Tuesday, May 31, 2022



Whatever! put in Rust.

Whichever? shrugs

Lil: It's a Wrap!

she brightens.

Perhaps yes,

perhaps no!


Mrs Snow.

Learning Time 

for the moment,

and that she's,




By it, them,

and the self


that she must 

hug with-

out a word.

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Monday, May 30, 2022


Republicans & Allied Vermin

One comments re suggestion to release pics

of slaughtered Uvalde, Texas schoolchildren

as a spur humiliating politicians

towards sensible Gun Control.

-Don't bother. We'll only devise jingles!

What rhymes with shredded?

Or filigreed?

And almost on the same comic level?

Vids of the gang cleaning up the gore

and jib-jabbering in truly gutter Spanish!

(Okay-- so our humor an acquired taste!)

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Great Replacement Theory



as Republicans

supplanted by


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When Ricky Pretterman,

Business Professor, A&M,

and girlfriend, Karen,

register Republican after 

NRA Convention, he laughs

Four Vicious Entities!

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Sunday, May 29, 2022


Modern Synonyms:

 Republican: Filth

Democrat: Impotence.

-Stop Right There! Filth and Impotence are presently

attempting to craft meaningful Gun Control!

-Where would that be? 


-A Fable! Time, rather, to drive in the final nail.


-Two separate nations, Blue: fumbling

but good-hearted. Red, where morons feel

included forever, FREE! to solve problems with 

assault weapons if “prayer” (cue laugh track)

doesn’t cut it.

(Too, the fey humor surrounding

the shredding of children will be in

acceptable taste.)

Additionally, of righteous course, 

Bribery remains proud! PROUD!

-Can we, like, return to the subject?

-Never again. Not my idea! Wiser folks have 

advanced it for years! Maps have been drawn.

Jocular to begin with, now increasingly serious!

-But, since many Righties deserve prison…?

-Most! Unspeakable Majority!

-won’t your solution literally set them free?

-If it saves one child, blessed tradeoff indeed!

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Saturday, May 28, 2022



G = GREASE my palm

while mouthing God.

O=  O say can you see

how your kid's filigreed? 

With Long-Rifled precision and ART,

plus the sucker's prayer-mush after!-- 

our Hallmark!


"Fill mine, only

then we'll talk."

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Be awfully nice

of you:

Open your pocket.

Thus allowing the GOP to


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Thursday, May 26, 2022


Welcome to Texas!

NRA as

you prepare

to reassert 

Gun Rights! Midst 

shattered parents

who recently experienced

some difficulty

identifying shredded children.

Way it goes

in any state

on the take. 

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022


Strange, Shy

 2 introverts marry 

& talk in dashes.

She tells him she

likes his D - - K;

he as fond of her C - - T.

Fine so far, though TV

counsels that a doctor

should glimpse the anatomical

oddity of his member. He insists

on taking her along!

Mostly to sidetrack

giggling nurses &

astonished beancounters,

who peek!

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Christian Mercy in Philly's "Graterford Experiment"

Many prisoners, forced 

to speak to Jesus, and never to 

each other: lonely, went insane.


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Sunday, May 22, 2022




does what itz told

here. "Higher the court, s-

nugger the conformity."

(Repeat thrice, in obedient 

rhythm to nice sounds of 

such…Supremely lovely…word$.)

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Saturday, May 21, 2022


Republican Heaven


Pleasant to be greeted

by an Angel with every

feather right! 

I speak to him of my fear


--even here. But he brightly reassures:

“Not a Worry!" There being

a separate but equal heaven

for jungle types and their

yellowish co-libtards!

"All so-OOOO Politically Correct-de-deck-TEE!"

Exult I then of course…

and...actually...some black music

quite interesting. Acceptable therefore! 

Plus every major city

possesses a CHINATOWN

with interesting food.

(Use your napkin to clean

the cutlery beforehand

just to be sure!)

But obviously the greatest glory in a Heaven

for our OWN Kind

is the absence of Socialist

“Intellectuals” and their wooly

theories of nothing!

(& of course we leave Jews

to their weird devices...

'nuff said.)

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Thursday, May 19, 2022


Old Karens


never die! ("Hey, Limp-

Dick?" begins she

some dig.)

They just piss away

every which way.

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Sunday, May 15, 2022


Mean Man Marries

his pointed equal--stating

it mildly.

She, then, does worry

as he garners facts 

in a game played

to win! Only! Thus,

topping her--though some-

what methodically?

Not a bit of it!

She yells back

against his truly-

learned babble. He


understand her: his


Then, in bed, it’s

quick results

or do something else!

(Often involving her

Honda Scooter.)

His few friends pop round

thereupon, telling

him GROW UP!

Lately…worst yet…

occasions arise


he forgets snide.

Sarcasm’s driving

beat coddling

old love ballads

nobody believes.

Yet THEY do! This odd PAIR!

She shades 40 mph later:

Lower Commerce Bypass. He

grips her dearly! gold jersey

twists both their names mid flash-

ing silver dragons on his back.

He calls them Yeks, Nekkie.


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Friday, May 13, 2022




legs churn! As short-

shorts twitch, Bra

jettisoned a while

back, Mother Nature

gave her breasts’d drive

men mad! She leads

cheer for Hillhouse High

decrying kids at Hamden!

All  in fun! No one hurt,

athletes unbelievably

sensitive though: most 

bright, others dumb as

posts. She grabs her yel-

low Pom-Poms from a table.

Twirling them wildly!

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Thursday, May 12, 2022





tolerates he while

she underlines

her wifty person

with own brand

of a something

bagged “LOVE”

from their defunct 

rummage sale. After…

Exhale...they: mana-

ging okay sex fraud-

ulent frenzy

aftermath as in

dimmest video

sans audio.

Way it goes.

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Friday, May 06, 2022


After the Final Convulsion,


the King fled. 

There followed Emperors, 

each more decadent 

than the last. Culminating 

with one enamored of making

the Nation into a beloved Circus.

The girls felt pretty in 

their spangled tights, and

the men shot from cannons, 

despite singed eyebrows,

enjoyed the trip.


But the clowns 

got handguns.

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Thursday, May 05, 2022


new as always

Chucksy vents that

nobody does what

the fuck they

promise when. Once

he knows it

he nods

to further blab.

Then off.

When he wakes

they're jibber-

jabbering still.

“...and do you know

where you ARE?”

Not Heaven. 

Wouldn’t stink so!


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Wednesday, May 04, 2022


Flies buzzed,


then died, their tiny

bodies on the sill.

We get high. Hey!

Shit cost enough!

Later Delsy wakes in grayest funk

hissing our apartment’s filthy!--

and we’re not far behind it!

So, scrub ourselves 1st, 

then clean the place! How deep-

ly for once!

"This boy pre-

fers clean to dirty," I muse.

Could've fooled me!--her flip

voice then's

remembered ...



her mu...

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