Monday, January 31, 2022


"So & So Young Woman


has joined the Channel 9,12,98, or...

News, Web, or Whatever? 


Uh huh? Perky in tiny oval frame--

The Computer Daguerreotype today. 

Will she find Love and/or

sex with new boyfriend


She doesn’t want that now.

Oh? & Why Not?



Adware Rape

Cole angry

jogging to

Mickey D’s.

Luann & Judd

had ordered him

an Egg McMuffin.

Now bit cool.

He’s late since

adware cramped 

his balls & laptop--

justifying, then, 

such rape in


After breakfast, our 

trio shared yogurt 

in the Corolla.

Courtesy of Guernsey,

Bridget-3, member 

of the Family. 

They Dropped him at 

his tiny shack 

by the bub-

bly stream. Rush-

ng Moonlight! when he rose 

much earlier; now, eddying 



Sunday, January 30, 2022




DD- Your Cliffy still warm

‘n sweetly funny?

M- Deceased.

DD- Oh my God I Didn’t know!

M- You been away, so here’s

News here.

DD- But HOW?

M- Big C kicked him in the right nut; little

later, Encore: left!

DD- Don’t say any…m…--I won’t stop crying!

M- Just that, Little Leaguers made something from 

cardboard, drew original cartoon characters.

Then each wrote to “Other Daddy.”

DD- Stop! Places to go! Things…do! OKAY?

But let me say He was…SAINT WALKED EARTH!

M- Innings bad and good. Beautiful…n’ not so, 

but yes, Saint! No quarrel here! My Kindness Guy.

DD- But you…? How…?

M- Getting by. Helps our baby’s in my tum-tum.

DD- Great! Can I help?

M- Just be.

DD- So nice of you to say, but some-

times I feel stuck with me!

M- We love you.



Soon Enough

a new cliché

of Woman 

interviewing another.

On facing stools.

Legs: the OPTICS

for SURE!

Until SHOES--of Hostess, 

black pumps pleading

overmuch for simplicity.

Guest gal: Medieval-

ly-strapped entities--

asserting themselves

past mere event.

And THIS Leap:

T-freakin-V itself!


Saturday, January 29, 2022


Man Farting Continuously

 Diet Docs, Health Store Nostrums, etc, to no nice end!

At work, his new office now: cramped, too private.!

(Because women 

won't stop giggling In 

the greater space.)

At home, moves, with his girl, to spare bedroom.

(Planning to Lysol old one when 

there’s time!).

But her buddies convince her to shunt fart-

sy he to a cot be-

side the furnace!

Under very old, holey, army blankets.

Then! Wondering if possibly harmed 

by noxious fumes, wings she to Naturopath

Woman. & last appointment that day so: 

Spring-board--believe it 

or no--to Lesbo-Fling!

Not long after, the 2 move to Gals’ Collective.

He quietly visits, & they sing at him

boisterous melodies of super-militant 

FEMINISM! Quite entertaining!

After...his malodorous malady

curiously hath healed! Wow!

How? Go Figure!

Friday, January 28, 2022


The Minnesota Dream Monkey


has died. In Mlps.

Obits from French, Brit,

German publications:

Click here and here

and here!


Plus a poem in Japanese!


& emailed: 

our brightly inquisitive dorothea

has left us but her work lives on!


Our work, and that of Glass, converted 

her dreams into a psychedelic river of

ever-leaping fluorescence & 

in her latter days she learned a few keystrokes

altered the program Into something softly otherworldly,

beautiful...only patent ever awarded to monkey! Yeah!

Thursday, January 27, 2022


Basement-Hiding Jews

Screwing there too!

Not the thing to do.

For Christian Values,

RE ones too!




Jitzy and his Hazel-Waffles

fight! Again!


they do but

seems, thus

she delays

nailing him--

since HE won

last one! Big 

C grips 1 breast.

Necessitating Chemo

…all the rest.

The Rest of it. He cries;she

dies. Some new

day, though,

they’ll get to-

gether. So,


just once more!

@ Heaven’

s Door.

Wednesday, January 26, 2022


(It Is Nothing!)

 Three Nothings

Es is nichts. Es is nichts. Es is nichts.

insists terminably wounded archduke.

Jesus Jesus Jesus!

Say I now…

Love not being War.

 Save in silly metaphor.


He had begged his wife

to prise life hard


for their children's sake!

As she died.


But. Anyway



which is

 is. &


WTF!  Hey!

Way back then it

rolled at them.

Tuesday, January 25, 2022


History Short As I Cn Make It

Melky Ritzer marries his Lina.

Disaster! Though Baby somewhere in

there, both find others. To screw--put-

ting it politely. Lina shops round even

more, finally emerging with Totally witless 

boyfriends: hardons sans brains! Rose Penz

renews fling with Melky. Saying: "Like, FOREVER this 

time! Won’t kid! So turn off your usual horse-

shit!” Baby Misty grows to win awards from Women's Clubs. Loves Dad! but feels that Men, generally, Crap.

Monday, January 24, 2022



Reason Why

Surreal Responses 

of Childhood!


"Cocktail, Ginger Ale

Ten Cents a glass.

If you don’t like it?

Why, shove it up your

ask me no questions

I’ll tell you no lies! N’

if you get hit 

with a pail of shit,

be sure to close your eyes!"

(Or more-direct neighborhood variant:

Starr and Winchester, New Haven--near

Jack Ripkin's Mom-Pop store, and

for most games, especially 

Jump-rope Double-Dutch.)

"Cuz I got hit 

with a pail of shit,

and that’s the reason why!"

I rest my case remembering

those long black ropes just slap-


slicing twilight, girls

singing fast,

and FASTER! now.

They surge 

to the BEAT!

Dreaming and 

Haste in 

their Glow-

ing mouths.


Saturday, January 22, 2022


Berlin '38 in Color

A buoyancy of small cars!

Too, the women coy-afloat, 

liquid under flow-

ing dresses.

Light itself, shaken, silken.

Until two men martialed 


goose-step past, high. Low

Comedy. Menace.

These, all, though, 

images merely.

Unless one allows 

their assembling 


or terror.

The mind, though,



Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Guard Duty, 3 AM


Grab 1/2 tumbler booze

before assuming 

my post above  

the moonlit beach

of a Korean town

wherein women keen

of babies ground 

up in glori-

ous war.

Tuesday, January 18, 2022




Flash Flood’s

2d wave shoved

our little house out

from under, but 

not Delsy & me,

LOCKED in shaking-

soaked embrace. & both 

power-gripping Mr Sausage-y, 


Shepherd! (His “Breed”--

no kidding.) Softest brown eyes

trusting us more

softly yet as he’s 

ripped away.

Sheriff later: “Sorry, 

but not remotest chance!”

Hope the Angels cherish

him as did we, but watch it

Feathered Ones! Such eyes

can mischievously glisten 

at some intended Banditry 

or other. You’ve been warned! 

Well then, Mr Sausage-y,


Divinity needing a laugh 

during these loveless times,


Soft. Just so

very soft & thus so lovely.


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