Tuesday, July 31, 2018


Professional Discussion of Personal Matters

-The strangest anomaly of our profession
is that the best-selling female
robot is the most returned.

-Ah Stella-B! infuriatingly inconsistent.
And occasionally vicious!

-Who can stand her?

-Well not the Mama’s Boys!

-Back to Mommy is it?

-For the plate of steaming cookies
and pretty bandaids for boo-boos!

-She’ll need to turn on even more
Mommy-Power than that, since
Stella-B is never ever refunded!

-Thus must Life forever sting
deluded babies!

-Why don’t we build a robot mirroring
a truly sweet woman? She'll more maturely
comfort our Mama’s Boy!

-Mirroring a  WHAT?

-Can’t exist?

-Not now. Last a Ginger Toffee.
Red Cross Girl, World War 1!

-Kept the Home Fires Burning?

-Well, not exactly.

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Monday, July 30, 2018


Philosophy in a Low Key

-What is Life?

-The slow destruction
of theory?

-And what is Theory?


-You’ve been so strangely affected!

-All in all.

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Sunday, July 29, 2018


1 + 1 = 3

The Man Afraid of Everything
married The Woman, ditto.

Good! say you. Since one can
comfort when a true paranoid fit
descends upon the other.

Bad! say I.

Because of the math.

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Saturday, July 28, 2018


In Perfect Service

You’d not think a member of the
Unreconstructed Right would
willingly become a slave, but
Jerry signed a contract with
Saunders Ott as Master.

Thus upholding--and testing--
the most key quotation of
his life.

In perfect service there is perfect freedom!

The agreement allowed beating, but
clause left in there merely as historical
artifact, really.

Tell Saunders Ott, who marked Jerry’s
face up quite a bit with his Cornell
Boat Club ring after he brought
the wrong golf shoes to Shadybrook
Country Club in response to a rushed
cellphone imperative.

Caddies witnessed the beating, black
men of indeterminate age.

“Dinges,” whispers Jerry, recounting
the incident to his lawyer, LJEM.*

The Slavery Board has insisted on an
apology to their Chair, and to Jerry.

They feel that hotheads threaten
the continued existence of Modern
Slavery, an institution much revered
heretofore. Especially since blacks
excluded. Not officially, of course,
in exact language, but today’s
version proves almost lily white.

Left Media goes bananas with the
story, but public up to here with
real and imagined outrage!

LJEM prefers more private routes,
and holds his Ace that Ott humiliated
Jerry before inferiors. Then he slaps
it down on the table in a suit for personal

Quickly settled to quench his screaming!
Six figures.

Board transfers Jerry’s contract to famed
animal trainers, Hans and Dyronna.

Jerry can’t get used to the smells,
and her actual cracking of the
whip startles.

And excites.

*Little Jew, Enormous Mouth

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Friday, July 27, 2018



-White Nights?

-Furiously dance beyond exhaustion
on Speed and Ecstasy!

-Shit! Excluded because of my age!

-Brown Nights?

-I’d be lucky.

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Thursday, July 26, 2018


At It Again

Male Ma Barker lost in Glurtzman Bros
decrepit back-lot

Lady in Red fetches.

Grimy Coke bottles from thirties like
ball bearings under her small feet.

Anyway, time for scene outside dusty

From Wardrobe he had gotten drab
housedress, she her snappy outfit
of strangest red.

Baby Face Nelson collects 10 each,
then calls ACTION!

Then CUT!

“Where’s John?”

“Napping,” guesses actual lady.

But he immediately shows with
7-11  coffee for 4.

Blueberry Muffins.

They share before his capture.

Ma Barker teary-hysterical-cursing at that sad point.

Spectator later points out that she
was never anywhere near.

“Artistic License,” laughs Director Nelson.

“History always spoils things,” Lady
in Red meditates.

“Imagination!” blurts Dillinger. “Keeps
me going!”

“So WHAT? ANYTHING!” scarfs up the
muffin remnants, Ma.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2018


Another of a Million Questions

-Difference Altzy and Dementia?

-Some wild-hair protein...something
of the like. Or...uh...

-I like people having no fuckin idea
what they’re talking about!
-Me too.

-But you’re not TOTALLY full of shit!

-Goal once.

-Perfection grinds one down.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2018



-I think of you as the ox in the paradox.
Sweet inside, and you blunder into
every freakin thing!

-That’s me...latter anyway. Not so damn
sweet otherwise

-We’ll skip that according to your
feelings...keep to male coding!

-Hey! Not all about me!

-Moi? Same whorey, mouthy bitch!
Can’t relinquish that role and
maintain any respect!

-Then is the world mean!

-Bingo! The best possible one!

-We should marry.

-What odds to a match most great?

-Long. Usual.

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Monday, July 23, 2018



-...and proposed Shit-Storm Factor?


-You know the most important factor?
When you really lay down blankets
of lies?

-You start to fiercely believe them?

-What’s more natural? All life is invented
anyway. Forget the stupid
rationalizations beforehand.

-How about the ones of Faith?

-No thanks, just puked.

-The Lefties’ll pee their lace panties!

-Our wondrous evil has its diuretic effects.

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Sunday, July 22, 2018


The Female Him Speaks--

brusque in appraisal and solution

Let’s skip the tentative horseshit
and try each other out?

Might like what we see.

Within reason.

1st Week

How can such neurotics last?
Individually, let alone together?

2d Week

We’d never make AMERICA’S
GOT TALENT, but pleasant enough!

3rd Week

Sex can wait. I can’t look at my own
body without disgust.

4th Week

The baseball was entertaining! Let’s pretend it’s important who wins. Anyway I wear the cap to work. It further nudges slumber there midst my luckless colleagues!

Fifth Week

My Mother wants to meet you. Prepare
to get controlled.

Sixth Week

We’ve been invited to a wedding in
my strained family. Your interest
re general perversion takes a step

Seventh Week

It’s been more than a month!


I’ve never been so hurt!
I’ve never been so hurt!

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Saturday, July 21, 2018



Europeans getting it
together to sing in
grimy light.

The best
can be done
in sum.

Mid crumbling
from urinous history.

In the bright keeps,
no need.

The gods sleep.

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Friday, July 20, 2018


The Man Who Attracted Men

certainly didn’t work at it!


But wives in our bunch couldn’t
talk about him enough.

Giselle claims “I’d pay him to
seduce my Ralph. Any sign
of life, however perverted!”

So...be careful what you wisecrack

Ralph packs up one fine morning.

Shattered, she.

Of short duration. Two weeks later
he’s back: all apologies and masculine

Her power time! Intent on his destruction, but Father Dennis of St Ann’s sends the team of Drs O’Hare, Marriage Psychologists.

Strange to say, it’s working out.
Slowly, for the couple remarkable

Forgotten, the man who attracts men.

Until! Beat’s Richardson similarly absconds.

And he’s back shortly too!

Same wet, abject act. But Beats tells us “Hey! we’re not Mackerel-Mashers, and don’t need no priest or his hired guns to straighten out a crappy marriage.

We BOTH take responsibility!”

Wags claim her not-so-secret Fernando
had been helping her, but he’s transferred to the tango
school’s startup in another state.

Two years pass, and Hockey, and Bert’s brother, and I throw in thirty bucks each. With Bert’s brother’s girlfriend, Jiggs, contributing ten.

Anyway, we could never figure out the
attraction residing in the fatal man who
bid to break up two marriages!

So offered the hundred to one seductee,
then the other.

No freakin go! Both said they’re taking
it to the grave!

Meantime, the man who attracted men
has moved on to several “relationships!”

We drink up the hundred one VFW night,
convinced somebody will eventually talk.

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