Wednesday, June 08, 2022




Brill Hops finally

makes  good on

his threat to leave 

the city’s doctors

for West Virginia’s

mountains. Granny

Woman comes thrice

weekly, grinds herbs

and washes his clothes

in icy streams.

She vetoes 

right away his 

wearing thickesh

underpants that trap pee 

against the skin. He’s 

to air out of mornings, 

walking naked through

nearby woods. And 

when cold or snow-

y did he rush! 

(Of course, after 

any school bus.)

One white-dapple day, as

he rested on a rock to catch

his breath, Mr Death

arrives before chipmunks. Then, 

Ranger-pair from Pipestem.

Welllll, Brill warned BEFORE this

by Darkness.

Lady Black Bear of 

his acquaintance.

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