Friday, August 31, 2018



Estralita's Mother made it.

We couldn’t wait to devour the
gooey deliciousness!

Fingers only the Old-Country Rule,
and we were fine with it!

Slobs really, and guilty after.
Somebody throws paper towels--
a thumping package--on the
break table, and we clean
ourselves up prior to the bathroom.

Silently. Embarrassed.

Jennifer drifts in from assignment
and finishes the bowl, her exquisite
fingers glistening in the light.

Making the light, it seems.


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Thursday, August 30, 2018


Medical Dialog

-And I have become one seriously
acquainted with his asshole.

-So what? We’re parts. As we age
more require attention.

-Like a fine old watch?

-Scrub the fine!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018


Knife Shop

-A complete workshop of plastic surgery,
cuts and pastes and trickeries, has moved into my apartment building. I do believe a titty reduction is my pretty future!

-Good! Because you never wash that
training bra. Typical male filth!

-And a Ball Lift after that.

-Just one? Or can’t find the other in
all the residual old fat?

-Hmmm? Maybe Dr Quick-Knife should
excise that latter first?

-Step one of so many...but STOP!


-Cease and desist! I’m telling me.
For going along with your macho
self-ridicule implies that you’re
still a man.

-I’m not?

-Nah.  You’ve reached the age
when it no longer matters.

-Not even fair game for brainless
ridicule anymore?

-No one gives a flying fuck!

-Why put it that mildly? Total mental
and physical mess...and respected!
Christ! Can I step back?

-No way! Reinforced wall!

-So I can be ever so slightly
amusing whilst no one attends?
That’s my very best till expiration?


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Tuesday, August 28, 2018



O you can’t get to Heaven
With a Selfie-Stick.

Already has
Its share of dicks.

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Monday, August 27, 2018


Right Aquarium, Wrong Fish

Don’t ever vary routine?

Perhaps so.

Unless you can take the strain!

So prosaic at the start. I tack a half
block onto my daily walk.

Tires me a bit, so rest at the rear
of an open auditorium. Much actual
flag-waving onstage, and the right

Thus I’m comfortable...but must pee.
On the way I’m besieged by lights
and shouts.

Mistaken for Big Shot!

I laugh “Right Aquarium, Wrong Fish!”

Then, leaving the restroom, I’m jostled
by a man showing me that he’s
carrying. Heavily!

“Pickles leaves us if you DON’T
say the word!”

I escape, but one “Pickles” Torineau
assassinated following morning
on I-4!

Immediately go to Police?

What for? It’s exciting now!

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Sunday, August 26, 2018


The Scenario

-Such a huge place!

-Rambling oddly through my family.

-And now to you alone. Alone!

-My preferred state.

-Gives me shivers!

-That’s you.

-Why not a woman? Companion?
Share the chores. Something might
prove funny...human.

-Would I have to speak to her?

-Just enough to put the day's sparse
ducks on their tiny pond.

-No use. Once started, she’ll never
fuckin shut up! 24-7!

-Nonsense! We’ll cast quiet waters
for a silent one.

-Deceitful myth! None can exist.

-I’m thinking of a minimalist relationship
here. Just enough words to get by.

-She’d ruin it. Hopeless. Her nature.

-But the both wouldn’t say much
more than Hi!

-Beginning of the end.

-I see a pretty scenario: she’s making
a thoughtful sandwich for herself,
and you spark “How about the
same for me?”

-Uh huh? Whereupon she sweeties back
“Why don’t you just go fuck yourself?”


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Saturday, August 25, 2018


Puzzling Character

-No mystery here, believe me:
Think Crazy-quilt!

-All too much! Main threads being?

-Fear and lying.

-Falling into the male character then?

-Setting the hallmark!

-I think I recognize you. My first


-Uh? Swinging just the ONE way?

-Moving with the times.

-A broken heart for every light on

-Not quite doubled my quota.

-One way of looking at you then:
ultimately just a crushed faggot!

-Nobody gets one way.

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Friday, August 24, 2018


Same Old

These Trumpers are


How to Judge?

On Right Standards of course.

As an example, the opportunity to


the air back to



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Thursday, August 23, 2018


Event, Bounce-Back

-Lost his entire mind Tuesday!



-How sad! And abrupt!

-But gained back 90% Wednesday!

-Miraculous! And the other 10?

-Morons continuously graze.

-Will the next Pasteur or Einstein come
from one of these?

-Who knows! We’re all composites.
If we knew the formula it would
plunge us into despair!

-How can you SAY that?

-Like everything.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2018



The thudding once
arriving and
you owe us

for the promises
we’ll keep for you.
Not all of course.

I see the bright
ones still undone

making you light-
hearted, finally

uncharacteristic, but
there we have it!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018



-Macho having decayed to utter Farce,
the women have become men!

-How’s that working in your eyes?


-From which anger will you kill us
once again?

-And whoa once again! I have Mother,
sisters, wives, daughters, girlfriends etc.

-Never a deterrent.

-Oh well! Mid-course corrections here
and there!

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Monday, August 20, 2018


The Tour

-Still a DECENT Middle-West out there?

-Fortunately! For Ferdy-Weirdy T-Shirt Sales!

-Sold out in Muncy?


-And your so-called book?

-Ten Notes for Goats?

-How can that fluff inspire crazy
droolers of the cloth at every stop?

-Secret is: the same one. Travels with us!

-He cries?

-Drenchingly! Mostly as to his innocent
granddaughters exposed to those who
wallow in the filth of THAT BOOK!

-If trivia raised to the nth negative power
can be said to be fil…

-This is America! You can say anything
is anything! We fight for that! Wars and shit!

-No business like...

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Sunday, August 19, 2018


The Man Who Decided

never again to decide,
met the woman ditto.


Not that their friends can tell.

A little like HISTORY.

Some great movements hardly noted.

So why don’t we knock it off?


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Saturday, August 18, 2018


Equal and Separate

Don't take black or disabled hostages,
goes the AQ Guide.

For nobody ever wants them back!

Rest of tome could be said to be a perverse
Hymn to Fat Whites.

For what would revolutions do without them?

Beautiful Tools so thoroughly ugly!

One must learn a perverse aesthetic to
change anything.

Absurdity forever presenting itself!

If one day you sweat enough to become
a Fat White…?

Full Circle.



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Friday, August 17, 2018


The Man Who Didn’t Think To Say Anything

Lie, actually.

Though he claimed to be no Nosy Nora,
Truth is he ALWAYS thought to say something!


Friend Cliff-O spat that he could’ve helped others.


They agreed on an experiment: a week in which he’d speak up, to thus aid his fellow man and woman!

Cliff felt that since he was remarkably ugly, this new altruism would make him pretty.

Quite the opposite, it works out, so go figure!

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Thursday, August 16, 2018


Triple Measure


I invented
The String Quartet!

Mozart, Friend

Our false beliefs
define us!

Beethoven, Pupil

God made me

to both!

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