Thursday, March 31, 2022


Girls juswanna


have fun!--SO swee-EEET!

Unluckily, Worlds keen

for WOMEN, so stow away

prom programs&Betsy-Wetsy:

Get to work!

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-Lived everywhere!...honored in two places. 

Gotten OLD! What's best thing you remember?

-Mommy reading to me.

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Professor of some flighty shit, so IRONY

in all that he ORATED! Enough for her,

thus showed she him the door!

“Good luck!” she cooed. “I truly hope

you meet the doting whore you crave!”

Generous, no? But he steamed out and in-

to Catsup Mini. Not easily, too fat for such little

car! Her lovely Hyundai SUV quite soon after

spoke to her: Caution! Near all I-4 Interchanges!

She told it ”Fuck off!” Radio comes through with pancake recipe

as she maniacally drives. 

If you can hear this, PROFESSOR, well HERE’S 

your IRONY and fuckin FATE! 

She crashes barricade on high bridge, topsy-turvs

then meets catsup mini, roof to roof. He never knew

what hit him! Or who. Indeed, anything else…

Strangely enough, Pancake recipe kept trying

from the mangled mess.

She walks with 2 canes presently, will buy 

Dealership next month; thereafter fund yearly

award named for flat Prof she once loved: 

“...Literary Innovation.”


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Wednesday, March 30, 2022



Signs, then. Beats, we

smoked on with 

a vengeance!

Showing THAT shit-world

what we thought of it! High 

fuckin sentiments! Truly!

You think?

We proved Morons in the end but never mind.

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Almost Screaming,

Murph informs Tilly that "I Don't give a shit what you or anybody else says! You're my woman now and I'm your man! And I can wait it out FOREVER!"

She whispers "Who said anything about Waiting?"

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Getch nearly takes the door off its hinges, so

angry he forgot the last thing he wants to say to…

"…straighten me out?" Dianne softly laughs,

push-rocking a heavy kitchen chair to a spot

where sun gets in. Mr Brown Eyes arrives to place

his head upon her lap. His clicking along

the tiles still hangs in the air now. Somehow…

You’ll be disappointed too. I forgot to buy your 

box of treats rushing back for the asinine fight!

But he just wants to be with her.

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Tuesday, March 29, 2022




-(sings) I'll take you home AGAIN, Kath...

-Another stupid song?

-I thought...your name being K...?

-My mother Irish, father kike.

-Oy! Begorah!

-I hate you!

-Witless, it's a leap for you.

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Rocco & Dr Joe-


from Jersey City.

-So, Doc Joe: Gaslight any ditzes lately?

-Just the wife.

-I rem Hysteria shoving her first.

-Now she doesn't know Thursday from Buffalo.

-Too cold!

Rocco from S Philly knows everything. Has faked too.

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Perchance to...


She went out screwing

while I dreamed of her.

Returned too hot to bother.

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Wit from certain 1/4s



What’s cost Holocaust anywayz?


Today’s dollars: 49.87!


Round it Fifty Bux?



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one morn


Give her blathering

no credence then so she

tells me check my impedance

& underpants i'm not that informed

i her say you're getting there she intones cutely

observe this bone! i josh she missed it so

she lies her strongest suit some beauty!

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Monday, March 28, 2022




1/So passed he,

with priest

mumbling last rites

& our Bud buying

whole Bag?

2/Yup. Catholic


1/Mercy on his alleged soul!

--but more things dreamt than

our philosophy they say.

2/ Name one!

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how some pigs

led to slaughter

enjoy walking there

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Golden Ages

Golden Age of Chinese Art

by Hugh Scott pub 1967.

Senate GOP Leader, in

days more responsible

than rapaciou$. & with

Government by Riot

less admired. 

Now Colt-Dolts 

& their Karens

must exist. So? Hey!

continue laying down, True

Republicans! Laughing hard 

up sleeve at all quaint Hughs!

Thusly, embracing Imbecile

& Master Card.

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Sunday, March 27, 2022


Double Plays


Jilly Rendogh

Tinkers “for-

Evers” to Chance

this new guy. Old

One pulling tricks!

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but you're confusing me

with somebody actually





when they go a'whorin’ 

then lose moral force

or gain some.


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Abounding for April


In lovely script,
Christian sentiments--

profound or pablum--

on jouncy wall plaques.

Guards in Buchenwald,

and Auschwitz, in Philly's 

Graterford “Experiment”*, still

celebrated Easter with 

wives and 


*Many Graterford Prisoners, forced to speak to Jesus and never to each other: lonely, went insane.

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Saturday, March 26, 2022




Bitsy Tripp face-

cloths mini tits,

re-checking too, ragged panties.

Contract has stipulated latter

for whenever she  alto-saxes-- 

as “Ragamuffin-Filth!” 


her beloved band. She spritzes

vodka over breasts. They stay

bare per agreement, so she desires

them less cool against her instrument.

Later, Handlers will ease her 

past spotlit-perverts begging


to lick them. Midst

the hazy melee 

leaving the stadium!

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fell from a tree

I went on to

get PhD

in it


New Book


-“Wit For Nitwits”…helping Righties to...

-White of you!


-Thanks. How-to persuade others 

without employing guns!

That all?  What's left?

LEFT merits softer approach.





laughter of some joyless

women disturbs one 

room in Hell.

Devil avoids 

for his nerves




I go to work; you leave.

Got it! For now I slide your…down.

Now mine!

The Horror!

My best yet.


But I’m to depart this nest?


Friday, March 25, 2022



Rinzy Kerrigen peddling

Encyclopedias door to door

encounters Admiral’s Daughter

by the water!

She of course grabs his dinghy as per ditty. Admiral pissed!

But WTF, she’s adult(?)!

Given more time, Rinzy knocks’er-up,then lies. He sells Fords now. Triesbeing hubby. (They’ve married.) 

In one of her Drama fits, loses Baby. Really sad…but so what? say you: True Relationshipsproceding from grounds similarly seedy.

“In books maybe!” she says. Divorces him.

Dealership loves him coaching Little League.

Great PR. Given this line, they meet again.

Planning to remarry.

He’s getting to look so very old! Not she.

Again, lives down by the water she, so watch your d****y!

Thursday, March 24, 2022


Man who scared himself


beset by night terror thing.

Such an ingrown fool!

One harrowing eve his

hands clamped neck--

(not tool?) Docs say you simply

can’t kill yourself like this!

(or some such med-dreck).

But he did.


"Rebel w/o a

Cunt!” remarked Letty--(Lefty-Letty)--

to herself. Re latest gyneco-

logical operation.

Channel 7’s “News For Entire Valley”

preferred male doc explaining ALL.

“My twat on TV? Thanks but no thanks!

They overstate everything!” Tall,

never married. “Hey! Socialism needs 

more answers too, but it’s humane!”




Millicent Mauro enjoyed

two daughters by men 

pretending. Boys, then, 

she had brought up. Both 

shot at Poker

near Celebre’s. So, 

alone, though

Star in her “Bum 

of the Month Club” begs

to marry. Nope!

No more raising children

claiming they’re men! Grimy

Apts where both died

ordered sealed by new mayor,

a Black, but compliant one 

for once!

Wednesday, March 23, 2022



Total Prick

marries Sweetest Thing Imaginable!

Worked out better than predicted. But 1/2 way in

he loses 1/2 his marbles.

Whereupon she straps on Balls, like, BUTCH!

Takes lessons in the Bass notes. He 



by lisping!



Wanted'a sing

O say can you see...

@ Queen Victoria's Golden Jub-

but they spat "Fuck you 

bloody YIGHKK!

Peddle your Freedom-Shit elsewhere!" 

Now that was hardly CRICKET!

But they had Kipling-esque DUTY-RESPONSIBILITIES (Log-

book enumerates) t'insure Sun na'er set on their shovin'it

up the worldwide ass a'comic WOGS!


Compactest Departure

m/You got shit you came with?

f/So thoughtful your inquiring!

m/My middle name.

f/And all this time I thought was PRICK!

m/Yours being ICE?

f/Not that nice.

m/So leave!

f/I'm GONE. But final gift t'you: Jettison those underpants! 


m/Your's ROSES?

F/By comparison? Whole Garden!


...and on and on etc...want fog-shit-sweetsy-pie-pie-resolution?

Goto Hallmark Channel then!

Tuesday, March 22, 2022


Privacy in Dance


Ona Alderfree danced

orgiastically in the stacks

of Boulder's CU Library

after it had closed for the day.

Her husband, two-faced-vile

Bible-Thumper'd tell her

Repent! Whore! Meantime 

had no qualms

jerking off to Psalms 27:1.

It can go these ways midst 

dour or sunny Christianity. 

And its exhausting 

Miscellany of Sins.

So, Fear not, Atheist.

Try to brighten up when pissed AND HOW!

There's no celestial aid available just now.


So why should you


when no one does?

"I don't know what this means!"




best thing 'bout me!

-Lousy epitaph.

-You think true?

-Unlike YOU!


Rands Twice

Randal Murkin lurched, 

then passed away.

Pathologist surmised 

Cancer of the Whichever.

She searched his history on the Web 

to check his meds primarily.

All okay, though from

another Rands, laying 

hundred miles distant. 

No time now! Remains

this way forever.



Mallorca's Horse Pimps

mate for life.


Monday, March 21, 2022


MGT Song

convenes in Conference Rm at Bide-a-Bit. 

They eat--being charitable here--like slurping pigs. 

Much burping, farting. other reeking noises.

Then they hoist “decisions” re screwing

old folks here. Whereupon

finishing with Coffee

strong enough to stand on.



Running outa

vile things to say,

Hateful Rupert met

Gloria Day.

Short work for her!

She left him week

later: Begging!

“Men are such

Dick-headed bores!”

opined she to new

bi-buddy, Ingrid Getz. 

“Can assure you!”

answered Ig, “With us’ll

just get better and better!”

“Are we then Whores?” 

“That’s PhD!--we must strive 

to pass Comprehensives.”

Well…got time on his/her sides.




meets in Ginger’s and my

apartment 1st Thursday

of each month.

Libtards for Open Carry?”

(We’re open enough to

getta kick from Conservative

“Wit.”) So okay, though

new group’s deadly serious!

Liberals sans limos, but never

again lacking guns. Hey! over-

many of our gracious ilk’ve lost 

lives to armed, imbecilic dicks ere

now! Thus’ll be “Draw! McGraw!

Let’s just SEE who’s quicker!”



-She put on ‘bout putting out! FRAUD!

-You offer t’initiate then?

-Pope a haughty Catholic?

-Not if you’re a naughty one!

-Relax! She resists!


-Gained fulfillment through Faith!

-Chaste still?

-For lo these many many years!


-Sister Veronica. And prays for me.

-You surely don’t deserve it, Pal!

-Main idea of Christianity: Better a sinner repenteth 

than switch from analog to digital!

-Thank God I’m Jew!

-We left a few.


Sunday, March 20, 2022


in Consevative or Liberal


hacks, Scripture answers

nothing. Since Nothing

talks back.


Let's Twist Again!



in twisted tubes 

puts all of us in danger!

So-lively women wish

another chance to pose again

like they did last summer.




Hennesy told Rouhls he’d

countenance no further SHIT

re The Big Sleep! Time

comes, he’d tell it screw itself!

It did arrive as he, 

still pissed, expired with-

in the garden. St Fran welcomed him

then Henns expected no less!



war gods

hava heluva time


'tween lust

& Patriotism

in interim

kids die

no matter

way it rolls

Saturday, March 19, 2022




-So Laursy gone?

-Save for her cheap scent 

garbaging up the garage,

-Evening in Pittsburgh?

-Or the like in garden spots!

-Reserving all comment since you two 

always reunite. With tears and fresh

professions of some strange shit

mislabeled LUH-uve!

That was then.

Was it?

Love being ALONE! Worth its

weight in purest gold!

And her?

Meets pals for lunch! First shaking her

phoney-tender ass through revolving door!

Pretty picture!

For next sucker, yes!

-Sounds final!

-Bet real money on it!

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