Saturday, March 31, 2018


Bus Fragment

-GAME? I’m speaking GENUINE HERE!

-No pretending? Or over-sensitivity?

-Nobody’s a saint.

-I’m awaiting Canonization. What can I wear?

-Knowing you, some Flapper Outfit outa the trash!

-I enjoy being a girl!

-All that chest hair!

Friday, March 30, 2018


The man who decided to do it anyway

of us,

who had gotten,
you see,
his Irish up.

He won’t change
for hottest spite


Though outward signs
of Yankee normality

prevail, dreams rip
our usual hands,

but not his.
And he laughs.

A fair disaster
and so he laughs!

Like life’s
a sale where

you buy your
own wind.

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Thursday, March 29, 2018



Max quit his gallery and signed with
a brand new one, which would debut
with him, and with a groundbreaking
show of what Time already hailed as

The night before opening, stolen, every

State of the Art Security, uh huh?

Captain Ossing, heading the Art Theft
Squad: “Pros altogether! What can I
tell you now?”

As all such cleverness does, it eventually faded from the
news as leads exhausted.

Hottest Rumor, bought by a Swiss who
displays them to crooked international friends.

Anyway, Max and the gallery did okay on the insurance.

All law enforcement still amazed at the brilliance of the job!

The latest Hollywood blockbuster reveals a woman behind it, but, of course, that couldn’t be.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Ultimate Question

Kevin’s Essay

Only when impossible situations arise
among and between adults, do I ask
myself the ultimate question:

How best to lie?

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Tuesday, March 27, 2018



When Murphy Carker couldn’t

sleep, he instituted a rule.

These rules covered personal
and moral conduct mostly, but
some were financial.

Each forgotten upon awakening,
though a residue of calm remained.

Until it didn’t. He remembered one.

Now his life is chaos! Remembers
others, some in quite surreal form.

“I’m going nuts,” he confides in
Accountant Jerry.

“No you’re not. Clarity is hard.
Nobody ever achieved it easily.
Certainly not unconsciously!”

“You’re full of shit!” he informed
him, feeling it the first step back.

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Monday, March 26, 2018


Friends Diagnose

-Heard  you went Altzy.

-Almost. Very short episode, which
straightened itself around. Some
little confusion and forgetting.

-Welcome to the club!

-But I’m good to go now! Just
gotta write more things down.

-There goes your charm!

-Uh huh? Based as it is on
the half-assed?

-Tough area to claim accomplishment
in, since it’s crowded by the rest
of us.

-Anyway, Doc insisted on Brain Scan,
which showed nothing!

-Too bad. You’d like to see evidence
you have one.

-I’ve always wondered.

-Well I can attest I’ve seen it
operating these many years!

-Thank you! You’re lifting me up!

-What IS your name, anyway?

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Sunday, March 25, 2018


The Theology Surround

-These babies look all cute, but they’re

as stinky as their poop!

-Original Sin! That’s a tough one!

-Just gotta be baptized. Not a biggie!
Give the priest a few bucks.

-How bout the Muslemmo ones?

-In blackest sin forever!

-That’s just too hard for a little baby!

-Uh huh? But if everybody acts like a fairy, where do we get?

-Hey! Thinking all about it gets too fancy.
The Eagles won the Super Bowl!

-That’s complicated enough for the both of us!

-It’s like a lot of shit ideas. You laugh them off and then a century goes by and…?

-Let’s give em another century! Why the fuck not?

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Saturday, March 24, 2018



At the newer weather service,
she was never on live anymore.

Way it worked out, nothing
to do with her appearance,
which remained chipper
and pert.

She joked with her husband,
who got more and more face
time due to his great-fella

The last time in the Capital of
Blizzards, Buffalo.

The van broke down there, and
he and the crew had to endure
an extra day getting it dug out
and repaired and de-grimed.

Del met Victor then. Dropped in
at the dark cocktail lounge he
owned when she couldn’t sleep.

When Cliff had a remote in Portland,
Maine for a howling Nor'easter out of
Canada, she returned to Victor and
they discussed the poetry he had

Romance? Nonsense! Though his
terrible limp intrigued.

One of the young women got mono,
and she found herself on camera again,
together with Cliff in Nova Scotia.

When she returned to the cocktail
lounge, Victor had died!

She was asked to say something
at his memorial service the following

She worried at to the literature content
some expected, so went to the quirky
bookstore to inquire as to a suitable
tragic poem she could read.
But Jellybean Shawcross--her actual name--offered to impersonate her instead. “That dark lighting! They really don’t know what you look like!”

Del said no way!

But Jellybean challenged “Aw come
on! Faint heart na’er won Fair Lady!”

Deal struck, and Cliff stuck in
Philadelphia that hailing night
anyway. “Size of Quarters!”

Jellybean reported to her around
eleven as to the completely
successful ruse, and they couldn't
stop laughing.

The more they giggled and drank,
as the rain pounded, the more
apparent she’d stay the night.

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Friday, March 23, 2018



Meet six years after breakup.

Still wants to give her side.


In Life, we show the takes make
us look good. Not a surprise.

To the cutting room floor with
her Mother Teresa!

As I splice and project my
combination of George Patton
and St Francis of Assisi!

Could the intelligent viewer deduce
the Truth after both film versions?


Hey, Truth is a Prisoner of War!

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Thursday, March 22, 2018


Sighs the attorney

“Thirty days till Blood Week.”

“You have your instructions.”

“Ax the Unholy Seven! Clear enough.”

“Disloyal Incompetents!”

“But I’m feeling repercussions like
the pre-echo on an old LP.”

“Not your worry.”

“Will be if they sue.”

“Honey the exits!”

“Consider it done! But, speaking of
Honey, divorce final in a day!”
“I started breathing again last week.”

“And the other lady packing up.
Bit too slowly. Your termination
clause with her is solid, but her
shyster brother’s a lawyer, so
they still think they can extract
more from The Big Guy.”

“That’s allegedly me. More pounds
of flesh off this fifty year old hide,
and I become the little guy again!”

“Won’t let that happen! Why you
couldn’t afford me then! But...
I’ve got something pleasant for you.
German knockout came over to
marry senior honcho of conglomerate?

But he stroked out and is presently

She wants you! Pure and simple.
She read Business Week Profile.

And her deal is no deal. She signs
nothing, nor do you. Has her own
money, believe it or not. At any rate,
she has put my cynicism to the test!”

“Uh huh? I do believe I’ve heard similar

“I quote ‘My desire is to serve him
completely. End of story!’”

“I’ll meet her. Haven’t laughed

After two weeks, he cancelled
Blood Week.

Thus Cherchez la femme for
good things too.

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Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Inventing History

The Soft Coup

What else is new?

When the women took over
the Government, we awaited
jarring change.

Bizarre by pretending otherwise

All ran the same. Pretty much
the hoggish way the men did.

Uneasy! Where’s the buzzsaw?

President Monica Sawyel counseled
patience. Her next term would embody
the bulk of the changes.

What about now? The dirty cards in
today’s deck?

First concentration in Arts!

So many floating loafers already.

A five play cycle featuring superlative
warrior, Meldornia!

Slight problem in that she never existed?

The young women must be saved
by having something to believe in!

Yeah, a lie!

We never had one based on lies?

Not entirely.


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