Thursday, May 31, 2018


Quotes for Life

-We walk the streets of life alone!

-Uh  huh? I hope that you’re not maintaining that YOU do.  Half into a mob most of the time.


-Lucky! Nothing recommends you as a friend. Selfish, scheming. You’d showboat tragedy!

-Guilty...if I bothered watching. Jeez! Everytime I find a good quote…!

-We deny you! So sad! Called knowing somebody.

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018


Dialog Not Happening

-I’m working on three pieces.
Two are fun and the third is
vitally, almost unbearably,

-Give me a hint as to the something you see standing on third base.


-Oh come on! Why be so precious?

-It’s not that. I’ve totally forgotten it!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2018


"And I shaved my legs

(Her Largest

and most most bitter)


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Monday, May 28, 2018


Scene Simultaneous:

Sears, Merritt Island, FL,
and Willow Grove, PA

-You the man lost his wife?

-Yes! But I found a perfectly adequate
substitute in another universe.

-Do they say yes there?

-Quite often.

-Still too vague.

-Pretty much our way. The specific
ones get specifically hurt.

-So? Sail through?  (last word echoes)

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Sunday, May 27, 2018



-About that time, King Menton, the Entirely Mad, declared that henceforth his subjects could not eat!


-One and only!

-Didn’t the rich cheat?

-Grew fatter. Besides, they had all joined
The Police.

-Who had to enforce, thus had to eat for energy? Unsustainable situation! Off with MEM’s head !
-Not so fast! He signed the new decree,
then, allowing all citizens to join up!

-Thus we arrive at today’s police state!

-You arrest me or I’ll arrest you!

-But there’s no interest in pursuing the
holdouts, the hard criminals, murderers and rapists etc.

-They weed out their very worst.

-Hmmmm? Have we...reached Utopia?

-I’d say yes.

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Saturday, May 26, 2018



(Marko and Hal, Sing, Duet, mostly)

Oh it’s always fair weather
when good fellows get together.

(great Basso-Mustering then)
With a stein on the table!

(One or the other, trailing off)
And a…a...

-The task our young women hath laid upon us is challenging but achievable.

-To somehow combine this with Barbie-Warbie’s Wuppy-Buppy Cupcake Song?

-Why not just come out as Pussies?

-Why bother? Understood!

-By the public at large?


-I’m not up to all that!

-Cosmic Pussies? I hear our loins girdling!

-Where are the MEN of yesteryear?

-Looking for some frilly thing to wear!

-HOW frilly?

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Friday, May 25, 2018



When a beautiful woman guffaws it ruins her lines, and plotted sweetness.

She must therefore sacrifice calling
men on crap!

Unless she settles for the Eve Arden role.

Not bloody likely!

We’ll inform those who are a better fit.

Place for everybody.

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Thursday, May 24, 2018



-I went from Bristol Stomp to Bristol Chart!

-Clever enough. Best to stop there.

-Or from Merrie Olde to…?

-You were warned! Bristol in the song
is in Pennsylvania!

-Can’t be! Wouldn’t fit in my brilliant compendium!

-You won’t hafta rethink Chart. Knowing your erratic bowels, got that right!

-Ah the nature of what I get straight nowadays!

-Characteristics of various poops with
photos in various browns--mostly. Aesthetics is wonnerful!

-Not many songs about growing old, except the sloppy sentimental.

-The body presents most problems clearly.

-Not to say clinically.

-Too! So much that some folks opt out.

-Overdoses most common in that sad gang!

-Fight on! Courage wasted on the young anyway.

-Isn’t everything?

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Wednesday, May 23, 2018


Exit Visa

-Guys your age are corking off! More each day it seems.

-Hope when it comes it’s fast!

-Knowing you, you’ll be bellyaching loudly! But no one will listen.

-Sounds about right.

-It didn’t hafta be this way!

-Yes it did.

-You wish to die the person you…?

-Affected? Naturally!

-Has to be something more real about Death.

-He doesn’t need either of us. Is that
real enough?

-It’s lonely without THAT!  So chilling to
see we’re left only with each other.

-It’s a crap shoot!


That too.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2018



Monsieurs Andre and Anthony got
nowhere with their “Strong Woman Look,”
but Jonette loved it! A few simple minutes before
leaving the apartment of a morning, then done.

And, especially, clean! Makeup feeling
so wonderfully minimal.

She always said the same thing on
meeting them for her weekly appointment:

“Ugly Duckling Department!”

Andre always responded “No! You’re beautiful! And tres chic!”

Then Anthony in his usual tirade regarding “Stupid-a men afraid real-a woman!”

“As always, Boys, thank you!”

Her boyfriend has finally found a suit for
the wedding. “Met a tailor who didn’t
wince or shrug.”

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Monday, May 21, 2018


The Questions Change, Losing?

How do you like
your blue-eyed boy
Mr Death?

How do you like
your flim-flam man
Mr Coward?

Has he raveled
matters so far
beyond description

you dance furiously, merely
to get along?

Each life having melody
purchased to form song.

But with Artificial Intelligence,
why even bother, Dear?

It has been
taking it from here

for the longest time!
How do you like

Mr A I?

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Sunday, May 20, 2018


Fashion Analysis

-Watch the Royal Wedding?

-Switched off! Us males screwed again!

-How so?

-Chapeau Department. Only broads can
wear the batshit crazy hats!

-And they all did! From freeze-dried cunts to Good-Time Gerts!

-Such a contrast! But once they clamp one of those concoctions on their heads, they’re all converted to Instant Assholes!

-That’s where we got ‘em beat. We don’t
require no damn conversion!

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Saturday, May 19, 2018



After Gerry’s Bum of the Month
has exited--Finally!--GOS* schedules
a MEGA PIGOUT at Dunkin Donuts.

Lauren claims, though, that the assortment still hasn’t brought her to the correct farting pitch, fetches a tray of eclairs.
Our skinniest, Alica, demurs with expected drama--”Look how fat I’m getting!”

Inhales two while protesting with pinches
of sparse flesh.

Meditative Alma desires a good crap, would give anything for one.

Which news pitches Gerry from breakup
despair into a giggling fit...escalating
further when we’re shoving her back into
the car.

“Why do we need an event to have an event?” inquires Marcy-Dee--always on a natural high--as she aims the Subaru.

*Girls Oft Scorned

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Friday, May 18, 2018


"Through sepia!

I see them, hardly bizarre but really
only Ward and June Cleaver, Ozzie
and Harriet etc.

Everyone’s family odd! blah blah you say, and our friends.”

“Well, my one brother…!” I attempted to start. He all but shouted me down.

“But MINE TRIBE into seriously seriously insane direction. Pathological, criminal even.”

“Give me hint.”

“No, you must pay.”

“How much?”

“Dollar is fine. Symbolic. You’re never
actually giving it. It stays like this forever.”

(As a collector of foreign currency, I have
already put the dollar in a plastic case. )

And only if you’re very sure!”

“You’re acting! Academy Award!”

“No. You’ll never ever be the same.”

So, he told me. Whereupon, Cleo
and Mark arrived.

We went bowling, I think.

After not sleeping, I walk a few hundred feet to an area where redevelopment has repeatedly failed.

Grandiosely called “The Desert.”

Bury the dollar in its case.

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Thursday, May 17, 2018


Berlin ‘38 in Color

A buoyancy of small cars!

Too, the women afloat, liquid
under flowing dresses.

The light itself, silken.

Until two men martialed black-

goose-step past high.
Low Comedy. Menace.

These, all, though,
images merely.

Unless one allows
their assembling

or terror.

The mind,


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Wednesday, May 16, 2018



The Man Who Left


The Woman Who Stayed


Those Hanging On the Fringe


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Tuesday, May 15, 2018


Grieg Had One Lung


One lung,

One ball,
One ovary:

We survive,


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