Kohls, and...one other.

-Thus does the despised system prosper in
adversity. Like a huge bag of shit you punch
to exhaustion!

-I've stopped. Shoulders tired, arms tired,
the whole works ready for a gin and tonic!

-You're done!

-Just about! Why am I happy?

-That's the whole goal! Make you just nuts

-Look! Karl Freakin Marx, I got a shirt!
Every system tends towards Tyranny!
Government the very worst! I go with the
one gives me a shirt!

-Slave! Slave mentality.

-Oh Massa! Buy Old George a tie, now, for


-Would you like my autograph?

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Sunday, January 08, 2017


Mayhem Academy

I started with harmless jokes
but the Faculty became restless.

So, offered generalities that
glittered a bit.

Finally "Quantify!" screamed they.

I signaled the projectors, and figures
and graphics sped by, which I tried
qualifying even before they shouted
to do just that!

But it all equaled mess.

The faculty stared fighting each
other, fists with the men, and
severely cutting remarks from
the women. 

Though one, Professor Marline Rupp, 
smashing a chair over the hammy back 
of Doctor Hester Giggons.

My Introducer, Hanley  E. Destry, sped
back to the podium to attempt imposing

Finally crying in joy. "Knowledge
is so wonderful! Such a divine process!
We are blessed with this mayhem!"

I had doubts, but agreed strenuously.

Or he'd block my degree.

Sex occurred in the front row, and most
stopped to watch on the monitors.


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Saturday, January 07, 2017


Larger Questions

-What the hell IS today?


-All day long I’m thinking it’s Tuesday,

-You need to get married again!

-So Wifey can spit It’s Wednesday you
totally stupid fuck! ?

-Should...you choose that type again, well...

-There’s a choice?

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Friday, January 06, 2017


Framing Time, Breakfast.

-Fell asleep just
as Quint bit
in half.

-Or whatever.

-Only saw the half


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Thursday, January 05, 2017


Down Memory Line

-What was that we sniffed, anyway?


-Then bullshitted each others
ears off with our “Highs!"

-When I became an Adult, I put
aside such...

-Did you now?

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Wednesday, January 04, 2017


Father and Husband

-Like the Sheik of Araby, into her tent he creeps.

-The creep! Anyway, they didn’t DO it, did they?

-Grow up, Mark! Your daughter is an adult woman! Not a Sticky-handed little girl!

-I blame you!

-Join the parade.

-Sticky! Oh my God!

-You’re getting sick over it! Or sick-ER. God help you!

-No one does!

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Tuesday, January 03, 2017


Yes and No

Woodrow determined to be nice.

A winning strategy.

For the most part.

Many friends dropped out, though.

Most of those with little effect on them.

But some few stuck with him, and the ills that niceness can inflict.

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Monday, January 02, 2017


The Disease

Cal B acquired a mysterioso
disease. Various syndrome
labels were attached to it,
but the blood tests, and
numerous other tests, showed
nothing. Again and again.

He was dying. Spiritual cures

He attended one support group
meeting in a dank warehouse and

That helped...in a general sense.

The inevitable keeps edging close.

A Specialist flown in.

He likes the nightlife.

No surprise to anyone: the World
is moving on.

And doesn't wave as it passes.

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