Friday, March 31, 2017


The Cold or Whatever

Jack and Orkey

-You have one of those
symptomless colds that're
going around.

-Isn't feeling completely
awful a symptom?

-Uh? Could you refine things?

-I've developed a thoroughly
lousy relationship with my body!


-Should I layer numbers in there
to enforce the pseudo accuracy
of today? Spread-Sheet anybody?

-Add cranky at any rate? Not necessary.
Lousy relationship I can understand.

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Thursday, March 30, 2017


Reorganization X

Management: This just came down!

-Every department must do some innovation!

-Or fake it?

-If performed well.

-And if a department does nothing but its
usual appointed task?

-Sent the way of dead entities.

-And later sold? Into Slavery?

-They should be that lucky!

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017



Man collapsed inside himself.
Kept going.

Making repair trying for surgeons

buzzing at his sure inch-
ing by. He

ended as feet. Flab-
bag leaning high

above like

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Tuesday, March 28, 2017


A Company of Dead Ends

Linda designed the infamous Form 14E, 
and turned down most efforts to fill it out.

An appointment with her then required.

A pleasant enough hour with chocolates,
in which she took one step by step.

And then accepted your effort aided by
the expert. How could she not?

Even the most obtuse sent chocolates after.

So, a sort of sweet circularity in a company
of dead ends.

Some of the younger men dated her subsequently.

How that went is anybody’s guess, but nothing
could detract from her legend.

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Monday, March 27, 2017


Dirge of the Salesman

-The women tied up the airport
with Chief Complaint Day! So I
missed my appointment with
Old Man Tompkins and his kid.

-YOUR chief complaint?

-They got me fired last time.
Said I was a drunk.

-Were you?

-Went fake AA and Chubby Carl took
me back.

-And your record since?

-More misses than hits. More hangovers
than triumphs.

-Thinnest ice?

-You get used to it.

-By the way, what is the women's Chief
Compliant anyway?

-They're working up to it.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017


Of Love, Possessed

-His arm perpetually around
my shoulder!



-Is there a way...?

-Away! Him. You. Everybody.
Every damn thing!

-What will all that solve?

-My self!

-Temporarily maybe.

-I'll fight for every minute!

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Saturday, March 25, 2017


-She punches above her weight.

-Good Lord!

-Phys Ed, Volleyball Captain.

-And he?

-Round the same size. Anyway,
both give as much as they get.


-I don't know. Their passion includes
violence. Birds of a feather.

-Passion and violence, or those two?

-The quartet.

-My advice for both? Go back to back and
then start walking and never stop.

-They wouldn't. Stubborn. Until they met 

up again on this odd sphere. Then, one 
word would lead to another...and mayhem.

-At any rate, please don't tell me they're
going to marry!

-Six months!

-Wrong for each other and the world!

-Who's to say?

-And when the babies start coming?

-They'll tone down the vicious act.

-Uh huh? And into middle age?

-Typical sweet suburban couple.

-I don't believe it!

-That's because you must start with some.

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Friday, March 24, 2017


License and Restraint

Kreps and Mickey volunteered
to get the older folks to
the neighborhood picnic.

They arranged rides by
Mickey running a program
on his phone.

That took ten minutes, and
then the men for some reason
gravitated to violent sex.

Honest relationships were in the
air at that time, so both told
Cecily and Jeanne respectively.

The women shocked, the men insisted

You'd think the shock would wear away,
but...well it might have, but the men
couldn’t keep their promise.

They have since moved in together.

Jeanne and Cecily facilitate each other.
The latter has stopped computer games,
and the former helps her to culture up instead.

Now, no more isolating and drugs, like
Emily Dickinson on Speed!

Instead, discussions re Jane Austin's novels.

Along that line, also, Cecily now goes out with
Dr Kelvin Morrisey, Brit Lit teacher.

Jeanne has become a performance artist, her group
lately taking over a neighborhood vegetable grocery
to scream feminist couplets at each other.

To the jabbering consternation of Hong and
Vera Lee, newish proprietors.

Well. Now. If the original men had restrained
themselves, two Chinese would be relatively

But! two Caucasian women have stopped
“chewing the cud.”

To use their agreed-upon description.

Employ your own cliche here. Life?
Urban Existence? Passing Parade?
Goddamn Fools?...these forms of
speech can run on much too far also.

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Thursday, March 23, 2017


The Irreverents

-This new boatload of crapheads
is chummy with the fuckin Russians!

-Why not? They’re going up the ass
of the Religious Right also.

-Cue squeals of delight!

-And lying in verses?

-But a tax break is coming! You’ll get
seventy bucks and Mr Gotrocks,
seven million.

-Injustice and Inequality!–-for all the
fancy words in the golden documents!

-This too will pass!

-Like constipation?

-Not yet. 


-This gang can't even shit straight!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017



Joey Goebbels took an ax

& gave ole Veritas
Forty whacks.

When he saw what
He had done,

Took a dump
Awaiting Trump.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Questions and Allusions in Our Age

-What’s the New Love’s name?


-Is she attached to a family also?

-Claymore. Dolores Claymore.

-That’s a land mine!

-You got THAT right!

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Monday, March 20, 2017


Example of a Man Who Didn’t Pay Off

or Amber Ways of Grim

When Clint’s retraining as a
Gelsurd Technician was finished,
he was immediately hired
by a firm refurbishing trashed
units to ship to Latvia.

That country being the only
place the game still being played.

Then, they gave up too.

Clint on Unemployment again.

The One-and-Out Plan insured
he could never again be retrained
for anything.

So he became a PU, Permanently
Unemployable, and relied on
coupons shipped from Washington.

The first two were for a store in

There he exchanged both for
a long baguette and a hunk
of pale cheese.

Unfortunately the cheese made
popping sounds on the Charity
Bus, and he was ordered to dismount.

When he removed the waxy
wrapping, he discovered
quarter size blue splotches.

So did the rats who devoured
both cheese and bread.

Marking up Clint in the process.

But not the worst day of his life,
since the gatekeeper of his
apartment block let him in
free when he saw his clawed
and bitten state.

Waiving the daily entrance cost.

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Sunday, March 19, 2017



-Old Friend!...though mostly absent...
why the long face?

-I heard you lost your wife.

-Yeah, but to domesticity, not death.
She wanted Ward Cleaver.

-Banished excitement thereby?

-To say the least. Anyway I hastily
married a rock-ribbed Puritan!


-You'd think too much, but touch her
and she sexually frenzies!

-Contradicting her usual mode?

-We pray before and after, but never

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Saturday, March 18, 2017


“Smart” Vibrator Maker Settles Snooping

Charge for $3.75 Million

Hey if the ladies
shaking up
their cunts-

y-wunzy song & scene
in hooked, newest

powerful cyber mode,
none of my business.

So long’s it doesn’t, too,
resonate my Ovaltine!

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Friday, March 17, 2017


The Weakening of the Anti-Hero

-In this New World, one must continuing striving
for NON-recognition!

-The only way to be truly noted?


-But...just a little...before I die?

-And ruin everything?

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Thursday, March 16, 2017



“They both turned
to gaze
for a moment

at the corpse. . .
It remained

laughing there
in the grass”*

Not enough given
to the comedic

of war. Dead clowns
as an example.

*Steven Crane’s words

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017


What She Sees

Dolores gone from her bed that morning.

Mac and Carol wondered about calling the police,
but had been instructed in the past to watch Milo's
Exercise City before the 7 AM news.

A banner ran across the bottom as Milo coaxed into
slow-motion stretches.


in warp don't worry-dolores.

The family proud that she was called from time
to time, though Mac and Carol puzzled as to her

"Well it's not sex!" Dolores laughed, "What you two think about!"

What could it be for a seventeen year old?

During another time: “The leader says I see things nobody else can,
but that's only there. Here I'm the average clunk. Boyfriend, stupid
music, florescent hatchet-hair, raggedy-ass clothes!”

Once, at a neighborhood meeting, Dr Abnessry, the School District
Psychologist, had passed around many pictures, one of which
featured Dolores and Rockno, the boyfriend, on his multicolored
scooter. All to convince parents that their children were “normal.”

The atmosphere was jovial and everyone laughed. The theme:
This, too, shall pass.

It does and it doesn’t.

In the meantime, Rockno did worry. Leaving messages on all
the cells.

When he came by, Carol told him she'd be back soon. Mac was
up on a ladder, cleaning the gutters. When Rockno's scooter
squealed away, he slipped a rung, his nose being scored by

Carol sprayed it with saline and dabbed Vaseline on a band-aid.
"You're good to go," she told him.

When Dolores returned, the leaves were back in the gutter and
the scratch had never occurred.

No time had lapsed since she left her bed.

Which she does now in her Shrieking Roar-Boys’ pjs and
Minnie Mouse Slippers. Breakfast.

Rockno had perceived nothing of course.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017


Segregation Forever!

Chucksy-19 in charge of all the robots and half the humans.


Higher Managers often questioned his decisions, but Chucksy
kicked in his



They really complained that no human invited to the
Robots’ Picnic!


His arm round Marianna-12 in front of fat orange sun:


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Monday, March 13, 2017


The Career

Company in cheerleading mode way back.

Before-work meetings. Lusty.

He was an intern then, and when they all
turned to him, screaming “Are you on board?”

he answered at the top of his resilient lungs.

“One hundred fifty melon percent!”

Melon for million, of course. Mis-speak.

But, Melon his name from then on.

His function has always been, from that moment,
a sort of mascot for whatever HR insanity
management promoted.

At any rate, Retirement finally arrives, and the most
senior VP almost cancels his flights for Melon’s Dinner.

But warned by Legal not to attend, because subpoenas
will ruin his good time.

Melon’s wife wisecracks that she’s ecstatic he’s almost free.

“From ingrates and crooks!”

The FBI assures him he is not a target.

They, too, didn’t take him seriously.

“Well,” he later remarks to the gray dude fashioning the bow
tie in the mirror. “It’s a Wrap!”

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Sunday, March 12, 2017



left leaning against storage door, Spudwell walked
outside to the auto accident and subsequent
screaming. Then the legalistic debate in the furnace
of a street.

Key of C-Sharp.

-So there it was! A million bucks for someone, a route
guy, a homeless, anyone, to pick off! How long...?

-Hour. A wonderful discussion! Very detailed by two
guys who’ve never been wrong. BMW versus Porsche.

-You, the billionaire nitwit jury?

-Oh well. Insured.

-And if some opportunist hooked it? How about the
sick feeling then?

-That’s hired out too.

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Saturday, March 11, 2017


An Allegory On the Banks of the Nihilism


-You’ve come the longest way.

-I get the Space Prize.


-The time prize too. I’m the oldest.

-Years ago I’m was amazed that some crustacean
would say “That must be fifty years ago! He married the Flynn girl, younger one.” Way old men and women talked back then.

-Fifty? Each one the same.

-No highs or lows?

-Not really. Irons out.

-Anyway! We hafta catch up with every one!
Last time I saw you...!

-Let’s not bother. One boring year same as
another as I say.

-Is the right corpse in the box?

-God rest her soul...but from what?

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Friday, March 10, 2017


Private Languages

Chef poured me some wine

“I like this bottle. It’s an honest bottle
for an honest wine.”

We ate and he kept saying such things. wasn’t a DIShonest bottle.

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Thursday, March 09, 2017


Deciding. Not.

The Everyday Anti-Hero

-As I see it, all your alternatives
are lousy.

-I see it the same way, or ways.

-Flip a coin?

-That. Or do nothing.

-You have vast experience in the latter.

-With pride! My best decisions have been

-Are you sure you're American? Frontier
Spirit? Can DO? Heart for every fate?

-I don't go there. It's nervous-making.

-Uh huh? Well, have we solved your little
problem?...asking with some sarcasm.

-Good as can be expected.

-How does your wife regards all this.

-Endlessly amusing.

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Wednesday, March 08, 2017


In Vain etc

Short Enough For You?

-He was killed for Yesterday.

-Our fault for not catching up!

-Easy to say, like the words from his pretty service.

-No matter. We learn to say anything.

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Tuesday, March 07, 2017


Deciding Limits

-Well! Then! The Great Decision!

-Made! Clean and clear. Measured
and thoughtful.

-How do you feel?

-Immensely relieved!

-The step before disaster.

-You're joking!


-What...more can I do?

-I always add a little prayer.

-Hocus-pocus Department?

-Just hedging the bet.

-I'll stay with rationality. Imperfect
as I am, and it, but...

-Too bad. The successful man or woman

-They’re fooling themselves.

-We're all that, I’m guessing.

-I’m through with guessing!

-You guess?

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Monday, March 06, 2017


An Old Song

Ancient, Even

The couple who threw shade
wondered why their friends
had left. But, some clue.

Decided, then, re scattering
bits of light into the tribal mix.

And they returned! So a trade 

increasing the potential

wedding guests, thereby,
alongside their character.

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Sunday, March 05, 2017


Art of the Double-Cross

-Before I met Stephanie, I was betrayed by several women.

-Well, all’s fair etc. You weren’t the purest actor either.

-Her specialty was the double-cross, and infinite
variations thereto.


-Not now. Pain forbids them from emerging.

-Boy! Did SHE do a job on you!

-Granted. Complete, abject defeat with absolutely no appeal. Slap down Ace, she laughs!

-Who’s she starting on now?

-Whilst we jam our eyes in pity, I will speak his name.

-That whilst gives it away! You’re just a literary phony, while Stephanie is the real deal.

-In spades!

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Saturday, March 04, 2017


Beside The Dark Sea in its Brood or Rush

She reopened the cottage after
her stay in the States with
the children.

Skyped her "Good Scrub" to them,
and then showed off her baking.

She didn't tell them, but she spoke
to him as she increased the fire
of an evening.

“Well, Wild Heart! Like the wind
out there. And myself not a bit
changed either. A pair indeed!”

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Friday, March 03, 2017


Annals of Daily Wear

I remember everyone beautifully dressed.

The uniforms exquisitely tailored.

Even the Jew when he left his apartment
and we screamed JEW!

had a carefully-
ironed suit.

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Thursday, March 02, 2017


Christian Humor


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Wednesday, March 01, 2017


Many Awards

Enough was enough!

Mel told his Calendar Robot to
cancel all Tuesday’s appointments
and move them.

Done! With the exception of Tony’s
Italian Market.

There Mel himself had to phone,
repeating last week’s order.

But...didn’t sit right with Tony,
who liked to talk about things,
all things. The order a sidelight.

Certainly not to hear customers
nervously repeating themselves!

Somehow, his personality triggered
Mel’s original robot reinstating all
Tuesday’s appointments.

With the motto:

Days off are the Devil’s Playground

Mel had to confess his failure to
girlfriend Dorothea.

“Well I tried! 
The Disney One-Day Super Whamzoo will hafta wait.”

“Wait? What slaves best at!”

She overstated, and has been warned.
But she persisted.

LuAnn appointed new girlfriend, coming
with many awards.

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