Friday, April 08, 2022




Plan attic CLEANSE!

For starters, attack myriad

piles of crap up there! Find-

ing “Pokeywaggle” under stick-

y rags. Extract, then fling in hour

into grimy toychest in the garage:

got filth for hinges!

Guys in yard now

blasting leaves from one

pile to another. Deafening!

"What did I do. Nothing!"--

from the chest in lulls.

Finally quiet out there, I wash

him w/the hose. -Please!

Careful near the Ballroom! snaps he

You MALE? I laugh-sneer.


-Never knew!

-Your middle names!

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Avoid Positive People!


Psalms calm OPPOSITE! So?

NEGATIVES'll squeeze your soul if  

you let'em.  So don't.

Cuz then all good Pussies go 


(where ALL those angels teasin' harps

sounds nice as good fart feels!)

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Thursday, April 07, 2022




Cortin Carker “mediums” re-

freshing views after spearing

documentary ones of

documentary ones  of

documentary others.

All sheer Baloney!

She sprinkles breasts with 

Baker's Cocoa Powder

since she dreamt it.

And Though’d feel good 

on her Thing, whistle, 

inside Boy-Jockeys

she prefers, might just 

clog up! Answer blowin 

in der vind? coyly

chuckles she.

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 -Dumb as post with one t’match!

-That good?

-Never talks!

-But I would’t learn unless

smart guys instructed!

-Well Stupid in elevator now.

If interested, stow bloomers

in drawer there!

-He’ll be ready?

-Never anything but!

-So nice of you t’share!

-Not nice. Exhaustion!

-Does he frenzy?

-All he does!

-Some chat after?

-Nope. Told you. Neanderthal!

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Wednesday, April 06, 2022


Understandable Outcome


Finally having it with her!

He spat with all the rancor

he could muster that



She wetly, and more fully, returns 

the compliment: AND YOU




After, thoroughly enjoyed his

friends calling him that. Truly!

They marry! WTF she's got money!

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Carley didn’t wanna talk about it ever!

Ralph T. Walker nodded warily, maintaining

HIS exploded marriage, too, simply

outa bounds! As a result, they seldom

spoke! Amazing how so many innocent things

invoke the scabrous past. They married.

She got pregnant but then

spontaneously aborted.

They both sport bowling jackets

with coiling dragons on the back.

Their only friend, Patsy Hess,

spouts garrulously. One day

cries a solid hour in loneliness.

Her stoic friends don’t notice.

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(is not me. He sees himself

as warring 'gainst hypocrisy. If you

invoke "Christian" he'll say 
Oh yeah!--Folks who stuck

Jews in ovens? 

You've been warned!"


-Yoh Murph! Church here

plans all-day Ukraine 

Protest! Anything nasty to say

about that?

-Just mild surprise that they're

replacing biblical palaver featuring

basic or advanced lying with the

much-less-employed Action Faith!

-Be careful! You might have something

positive in there!

-Doubt it sincerely!

-Just remember that Scripture

will move even you!

As Faith moves mountains!

-Scripture can be tremendous stuff!

The Devil quotes it extensively.


-In fact he relies on a veritable



-Christian Hypocrisy!

-You're just angry is all. We professing Faith

are hardly perfect!

-But go on mouthing, as

long as there's a buck in it!

-Oh well, Auden says that we must love

our crooked neighbor 

with our crooked heart!

-I'm waiting for so-called Christians

to acknowledge how bloody crooked theirs is!


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nt explain 

what ate him

alive, thus

lost friends

& vicious


(Wife had bugged

out early last year.) His

daughter, convening her Bum 

of the Month Club...thus

so very busy,


he of Terminal Gas!

Held it over-much! Lida

Orticott, NP, explained.

Though no one listened.

Hoppy Presser, 20, Daughter’s

latest miscreant a pallbearer.

What's he got that deceased

would envy, hey?

Just enormous

freak of:

starts w/C,

ends w/K!


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Marcy presses 

the burner phone

against her breast!

It slows her wild heartbeatfor some reason. Her

young Lieutenant having

returned to the wife,

M sobs again.


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Flies buzzed


,then died, their tiny

bodies on the sill.

Meantime we get high,

Hey! Shit cost enough!

Later Dilsy wakes in grayest light

saying apartment’s filthy!--

and we’re not far behind it.

So, scrub ourselves 1st, 

then clean the place! Deep-

ly for this once!

This boy pre-

fers clean to dirty I profess.

Could've fooled me!--her voice

remembered music nonetheless.

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Tuesday, April 05, 2022





wonders what to do

about the bodies

strewn about.

He’ll ask Dilsey...

If she still speaks to him.

‘My God it’s you!”

“In the chubby flesh.”

“Before you even start! I re-

alize that I’m not the Beauty

of the Western world!”

“Should maybe try the EAST too?”

“That tongue in there or slicing machine?”

“Okay okay! I jus' wanna ask you

how help those I’ve…”

“Figuratively murdered

while merely jiving?”

“I guess…and, by the way, you 

ARE beautiful!”

“Ooops! Gaslight on and off is it?”

“I mean every SYLLABLE!”

“That’s a FIRST!"

“...and I thought be easy.”

“Nothing is when YOU FEEL!”




“Well just attempt not knowing everything

for next few minutes.”


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Once More

"Why not say it AGAIN?"

He clams up, latter nodding for goodbye.

In 2 wks, they meet by accident.

"I  still don't know what's WRONG!"--she.

"Try mushy Hallmark Channel for 


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Mitz shrieks prick

stole her only panties here!

Rider chuckles as to Sweetie-

Mouth going insanely potty!

Not 1/10 done yet! she claims.

'Everybody's-Gramps' pounds

trailer door: He knew they had

his only snow shovel! 

Rider pulls him in assuring

no need for one in Cocoa Beach.

Oughta ask an astronaut! snaps Mitz 

as she's simultaneously advised 

by Gramps to let the air get at her thing. 

Rider rips open his brand new

Jockeys for her. Just temporary.

She puts one on. He muses 

how he rode Midnight 1,3

to wins! These feel especially

decent! purrs she now. Probably 

PMS before, Gramps guesses.

They all laugh. What 

happened to 2? whispers she to her real jockey

who keens Wish I knew. Really wi...

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Monday, April 04, 2022






Click Orange Box to find

Underpants That Whistle.

for that very special evening!

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Christians and other frauds

cool it on mercy and much

else. Anyway, Coiffed Screechers via

Sinclair stopped hating with scripture

to call out WHORES! Who

apparently lurk everywhere!

So much sin, so little Time!

In short, complaisant modes

so got kicked unto the curb as 

to dwell religiously with dogshit.

One live group haunts Target yet,

screaming-out Asian women

wearing masks!

The most vocal of these saints

espousing ACTIVE FAITH-- 

and FIRM!

(Name actually Karen) left, y’All: 

due in Melbourne to knee 

a beggar in the balls

with other Taurus, thus 

taking turns.

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Sunday, April 03, 2022


I -Finally

uncovered meaner

prick than you!


-Genghis Khan!

-He'd make short WORK of you!

-Oh yeah? Well he'd have his hands

full before!


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She understood!

"A First then!" sneers he.

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-Iowa got more Gambling

but Nevada got more pigs.

-You got that exactly backwards!



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Male drives,


so stands she next to 

garaged Camry. Wood 

radio intones how tell Lady


she smells? Now, Bartram 

answering “Easy! Say 

Jill-Ann you stink! 

(More such areas than men:

who top you in PUTRID, not 

Geography)” Takes “Forest-

Mist” from oily shelf, and prom-

ises “NO PEEK!” Then backs out.

“Maybe later?” she laughs,

coyly pushing red thing down.

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So & So

from Such & Such

gets poured into hotel's limo.

Smashed & High

he shrieks patriot-drivel

& racy ditties.

Back at the Bash

Fr K zips up PANTHER

basketball jacket,

just far enough

so Roman

Collar still shows.

“35 years in Church,

wouldn’t change a thing!”

Meantime, Sen poured from

limo, carried to his “complimentary” suite.

Week later he votes for war.

2 weeks after that in Booze-Junk Rehab: “VOTE REPUB, 

WAR! GIVE PUSSY DEMS NOTHIN! So baby or 2 dies? 

Snifflers should exit public life!” 

It’s TALK! He doesn’t mean it.

Soul Singers entertain at Bide-a-Bit the following Friday.

He won't go.

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Saturday, April 02, 2022


When connected




makes sense.

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Grimes left,

says piss, shit,

crap, sex, work...

catch drift?

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witty takes as


kids huddle in

parkas when rusky

comes lotza shreds 

wisps fur then

prima quit 

ballet never did

well w/murder

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Early-fem-4 touts

haughty rectitude

on the day our


becomes Virtue, so

we truly scathe’em: Rout! But

Hey! WTF! Fun!

Just Broads, thus 

don’t really count

for much

anyway. (Tho Miraculous-

ly un-Whiney this bles-

sed Once!)

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Friday, April 01, 2022


F/M on Women

-Why so tough on girls? 

-They waste time with bums! 

Friends and Family see it--if

THEY don't.

-(sadly) Do.

-World needs WOMEN!


-Not Betsy-Wetsys? Now I am crushed!

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Marie punctuating

-Babel claims

comma in strange

place pierces heart.

-How smart, y'All!

And so your actual

Marie's now Jello-

ing her fearsome little ass 

towards us? Grab your balls!

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RBF anomaly

Devil toasts him--

in the best sense--

with Gatoraid.

Only male face in

in tall wall of RBFs.

He accedes 

to mini-Danish then

(Pepperidge Farms)

from most mis-

cheivous angel 



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Hey If Commitees


piloted airplanes,

they'd all crash.

File THAT! Slave.

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She gets 2d Doctorate, Jun.

Cambridge. 1st Berlin. At age 

when women dream of

Prince Charming

pissing in their boudoirs, 

she plots 3rd PhD from

--you'll never believe it!--


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