Wednesday, December 29, 2021


43 yrs & whatta y'get?

-Forty-three vile years in

the CAN for crime of an-

other sepia Dude?

-State drop a messy mil on himfor microscopic redress? Hey?

Thus wish ME at any rate!


-Well you can wish in one hand

and shit in the other. State, latter.

-Christ! But didn’t I hear, though,he, so, SO blessedly, got Tomato Surprise once each brutal year?

-Just one’d gag a maggot!

-And Typical Darkie: wasn’t in

the least ass-licking-grateful!

-Despicable! Well, uh?

-At a loss

for thought?

-Just musing on

the Ass I’VE

kissed and I’m


-Extraordinarly! Fish-Belly-ish

in purest fact!

-Oh well I’ll throw few

bucks in hat now! True

Caucasian Prick! Generous!

But...43? You fucked up

and misread, probably, uh

only...half that?

-Then just 22 Tomato Surprises? 

But, nope, he got them fuckin all!

Red shit all over his black mouth!

Now, just where in Hell’s my BANJO?

-Forty fuckin THREE? JESUS 


-Didn’t know

he rode.

-Got ticket to.

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