Saturday, June 30, 2018


Two Extraordinarily Consonant Republican Advisors Bottom-line New Supreme Court Possibilities,

-No Jew.


-Or mouthy woman!

-Goes without saying.


-Looking for lisped opinions?

-No more fun. We got our guy!

-Knows his law, does he?

-Just enough to do what the fuck
he’s told!

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Friday, June 29, 2018



returning the screwing after last
Supreme Court Appointment stolen?


Tweedy Professors can't fight…

already balancing mini Danish
on the wrist whilst the hand cradles

Earl Grey…

All that's quite enough at once! don’t
you think?

And against totally nasty pieces of work

Well Vegas won't bother with odds there.

Doesn’t even resemble a bet!

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Thursday, June 28, 2018


Mummies Still Found

No such thing as History.
Rather Continuing Present

kills 6 million Jews
as we speak

of ballscores and
Girls So Pretty

involved in the stands!
Trail of Tears, too, endless.

(Quite short in jollity that!)
Alexander the Great
In Pique

best friend newly murders.
His harrowing regret
remains dangerous

as we tweak
our errands
and calls.

And stores
and parts.

Impossible to sort all
that’s loaded on our carts!

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Wednesday, June 27, 2018


The Uninvited

Les never invited to events, great or small.

He went anyway.

None of this I wouldn’t go where I wasn’t

“Ever-comfortable” could be his moniker.

His Monica never invited either.

She threatened to picket!

At any rate, know any UNcomplicated

Not enough there: just having one social
shortcoming in common, you’d think?

You’d be wrong.


Besides, life is changing!

Leary, School Guard, and his present wife, Dells, fellow guard and former twirler, have invited them to a “Bloody Mary Breakfast Bash” prior to the Morningside Thanksgiving Game.

All pack of course.

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Tuesday, June 26, 2018


The Art of Never Arriving

served him,
if tediously.


he plays new
games with


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Monday, June 25, 2018


Girl, Boy

-Have you ever been declared
legally dead?

-By lover or physician?

-Let me think. Both?

-Twenty-Vaguely-Ten! John Barleycorn, too, strongly vying for my affection and treatment!

-And he obviously won!

-Only in the long run. Turning gay
upped my game in the short one.

-Made it more flamboyant, bet
you that!

-Man does not live on bets alone.

-You wagered you die and you lived!

-What’re the ODDS?

-I’d guess even up either way.

-You’re a woman...and I’m thinking
about switching back.

-Never on my dime!

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Sunday, June 24, 2018

What to do if your name’s a pun

Are you Dunne?

Then wipe yourself!

Yes, a blinding witticism!

How to sidestep such brilliance

when learning to be truly nice
enables scores of these?  

The language proving
enemy despised!

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Saturday, June 23, 2018


The Mishmash of Clear History

Pickup For______

-Is there anything for me?

-Nothing you haven’t already supplied

-Where’s the fun in that?

-We’re not children, needing surprises
to go on.

-Says who? Speak for yourself John Alden!

-Triangular love resonates during Indian Wars?

-We needed myths to counter actual
Trails of Tears.

-Now they’re saying you can’t be an illegal on stolen land!

-And that continues resonating in this nation of sore losers!

-Best American trait is smiling through
while eating shit!

-That in Constitution?

-Beautifully phrased! Exquisitely declared!

-I’m beginning to cry!

-They love that! Do the Fascists.

-Speak for yourself, Joe Goebbels?

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Friday, June 22, 2018


Going For It

This was the agreed-upon timeframe.

And he skated for the win!

In one solid year he screwed literally
everything up. Not easy, but an ARTIST!

Last assignment planning a birthday party for our fussy and perpetually unhappy friend.

Who cried at the end because it proved so warmly tasteful and totally exquisite!

So, lost the record! Crushing for those of
us knowing people!

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Thursday, June 21, 2018


Speaking Over Time

-What could be new with Your Weirdness? You shifted shapes and even sex.


-Oh? The rest of us left gasping in the dust!

-Easy not to be. You’re from here as
am I. Our starting and finishing point.

-But I feel like Buck Rogers and the
Temple of Doom!

-Yes. I can sense that groaning and mechanical sepia-ness. Amusing light.

-I’ll settle for doing just one of the miraculous things you’ve done!

-Why bother? Already suffocatingly
old hat

-Indulge me! Or I’m left with nothing!

-”Nothing” has already decided that.

-That final? You’re drawing a long bow!

-There’s only one. Like’re
from here.


-You can no longer be from here. All life
and its language comes from that original fact. Straitjacket!

-Can’t be changed!

-Must! Meet me tomorrow. I’ll show you new chains of vowels.

-Uh huh? The brand new life hatched from language?

-It has been anxiously sounding itself as we sound here

-And it will fail as I will fail again!

-Not this time!

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Wednesday, June 20, 2018


Republican Immigration Jollies

A Dialog

-This country wasn’t built
by men afraid of terrorizing
a few Spick Tykes!

-Ja wohl!


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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


And what a one is she! And what a one is she!

What Cliff Forgot

The feeling more than haunting.

Yet...excruciating vague.

He was forgetting something.

And important!

He rechecked his personal diaries.

And especially his “long book”
where he taped in doctors’
appointment cards.


Recited the doggerel patterns
by which he recalled birthdays.

Gretchen was an hour late!

He remembered that she had to put
her kids on a bus to DC for a special

Anyway, she eventually ran through
all the cyber nags she had set up for
him on his laptop.

It became time for Mrs Reardon--
the second occasion in his career!--
maybe merciful retirement approaching!

Anyway, she the equal to any slit-eyed

After all of this, Cliff called clean!

But the haunting has become a harrowing!

He purposely lunches alone…in the
disgraceful junk-room!


So he--not panicking--scales the timeframe back from 24 to 12!

Informs Dr Abernathy on his cell, who laughs

“Sounds like somebody a trifle overwhelmed!

Completely understandable.”

So...and thus...Cliff had to digest the news, and...whatever...stipulated further.

As Chloe.

Not easy, to say the least, a Ditz!


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Monday, June 18, 2018


The Woman Who Maintained She Didn’t Give a Rat’s Ass

-Save in passion!

insisted her literate boyfriend.

-You’ve noticed! Finally!

-I believe so. I’m...never quite sure
just WHAT I’m noticing with you.

-Easy! My complete abandonment to the grimy-
low-down gods of seedy and disgraceful love.

-All THAT?

-Go further with that thread!...when YOU’RE
merely getting your rocks off!

-I’m doing such, but with an overwhelming
ardor for you the whole time!

-Uh huh? Sounds like a love poem, or
some other sheer bullshit!

-What more can I do to make you believe
that I…?

-Just never lose your role in the battalion of
sexual morons!

-Yes Commander!

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Sunday, June 17, 2018


Endless Trivia & Pretty Bras

Am I the man whose wife is  looking for him?


But not to be found mid Reader’s Digest
aphorisms, next to Hardware.

Nay, of sterner stuff am I!

For example: I wish to live by the side
of the road and be a friend to man.

The “man” ‘s generic. Includes women.

Except! I’m making an exception.

Let the gals have their endless trivia
and pretty bras, and more power to ‘em!

Vive la difference!

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