Wednesday, May 31, 2017


Evolved Depiction

Death not the dude in
dark robe and sandals,
extruding scythe.

But a shapeless immensity
of appointment cards.

I’m invited to crawl
over it, looking for mine.

No go this time.

So attend the rave
our gang puts on.
All us retards!

Minus a couple of names.

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Tuesday, May 30, 2017


White Passport.

"I hold the White Passport.
Alien, with a few plug-in

Your government has issued me
Ohnga, another White Passporter.

She, too, must have sex daily.
Turns into suicidal jelly without.

I merely babble till death!

So, we help each other.

Relationship? Would be nice, but
not a priority.

Now! Equally important...well almost.
Could you double the conversation
quota tomorrow? I learn so much from
your just talking!

My three memory sites are buzzing
warmly at the moment."

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Monday, May 29, 2017



After the painful duck mishap, the Hennesy Twins, Andrea and Angelica, couldn’t stop screaming--and they were mere spectators.

Everybody in the car was fine, though shaken.
Grandpa claimed operatic discomfort while exiting, 
but forgot it when the state trooper showed.

Cpl Nethers sent for a Duck Translator.
Few, of course, so we’re lucky to have
Dr Bensural from the University.

The Mother who led the scraggly procession
first thanked the twins, some of their crying
being duck words.

She apologized to the rest for the jiving 
duckling who got hit, but was okay, and 
hoped he had learned something.

Then Dr Bensural made a wry face,
but waved off our questions until
the duck procession resumed.

“She said she never knows how to act
towards those who might eat her on
another occasion.”

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Sunday, May 28, 2017


Producer Afire

 -No more this or that number of episodes by contract. Churn ‘em out! You churn, I pay! Simple!

-I’ll run outa people. And plots.

-What plots? Protagonist loses ALL THE TIME!

-Writers want him rarely win.

-Never! Didn’t Lucy always pull the football away so CHARLIE BROWN KICKS AT NADA AND GOES ON HIS ASS?

-Always. can exhaust your actors too!

-Plug in lookalikes!

-Even for our anti-hero?


-I get the gist. All the gists. Great wealth and artistic suicide!

-KEEP FUCKIN SPENDING! Better than sex.

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Saturday, May 27, 2017



never found after Hurricane Roxanne.

-Swept Out to Sea Theory?

-But two Madeline Ochs were found! Alive! Identical!

-Had he transformed to the one?

-Up for tenure, so I sat on it.

-Now with anti-science repubs in, of course anti-
tenure altogether!

-Profoundly stupid!

-So? Politics preventing this beyond-important story?

-Is the Pope a Catholic?

-Some women-hating Cardinals dispute even that!

-Oh well, even in acidly disputatious times, the beer remains good!

-Mac-Madeline should pull up his-her skirt and sit down for a schooner!

-Got no problem with that!

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Friday, May 26, 2017


The Joe Mengele Low-Down Natural-Death Blues

How morally comforting to know a   
South American nation welcomes you,

The Church acting as Travel Agent.

Of course, if  you're a Boom-Boom
Master Techie, the Enemy awaits
with open arms!

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Thursday, May 25, 2017



 -Is all of life a preparation for
going mad at the end of it?

-Provides the subject matter.

-Knew it was for something.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017


The Republican Cargo Cult

met again singing

There will be foie gras in the sky
by and by.

Joined by yahoos from other islands
who swam over, losing their pants
in the passage.

And in no hurry to replace them.

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017


His Teaching Career, Spanned

 by “Introduce Yourself” paragraphs

          Wender College

September 4, 1987

Hi, I’m Cindy, but my Mom
calls me Cindy-Lou, which
I prefer.


September 6, 2017

First, I was born into the Whore Caste,
aka Women...

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Monday, May 22, 2017



You crawl low,
I crawl lower.”

“Is there a lowest?”

“I don’t think so, but Life

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Sunday, May 21, 2017


Sometimes I’m the Bad Boy

Unless I pout the whole concert.
Then I’m the Bad Girl!

A few too many insults coming back
over the footlights once, I pulled
my pants down.

Never do that in Louisiana.

Careful, even, when home there!

The lawyers got the fine tripled
instead of jail time. With the
excuse of First Amendment
Art Form
or some such shit!

We’ve been at it so long,
critics say I can’t sing.

Never could. Our publicity
says guttural, down-home,

Uh huh? With the hint under that
pipedream that the drugs ruined it.

RAVAGED! My oh my!

Hey! All the talk lately is worse
than our performances!

Our Brit says we’ve stayed too
long at the fair.

Hey! It’s a money machine!

With lights yet!

Not as efficient lately, but
still one.

I roll off the floor and do it.

You know, like roll off the bed?

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Saturday, May 20, 2017


Weaponizing Food

The menus have dropped
from aircraft and missiles.

And flooded our personal

Apparently we're to learn
how to cook their slop?

Eat it too? Not unless forced.
It's a death sentence.

Some are taking language
classes already. They have a
language as do we, but theirs
being graced by gastric means

They say things with stomach rumbles
and farts and long belches.

Plus, punctuate ordinary discourse
thusly too.

And our air was bad BEFORE the war!

Oh well, this too will pass.

(In egregious times, egregious puns!)

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Friday, May 19, 2017


“The Two-Plate Solution”

meant something, saved firm, but we
sold off thereafter.

And used it as metaphor etc in the new
business on the order of “We need a
Two-Plate Solution here!”

Partner dies and I give elegy etc.
and go into it in detail. How it

rescued us once. How important
is is to remember such things.

On the way back, for some reason
I recall the story of the Mitsu guy
who died, last word: “Mitsubishi!”

There follows an immense sadness
in me for weeks after.

Finally lets go it does.

“For you, too late for golf,” wife wisecracks.

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Thursday, May 18, 2017


Making Faces

Britsy had a full dozen, but Finn but one
really. That is, he was a lousy actor.

Well, anyway, they based their recent
life on Dr Kildad Morrisey’s Why Not Now?

A tome encouraging one to develop
faces for situations.

As a matter of fact, or face, her latest
was the "Why Not Now?"

When she put that one on in an argument,
it carried the day, and they cleaned both
apartments, as an example.

And lately brushed up her late aunt’s,
the original Britsy. Long shuttered in
a family dispute.

In preparation for their moving there.

Practical in that it was downtown, near
work, and they could jettison the cars.

And the historical society would take all
the crap off their hands since Old Britsy
had been a war bride, and cabaret singer.

New Britsy had to buy out her two sisters.

But forced on her No Problem Face.

Now to him, Finn. Of the one face. He knew
he was being rushed into things and would
soon be living with her as more or less
husband and wife.

His shrug wasn’t in any book, but expressed
as well as one of her faces what Frost
was getting at in
The Oven Bird, the little
feister who sings at the very end of Summer.

“What to make of a diminished thing?”

The both of them were diminished things
and doing their best, though she had
more faces of course.

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Wednesday, May 17, 2017


French Court, DC

-Trump does everything by Divine Right!

-Oh yeah? If bullshit were electricity...!

-Which Louie WAS dat, anywayz?

-ALL the fuckin Louies!

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Tuesday, May 16, 2017


“The Committee on Women”

All Republican Males.

Women testify though.


In warm, Family

& Hand-Patting,



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Monday, May 15, 2017


The Broken Heart Commission

started issuing Certificates
of Proportional Guilt.

Most couples: 60-40. The villain
in the 60.

Hector and Louisa, though, he got
98, she 2. A snake!

Many tilt the other way, the female
as the guiltier party.

The Law says the worst of these now must
come with printed warnings!

Making them more alluring to many males--

some can't learn, though that's no business
of the commission.

The aforementioned Hector has also broken
male hearts. Considered next year when
Same Sex Breakups enter the regulations.

Why is is that Bi-s seem even nastier?

Too profound a question to be settled by
mere Law.

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Sunday, May 14, 2017


Beautiful but...

Our Beatz was a vibrant
teen, electric!

Quieted down to a
breathtaking beauty.

Married twice to Mega Loadeds!

Entered that percentage
after second divorce.

Lives in Boca. Twenty room
penthouse. She owns the

Runs a charity. Unpaid.
Looks tremendous!

Many would kill to be
invited to her parties
for the cause.

“Countess Beatrice” in
the local columns.

An all-round guy is always
there. Chauffer, masseuse.
Uh huh?

Oh! I never told you how
dumb she was. How naive!
Some cute stories there.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017


The Crazy Woman

-They're all going  to work here!

-Me too.

-That's awful!

-Can be.

-I helped Loretta and
the children, but they
all forget!

-What can you do?

-Over there the TV came.
A man said he was a woman.

-Time marches on.

-Can you help? I...

-Gotta work.

-I helped Loretta and...

-Good for you and good for
everybody! But I gotta go to...

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Friday, May 12, 2017


Trump Republican

Hey! We INVENTED Ratfucking! Grand Old Procedure.

Class of the World!

Hadda collude with Ruskies?



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Thursday, May 11, 2017


Her Existential View

-This one substitute teacher come into the night school wouldn’t shut up about freakin existentialism!

-Get anything?

-Three things: Pair of  honchos full of shit! Sarts
and K. Moose.

-That’s two.

-Third is thing itself! Just as full of shit!

-Don’t you think everything is?

-So far.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2017


In Another Country?

When the new party took
over, they smeared

the outside windows
with shit.

Exuding, they so in-
sisted, perfume.

More snide moments
followed for contrast.
Being a Movement.

Won’t last, a bitch,
but many will get rich
from dancing

fear. Words do, though.
Scholars exist

by  parsing them
in handy nooks.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2017



photo flaunting
whack of Obamacare

(final implied middle finger to).

Scores of leering white males.
(Proof they’re not dead?)
Lost in there,

the back of one woman’s

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Monday, May 08, 2017


Had Begun He

Lorghnetta possessed elegance.

Her boyfriends, unfortunately, not.

So, she suffered, before Harrison.

He was different, and studied tea

"Manners everything!" they both agreed.

Yet the relationship was normal in that
tensions dug in imperiously at times.

At such, she worked on her complexion,
and he flitted about their condo in his
male kimono. Given him, claimed he,
by Takishi!

Anyway, nothing important was ever
resolved, and yet they seemed happy.

Her girlfriends puzzled about his airy
quality, how, frankly, mincing ways,
too, could translate in the bedroom.

But she told them not to worry.

And smiled her Mona Lisa.

She could never find the refinement
in language to cast "Hung like a bull!"

Well, you never couldn’t tell much
of anything, ever, by looking.

And he managed to scan "mad woman
afire ‘tween the sheets" but softer,
embedded in a lovely, measured
form at a meeting of The Fall River

Silk sheets, of course.

        above Love...”

had begun he.

Too freely, he knows, but a work in progress.

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Sunday, May 07, 2017


The direst form of ignorance and stupidity is feigned charm.

Take LL, and many have tried.

She leaves men more destroyed
than Aleppo.

No one talks after.

You'd think they'd warn, as a
service to humanity.

Thus goes on she to another victim.

And all the victims are smart and
worldly. Go figure.

Oh well, the bright tacks are the
softest marks in the game.

As TS Eliot said...or was that George?

Never mind!

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Saturday, May 06, 2017



X from teen camp reports trying
events in a failing argot;
miles off, a Y trifling

with suicide--speaking recently,
though, quite intent. Both these

states hazardous, but
actually, X mocks
everything  presently

as mere  “language.“
So does she,

but won’t say it.
He lives to play

violent games
on his computer.

Our Faith to believe
he’s murdering  
the instant

she rocks
herself, nam-
ing old dolls.

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Friday, May 05, 2017



-I almost relished the atrocious material!

-Given THAT turkey, say they, the sonofabitch can really act?

-A script my international film career followed explicitly.

-Well, you’re distinguished! But no one says that,
because of all the bad shows.

-They do in the theater. Feel it across the footlights! to speak.

-What’s up there?

-Just did Lear, Claremont Experimental.

-Wow! Interesting!

-You’d think, but...more bad luck with Typhoon Inez for opening.


-Producers threw in the sponge.

-Hafta be humongous one for typhoon.

-Such a bad joke! But probably called for.

-Sorry. But one and done for Lear?

-Not completely. Cast got it on their phones.

-Quite a juggling act! You come offstage and quick grab your phone?

-No need, they’re in the script.

-Uh?...what sound a modern turkey make?

-I’ll put it on Speaker.

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Thursday, May 04, 2017


To the tune of Midnight in the Filthy Armory

Got the Representational Blues

No news
but that

Rich ante up
as dealer breaks

out the fresh-
ly stacked decks.

Rich man can travel
anywhere. Rules the same.

Repubs take great pride
in the game.

Dems ashamed. Hide
after selling out
in a rout. They

get the Representational Blues,

no news
but that

most learn to ante up
as the dealer breaks

out the fresh-
ly stacked decks.

Rich man can travel
anywhere. Rules the same.

Repubs take great pride
in the game.

Dems ashamed.

Rest of us just lose and lose,
playing the old
representational blues.

Rest of us just lose and lose,
playing the old
representational blues.

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Wednesday, May 03, 2017


Princess is a bookie

Small time. Prins.

She passes on any big action
to her boyfriend, Harnaby.


They don't gamble themselves,
except for a very occasional
hunch of Prins. College basketball,
her specialty.

Then he laughingly adds to her bet
and places it in Vegas.

It's a sucker plunge and they know
better, but occasionally pays off!

Whereupon they spend it all on a jaunt

Act like tourists!

Over the years, they've made friends with
Marlesy and Ruth-Ellen, showgirls.

This time in, all have gotten tickets to
a touring Italian Opera Company.

Marlesy later prints out the arias in her own
phonetics, which they sing to each other with
great drama. Even Harn pitches in.

Naturally, the other women are frequently moved
to dance also.

Willowy and graceful, whereas Princess limps.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2017


Thinning the Herd

Children exempted, of course.

And beautiful ladies.

The rest, Fair Game.

(Except, Gentleman's Agreement:
old folks, who offer no real sport
because of their pokiness.)

Only one “Bounty” available.

The Ceaselessly Complaining Woman
can be offed for a not too small

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Monday, May 01, 2017


What God has…

-I don’t know why we Republicans try to disguise
Trickle Down.

-It IS a coherent theory.

-Can even show isolated cases where it’s working!

-Why disguise it with the claim it's primarily for the little people?

-Such populism might help a few plutocrats sleep.

-Ah the lovely little people!

-When they know their place.


-Or Naturally Rhythmic for the truly despised!

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