Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Our earlobes flare

out from the skull. It’s
how you can tell us.

When we go home, some
exclaim, “Oh it's EFs!
A thousand welcomes!”

As teens enthuse
“So-O cool!”

Others sneer “You fuckin low-
life despicable EFs better
watch your backs!”

We tell them Land of Free
and Home of Brave can
do better. They answer that

when they hear those words
from us, they reach for their guns,

since we’re turning revered
concepts rancid. 3-M

devises an invisible tape.
Some of us become acceptable

with it. Temporary step–-or so
our leaders assure. My two best
friends have already become Flats,

landed good jobs. Teppy waves cash
around after his first pay. “Does THIS
look like psychological damage?”

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No need to ask the meaning of EFs.
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