Wednesday, January 24, 2018


Love and War

Gen and Austin pride
themselves on their

Agreeing that two

don't make
a true crazy.

But Gen has begun wondering
if they do.

Their last quarrel escalated
so, and the sex after was
rushed and awful.

Finally, Austin makes the
case for their sanity as
both refuse to die for the
“cause” in a war with

the dogpatch nation who insulted
our Executive and Congress.

Patriotism reputed to be
the last refuge of the scoundrel,

but our two
meretricious branches
cycling well past.

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Sunday, January 21, 2018


The Woman Who Regulated Her Passions

-And was reduced thereby to an animal
scraping out sexual crusts from filth?

-Not a bit of it. Stayed in control.

-Crap! Where’s the story there?

-That’s the beauty of it! There is none.

-You’re such a bore!

-Just by presenting life to you?

-I don’t want life. I want horny housewives.
Of Dallas, St Paul, Omaha. Life is shit!

-Nothing beats horny housewives for 

TOTAL shit!

-You find the league you like to bat in, you
remain with the team.

-I can do self-disgust on my own.

-Be my guest!

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Saturday, January 20, 2018


Not for Her an Interminably Dying Swan

Jenn-Annie found everything to be new!

This attitude, or lack thereof, she
brought to her secondary roles as
a dancer.

Her boyfriend, Hector, was a static
Conservative, who humored her.

As he does now when they've married.

He is the present Treasury Secretary.

Every penny spent...well the party
sees that a lot fewer of them ARE!

For frivolous social programs,
or her ballet company.

She carries on, laughing.

The new Prime Minister once attempted
to rape her as she minced though a
dark short cut in back of the theater.

She struck him with a brick his white
chest still maintains the imprint of.

She never recognized him.

He's a prude now, of course, and
viscerally dislikes the sexiness she
brings to some roles.

To the dance critics who despise him
reflexively she is one of the few breaths 

of fresh air left in the company.

The younger dancers find her silly.

What they love most is kissing ass in
the tyranny. Adore, actually.

It's always an art in great repute.

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Friday, January 19, 2018


-The Good Man met a Good Woman.

-And happily ever after etc?

-Not really. If ever.


-Yeah, she left with a Bad Man.

-Humiliation preferable to her, evidently.

-Can’t get enough.

-The Good Man, then?

-Lives with Randy now.

-Appropriately named?

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Thursday, January 18, 2018


The Man Who Worked a Perfect

Piece of Four

Never been done!

And nobody knew or cared.

How could they, since he started Monday,
finished the preceding Tuesday?

Thus he ended before he began-–but that’s
too flip to say. We always look for something
like that.

At any rate, he forever picks out ways that
no other human can relate to.

We make our choices in Heaven and Earth!

The best of us never whining about inevitable

And loneliness.

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Wednesday, January 17, 2018



-Both Parties dance to the beat of Billionaires.


-Not really. GOP slip-slides in its own bullshit.

-Dems don’t?

-Nah, they danced off the floor and into the grimy corridor.
Still trying Twist Moves to Jitterbug rhythms. Pitiful!

-The Grandees stay back in the ballroom with
The Lovely Waltz?

-Emphatically! They need the leisure to figure out how
to fuck everybody.

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Tuesday, January 16, 2018


The Final Question

Gemma added mass to any confusion.
And not just because she was a
big-boned girl.

Okay, she was supposed to bring
cookies to the retirement do for
old Schwartzy.

She heard rookies. So, came with
Decker and Delilah.

Who proved high!

It was downhill from there.

When's it uphill?

Not much at Consul Insurance.

Anyway! We keep it all straight in the
liability sector. Uh huh?

If somebody sues you, our policy
holder, look out!

Consul exists for misfits to be

All places do?

I didn’t know that! How come we
all don’t die of incompetence?
Our own and the Massive Surround?

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Monday, January 15, 2018


“Found a Peanut”

At Jump Rope,
her sweating mix

“It was Rotten.”

of twilit arms, legs,
vapored curses!

“Ate it anyway.”
Matured to
Thus far, 2

suicides in her wake,
3 leavers of organic wives,

with their organized lives.

She’s just warming up.

What done to spur such
heated outcomes?

Not much of anything.
Vital as example

of sheerest beauty,
she faintly learns

to do
as little
as possible.

Since you die anyway.

As many did last night.
And every night.

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Sunday, January 14, 2018


Her Historical-Religious View

Won’t sugarcoat. The ceremony before
the service was called “The Adulation
of the Men.”

They sauntered in, and the gals went into
some low posturing.

But, aeons ago!

In the new protocol, the women chant
“Welcome those who saved us all!

We are your Partners in Faith now!”

Equal, no? But not good enough for
my old girlfriend Dorrie!

“Nothing has changed!”  

Spitting, her!

Unfortunately, she has left the Faith,
taking--would you believe?--her mother
and father!

A brother and sister remain. As shining,
if not shimmering, examples!

Light! Profound Light!

Anyway...that FAMILY! What can you say?

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Saturday, January 13, 2018


Informing the Intellectual

-I met Chuppie in my post-Midnight insomnia
ramble last week.

-Yeah, he continues to search for the dog he
lost twenty-five years ago.

-Wouldn't it be dead by now?

-One might guess.

-Well, then…?

-He’s really looking for the Universal Dog.

-What’s that?

-Don’t know. Just made it up.

-May I look for it?

-Cost you dollar a pop!

-Must you be the brilliant American
in everything?

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Friday, January 12, 2018


The directive clear:

Do not dream of yellow flowers!

She didn’t know if it was the
unredeemable rebel in her,
but, sure enough, that very
first evening...

And at the end of the week,
there she was on the famous bus.

Where everyone cautioned–-
in code–-exactly what to answer
the examiners.

Oh well, not a care, since this
government was toppling due to
terminal absurdity.

It did. While she waited her turn.

So instead of answering a supremely-
stupid time-serving psychologist,
she drew the very warm and funny
Carl, who remained in silly and
mismatched uniform.

Insisting on tea and telling jokes.

She hadn’t laughed in so long.

Really laughed, not bitter-edged.

When Carl shook her hand, the return
bus waiting, she still had to linger.

And linger. “I’m not letting you go!”

“Same here!” answered he.

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Thursday, January 11, 2018


All For Love

-But during all the awfulness,
you still loved her, right?

-Let’s get this straight, like,
immediately! Everybody
loves everybody else in
the midst of the shitstorm!

-Why you getting angry?

-Love. Love makes me angry!

-That’s perverse.

-Thank God you’ve NAILED it!
Allows me to breathe again.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2018


How Tragedy Is Defined in Advanced Societies

Kit, First Rate,
working for a Second
Rate Company

producing Third Rate Products
in a Fourth Rate City 

of a Fifth Rate State.
Marries a Sixth Rater,

and they move to a Seventh Rate Suburb.

Can this go on?

Exploded when reaching Twentieth Rate.


Oh yes! After all, how long can immunity last?

Doing well considering such a descent, but will

never get back to First.

Maybe Third?

Thirds are much beloved!

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Tuesday, January 09, 2018



The half-baked

loved a half-assed

Her other half
arrived via Fed Ex.

Do it yourself with 


She left.

She was always leaving,

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Monday, January 08, 2018



They set out snares
amid the symbols,

and all but the high-
hats cared. After,

I forget my glasses!
Like a piece of you
omitted in confusion.

Well a kind someone reaches
my cell, and I go briefly

back. You relive something
different over any return.

What seems gone being
restored, of course. But
more than what’s discovered.

Why you make up
in love

of Hope.

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Tuesday, January 02, 2018


Two Characters

in search of a  Character.

-Every institution makes you lie.


-Fortunately not.
Sometimes you can

-Insist on TRUTH!

-Unless you’ve lost it.

-So so many transactions ago!

(next  post Mon.)

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Monday, January 01, 2018



-I couldn’t get my mind off it, but then I did!

-Off of what?

-I forgot.

--Just as well. Remembering overrated.

--How so?

-You get cluttered up.

-I get completely cluttered sometimes.

--What do you do?

-Start forgetting.

-That pendulum can swing too far.

-Then you must resist
the Deeee-MENT-


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