Saturday, October 20, 2018


Hate Radio

has a life-change
going on

and on
about surreptitiously kind
Quarter-Assed Righty President.

With alarming examples
of the more real, and even
homicidal, despising

coming from the LEFT!--
formerly a laughing-stock,

in anecdote and song,
of Pansy Ineffectuality!
Don’t get me wrong:
Such forlorn ragtags
can also hate.

But hardly as naturally,
nor to the manner born.

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Friday, October 19, 2018


Harvard’s Admission Problem is easy!

Have Two Harvards!

One for Olde Familie$.
Sodden forms revered.

One for vacant assholes
taking studies seriously.

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Thursday, October 18, 2018



Any sport will do,
even minor.

Though for certain branches
of Military it’s Football
or nothing!

Those heading for Wall Street
can be more true-techy-pansy.

Golf or Gentleman’s Tennis.

Anyway, each shepherded
by older man to Pentagon
Generals' Mess, or Yale Club,

other arch-like milieus.

Where prospects answer
questions with so-refreshing
candor, much-rehearsed.

And are pretty in a fledgling-macho way.  
Can be definitely love, and un-
necessary to repress among

glittering glasses. And wit,
or measured raves,
of forceful leaders.

(MEN’S Venue, Ruthie!
Go find some older,

driving, furious, broad...
who’ll point out

what to shave and when
to sweetly loiter.)

At any rate, important
to maturely understand
each other, is it not? Join

Powerful to really
absorb this.

Chameleons of the world unite!
You have already?

Keeping your pores open! Always!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Senior Practice

“Mr Arch won’t make it.”

“Better have a good excuse!”


“That’s reasonable. I’ll miss him.
He had a funny-sarcastic way.”

“Brick says put Ruth D'Onofrio in
his appointment. She’s at the Senior
Center for Volleyball, so her phone's off,
but keep trying.”

Unsaid that Brick always invited the
practice to his office after appointments
when anyone died. Our own little Memorial.

Then, the fifth of Wild Turkey produced
from a drawer, along with cheese and
crackers, and Pepperidge Farm Cookies.

This time, Lorton the X-Ray guy told all
that the secret of long life is constantly
reinventing yourself. “I’m thinking of
becoming a woman this next time!”

“Don’t!” warned Rhonda, “I’m one and it’s no bargain!”

She had come from an appointment at the grammar school. “The children beat up the bully! My little Rhonda leading the charge!”

“So? Trouble?” inquired Mr Chubby.

“I’m so proud!”

Ruth D'Onofrio flew in as if cued. “God rest his soul!”

Mr Chubby wondered “Your phone was off.”

“Got your message too late, but I had heard about the poor guy through the grapevine. Dr Judge from three offices down.”

“What’s he doing with the seniors? In his fifties.”

“Born old!”

They nodded. And drank.

Brick and she talked informally. No charge…not really an appointment.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2018


Collective Acts

Greta knows that everybody
at work is laughing at her,
except Fuzzy.

“You’re paranoid!” he tells her.

But, in an act of collective cruelty,
they were.

Then, in an act of management cruelty,
all axed save Greta and Fuzzy.

They’re training the replacements.
Fuzzy calls them The Low IQ Gang.

After two months, in an act of
Headquarters’ Cruelty, they send
one of their cherished as Supervisor.

Mrs Suspicion.

“Will the Merry-Go-Round ever
lose its bizarre power?” asks Greta,
a month in.

“Never!” laughs Fuzzy

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Monday, October 15, 2018


Living Environment

-By the way, your Jeanette is an
unfailing pleasure! One of those
persons always looks good.

-Unlike ME?...anyway, somehow
I’m not jealous of you.

-Especially at the start I mean.
You were one c-RAZY sight!

-I don’t mind telling you that you
scared the living crap outa me!

-I could see that.

-Not bad for somebody so microscopically thin.

-I do my best, as I thought I did before
being trapped in this bathroom mirror.

-Why mine? Perfectly fine one in your
own apartment.

-I don’t know, but it works out better
than being among strangers.

-Rented already?

-My powerhouse brother came and
put my shit into storage. Not much,
Salvation Army furniture, old books
and laptops.

-Your tablet you loved?

-In here with me. Don’t ask me how.

-But...charging it?

-Everything’s always charged in here.

-And have you googled your condition?

-Naturally. There’s a million questions
and no answers.

-Do you miss eating?

-Horribly, especially the coffee after!

-I could bring in a hot mug and steam
up the glass?

-Worth a try.

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Sunday, October 14, 2018


Darker Proverbs

-”Every man for himself!
And God for nobody!”

-So instead of God
as merciful and

-giving not one
Flying Fuck, rather!

-Can't accept that!

-Or won’t?


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