Friday, August 17, 2018


The Man Who Didn’t Think To Say Anything

Lie, actually.

Though he claimed to be no Nosy Nora,
Truth is he ALWAYS thought to say something!


Friend Cliff-O spat that he could’ve helped others.


They agreed on an experiment: a week in which he’d speak up, to thus aid his fellow man and woman!

Cliff felt that since he was remarkably ugly, this new altruism would make him pretty.

Quite the opposite, it works out, so go figure!

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Thursday, August 16, 2018


Triple Measure


I invented
The String Quartet!

Mozart, Friend

Our false beliefs
define us!

Beethoven, Pupil

God made me

to both!

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Wednesday, August 15, 2018


Taking Charge!

-We’ve avoided the Big Question
for too long!

-Which IS?

-How to achieve MASTERY!

-Guys who must confer tying a shoelace.

-We’ll get there if even by mostly accident! And then what?

-Start over!

-Give the young people even more to laugh at? I don’t think so!

-Thus, steady hands on steady ship going exactly nowhere?

-Our Fame consists of Nothing!

-Long may She wave!

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Tuesday, August 14, 2018


The Large, and the Domestic

Her “Extravert Week” broke on old guilts.

Try again sometime.

Boyfriend, Chance, begged her to stop

“You’re just tired of hearing things all
the time!” she firmed.

“All I DO is hear things!”

Serious! concluded she...

tugging at his hair and laughing
“My best, best guy!” Then she
promised her Mother’s Goulash!

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Monday, August 13, 2018


American Story

Thoroughly enjoy two distinct phases
of the game...I almost said scam…
Fund-Raising and Fund-Razing.

In the first, urchins receive toys
through dewy layers of gauze.

Second, I get a car.

Almost time for #2! No pun intended.

Once I was British in vehicle as slim.

Now, paunchy American Slob in Truck!

Move with the times.

Our Chief Accountant advises financially.
Lately, with a hint of jail time. (His Gallows Humor keeps weakening, though.)

Oh well, that might be the necessary
sacrifice at the end of the orgy!

Not boring you, am I?

It’s the quintessential American Story!

LAW will lard its end.

I can sob, ACE!

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Sunday, August 12, 2018



When Carlotta




Larky acquired his name.

Carlotta acquired Cliff, heretofore given
to posing with his chin.

Susannah came aboard the recently-christened Larky...and the appropriate gods of happiness and misery did their things.

Not enough for the gang, who iced out Carlotta and Cliff!

Like, forever!

We make such choices for sanity, no?

Thus let such people exist in their own stories exclusively!

Came the Great Flood, and two other couples thrown in with Larky and Susannah for the sodden weekend of weather warnings and scary make-do!

Well...anyway, a New Legend! Yes! They
wake up laughing!

(Can you possibly see a vague choice for yourself here?

At any rate, move on, yes?)

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Saturday, August 11, 2018



-Everyday, and in every way, we’re
getting better and better!

-Uh huh? And the farmer took another
load away?

-As he must! We rely on him, as we
must on ourselves.

-But he deals in REAL shit!

-We CAN. As example, where do you
keep the pliers?

-Always behind the canned goods.

-Ever use them?


-Couple of jaws...squeeze things…?

-I’m forever in your debt!

-How did we find wives?

-Must ask them!

-Life is too short!

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