Thursday, April 19, 2018



-When she died she left me
with a nice impression.

-You didn’t know her.

-I knew OF her. That was
pretty lovely...give and take.

-Superficial. Her AND you!

-I’ll accept that. Omar Khayyam
said he was never deep in
anything save wine.

Leave out the wine, we got you.

-“But I am one acquainted with the night.”

-Acquainted. That’s the keyword.
Nothing serious.

-It’s that way for everyone.

-This conversation over?

-This one only.

-Then I can stop wincing, waiting
for Hamlet to, like, emerge?

-Not tonight. “Look for me tomorrow,
you’ll find a grave man.”


-He meant dead. So, pretty serious.

-I’m running QUOTE BLOCKER on you!
People can talk without all this literary crap!

-Perfect program for the silly age.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2018



Professor Denzler amazed at
the parallel to the sexual dances
of New Hano and other Pacific islands

Yet Marjorie Dawning had invented it herself.

Performed it at the Lions.

He had room in the budget to invite her to the Anthropology Club, then to show the old British Pathe footage of the island dances.

Frenzies might be the better label.

Anyway, her performance seized grad
student Bill Ortway, and he later stood in
the sudden ice storm outside her small
hotel and stared.

Bea Hoddles noted him from the kitchen
window as she made sandwiches for
Room Service.

Later brought him hot chocolate.

Her art wasn’t dance but warmth, and
Bill quickly changed the object of his

She brought him home that midnight,
and her helter-skeltered dolls glowed
in approval.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Two Suits


I don’t talk to rookies. After all,
you went with Malora a mere
month; whereas…

You were engaged a sordid six!
But couldn’t get her to the altar.

The altar would hafta come to Mal,
last in a chain of thoroughly expected

She’s more famous for her breakups.
For that lousy month, I still shake years
later at her pointed phrasing!

And I can quote her to the exact, cruel, letter.

Wonder what she’s doing now?

This moment? Piling little wood
shavings. To ignite while chanting
to the Mean Broads’ Chief God.

Nothing so elaborate. I can see her with
your voodoo doll, pin poised above its
shriveled penis.

No! Please! Don’t!

And when she drives it home don’t
scream like a girl!
I like screaming like a girl. They get
a lot out.


That’s not possible.

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Monday, April 16, 2018


Birthday Inventory

-Yet another, hey?

-I’m losing count.

-Speaking of count in your
no-account life…?

-Did I take inventory this year?

-Come up with negative total?

-Almost. Hafta recheck math.

-Get Boxxo! Our genius!

-Life is too short for Lecture-Demonstrations instead of
Hello, how are you?

-Ah but you inspired him this year. He did his own inventory on his birthday!

-The result?

-Plural. And incomprehensible. Whole page of squiggles and wrinkles.

-Any spaces? They say that true wisdom
is in the spaces.

-Not one.

-I’m glad to be a dope that nobody understands either, rather than a genius who’s a total pain in the ass.

-Neither one of you can get a girl.

-Which speaks to the wisdom of women.

-Also their hilarity at abstraction.

-How’d they get so concrete?

-From seeing shit.

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Sunday, April 15, 2018



What HAPPENED to the TIME?” asked
Lois Terrasol Marns-Ettling.

Her last question ever, so she couldn’t

Perhaps you can better prepare?

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Saturday, April 14, 2018


Getting Right

-In all the time I’ve known him
he has never gotten anything right!

-Snicklefritzed the lot?


-Oh well, we’re all on a shakedown
cruise anyway.

-Will I ever be deemed sea-worthy?


-I’m sticking to land then.

-Be careful! That’s one wise thing

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Friday, April 13, 2018


The Ivies

Marky always carried the heavy book.

“My Yale and Harvard!”

Bella’s little brother stole it of an evening, burned dvds for all of us.

Replaced, so Marky still carries etc.

The rest of us have gotten so freakin
smart it’s unbearable!

He hasn’t noticed.

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