Tuesday, December 18, 2018


Boiling It Down

-Put her in a word? Simple!

-You could have chosen Beautiful, Intriguing…

-Whatever is going for her there is eclipsed
by a barrelful of infuriating quirks!

-Such as?

-Suddenly, Country-and-Western totally gaudy
jewelry overwhelms! And she MUST find a
replica of a charmLESS bracelet that some
hillbilly chanteuse flashes at her drooling
hick fans. And this takes over her scattery
life! would you believe?

-Just sounds like a hobby with a bit of passion.

-More like a deplorable obsession without a bit
of intellect!

-You’re just mad at her for departing your Class!

-What else IS there?

-Also, sounds her brilliance is being a woman!

-You didn't hafta say that!

-Mustn't refuse to give the Devil her due!
Heh heh.

-You're just so hilariously amused merely
because this room lacks a mirror!

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Monday, December 17, 2018


The Man Who Let It All Go

To forget a woman.

Overdid it!

Starts looking like a bum at work.

Step from homeless!--no kidding.

How to straighten him out?

Steered him to Religion.

Scoffed he!

More secular and non-hick counseling
at the university? Just sneeringly argued
with everyone in the group!

Self-Help articles with blatant headlines
via the net from his friends?

He can’t stop laughing!

At the last termination interview at
our mutual--and meticulously cautious--
corporation, he suddenly discovers
“I truly truly literally STINK!”

Hardly intellectual.

Olfactory, rather.

He took off the next day to scrub himself,
actually iron his clothes!

At the meeting then to fire him, he’s
all quite immaculate charm!

And, since big outfits will chose the solution of less publicity, and thus scanter Big-Shot-Attention, ordered to quietly get back to work.

And never ever again to darken any important doorway!

Really lucky to toil where nobody
gives a shit about you, yes?

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Sunday, December 16, 2018



Her head abuzz with the day
’s meetings yet to come,

she inquires of her adult son
as to as to possibly
having her toast and jelly

without Gay Rights.

Triggering him to eventually pay
during a lull, with his “leaving
this house forever!”

“If only!” she regretfully tosses. So,
off again, both, uncovering their
fraught, biting history
without even a breath of break!
It’s okay. It’s okay. All work is.

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Saturday, December 15, 2018


Huddled etc Masses

Lamp her heavy lifting
o’er industrial mud
streaked chemical
green. So we'll piss
on a derelict door

mid teeming refuse.
Making it gold thus.

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Friday, December 14, 2018


Bud & Chuck

-Now! What gonna do?

-Die! What’s left?

-Any details?

-Yeah! Trying to do it
without inconveniencing
anyone--and especially

-Don’t know if you can.
Life consists of being a
pain in the ass.

-But you can knock it off
from time to time.

-Only to save your friends,
family, marriage, job…

-Stop! What I’m attempting here!

-What about...prayer?

-Can’t see it!


-But can’t see it hurting either.

-Then, is the terminal stage of
life, ambiguity?

-Undoubtedly better than knowing



-But just.

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Thursday, December 13, 2018



-Kelli and I finally had THE TALK!

-The Delay Card disintegrating in your
crippled fingers?


-(sings) Where were you blown to?

-Separate trees!

-Oak, Christmas, what?

-Can there exist a Female Variety?

-Better be!

-Her final announcement, anyway:
she’s switching to girls altogether.
And starting Wholesale!

-She must hate herself.

-The only profound question concerns
the transferability of faked orgasms.

-She can search the literature.

-Or Feminist Poetry?

-At any rate, you both have some
time to think now.

-Uh uh! Enough of that shit already!
Moving to the desert before she wades
into Social Media blaming me. Expect to
be pissing my pants with some regularity.

-For my sake, practice stationing yourself
downwind right now!

-What’s your, uh, sister doing?

-The usual nothing.

-On the market again?

-Yeah, but not to Jews!

-I’m a Catholic!


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Wednesday, December 12, 2018


The Paradox of Language

-There are Stupid
Republican Brutes,

and acid wits, both
saying the same things!

-Thus was it ever. So,
such rot

comes out
in the wash,
-We’re ashamed
to really watch!

-Shame, like love, is fleeting.

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