Monday, January 21, 2019



-Just a throwaway in a TV commercial.
The sweetest little white fluff of mini rabbit!

-Kimberly and I had one. The greatest
bitsy pooper: perfectly rounded tiny beads!

-Unlike Kim?

-Who knows? She  kept that part of her
existence secret.

-I don’t like such secret ones.

-No, you desire those who are cutey-
patooties! They don’t even hafta speak.

-But they must!  And screw it all up.
And then yell “O Poopie!”

-Infantile men have gone outa style-- except the Millennial-Mama-Package.

-Never completely.

-Therein our GREATNESS! if you
ask me.

-Nobody ever will again.

-Well, THEY’RE the Poopies then!

-Yeah! Hah-hah on them indeed!

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Sunday, January 20, 2019


No Fool Like

-Let me apologize for this
Bag of Wrinkles! Really
accelerated this past year.

-Seen worse.

Laconic, Shelly Rust Newcolme, RN.

Not so someday, when she hisses
“You’re just sizzling this time!”

But now, they recheck meds.

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Saturday, January 19, 2019



Colorless Dirk

sensationally absconded,

Gwendie chose a woman!

Three...turns out.

Stop here.

Same waste.

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Friday, January 18, 2019



-Well...remaining smart the two of us.
Despite everything!


-A...decline note you?


-The Mountain Goat leaps from precipice
to precipice and back again to piss.

-A blessing we both can do that at least.

-That goes too, the hose.

-Before or after the brain.


-Well I’m okay with both.

-You should ask Gwen.

-You’re mixed up! She left YOU!

-Shame. And during my third reinvention.

-How’d that go?

-Going Great! I’m helping to start BANDSTAND for WHEEZERS!

-Better than yours truly. They just
called me in to offer a puny
termination package.

-Did you inform them that you
once led that outfit, now so

-Me or it?

-Sorry. Never again you or me.

-Will they stamp our foreheads?

-Already have.

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Thursday, January 17, 2019


Getting There

-Are you fella ordered G19?

-Could be. Don’t remember.

-Well, what’s NAME of article?

-Got me! All I do is order all
day long, so some’s forgotten.

-You’re supposed to take a survey
about it.

-No way! My life’s three-quarters
bullshit already.

-Might be hints in there.

-If you think that, there never are.

-Well, let’s just go ahead then.

-In mutual incompetence?

-Like Politics!

-I just always knew that everything
would eventually arrive there.

-I...could give you money to
forget everything.

-Done that already as a
Useful Idiot.

-I’m talking about the future!

-What a great place! You piss,
shit, and sing at once!


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Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Compact Model

-So you agree that we have the
best politics money can buy?

-As a Republican, gleefully!

-Dems long-faced about it?

-Hey! They embrace Joe and
Josephine, whilst soliciting a
bribe off their Boss! So pitifully,
hypocritically, sad.

-Not as sad as your gang,
naturally lying and stealing!

-Articles of Faith!

-Which you combine into one
Golden Rule?

-Mais oui!

-Careful mit der French! Intellectual
pretense really belonging to the Left.

-Give us some fun! Evangelicals
got one ear about Jesus-ed off!

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019



They close in.

Last exit sealed.

Clear Heads:

“Await His Will!”

You have no Faith
and thus pretend.

No one minds.

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Monday, January 14, 2019



-She has a reputation for sweetness.


-Now and again.

-When not?

-Lady Macbeth!

-That tough?

-Add fists.

-How terrible!

-Oh I don’t know. She gives
as well as she gets.

-I don’t believe that, Coward!
You’re certainly stronger,

-But it’s all a kind of Catholic
Mutual Aid Society. I’m Head Priest,
she’s Head Nun. So, worry not.

-Uh huh? And who gets you under
control, Father?

-The Bishop! Her brother. He’s not
much in the pulpit, but practicing
his active brand of the Faith?

-I can remember your face marked
up once or twice.

-Never removes his ring!

-Well it’s all of it goddamn sick!

-Heal thyself!

-Gladly, since nobody gets smacked around.

-Many varieties of Truth.

-None bloody!

-I usually just begin agreeing with

Saints like you, and they eventually
depart with thumb up righteous ass!

-Won’t wave goodbye, then.

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Sunday, January 13, 2019


Timing, Here and There

The man who couldn’t stop peeing

“I’m truly, awfully sorry…”

despite severely curtailing liquids.

“but you must excuse me for a bit!”

“AGAIN?” snapped Rosa-Lynn Marisa
Jeannette Billingsly Harkwert Destry…

Who never did anything in her mind
without employing her full name.

Coincidentally, they finished together
in separate places.

A good sign?

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Saturday, January 12, 2019


Cops Know

if whole bunch lying,

it’s planned.

So finding pair agreeing
tough enough by normal lights.

With political parties,
naturally, all rules remade

as conspiracies take
fantastic, foolish flight!

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Friday, January 11, 2019


Deep Nitwittery

-Forgot day of week!

-That Altzy?

-Did in my 30s too. So...been gone since then?

-What the hell IS today anyway? THURSDAY? No kidding? What happened to Tuesday and Wednesday?

-What did?

-Some god’s in charge of fucking us both
up with time.

-Yeah? He’s still going strong!

-I...didn’t expect to MUTUALLY disintegrate!
Tragic outcomes being strictly solo? America
being romantic that particular way.

-And therefore Literary? Then, why does it
feel like everything else?

-Never ask that question?

-Why not?

-It’s profound! Thus leave you your
very self in the process!

-I can breathe again!

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Thursday, January 10, 2019



-I’ve already made a profound statement: being born Female!

-The rest of us seek further development. Butch or Bitch?

-I don’t answer silly-ass media questions.

-Maybe not, but your friends seek
some sort of wished-for words from
you further.

-I...keep discovering my OWN life.
When I truly learn something, won’t
keep any secrets.

-Why should we wait?

-Why indeed?

-Are you...religious?

-DO like that one proverb: Be still
and know.


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Wednesday, January 09, 2019


Power of One

The Woman Who Reversed Herself

drove the rest of us bananas!
Not a big deal unless she
maliciously fabricated,

attempting to destroy.
Otherwise, Cute.

Such a dilemma!

In Truth,
she made us so schizo

we had to admit it
to try retaining any vestige

of sanity. Our route back
to acknowledge how
freakin nuts we were.

We got there! It helped
she owed each money.

It also helped that she coyly
dropped US!

In an absolute fit
of creative lying!

Years have passed!
And one of our number
has accidentally met her.

Sawing to the rest that Butter
wouldn’t melt etc.

The inevitable, awful, negotiations
will estrange us

from each other fatally!
So, am I saying she will win?

Of course! Sorry, but you never, ever,

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