Saturday, May 11, 2013



When Nancy and  Babs
got back from Vegas, they

hinted at debauchery. Bad
stomachs would have been

closer to the mark, hav-
ing twice ingested mammoth

Two for Ones at the Whammo
Western Steak Emporium.

They finally admitted
to their intimate, Eileen,

of mildest flirtations
with Carlos, the cute

towel boy at the Pool
Bash the hotel threw.

(New bikinis, though, making
them feel bloated throughout.)

At any rate, the village gossips,
once having revved up, lusted

after juicier game than
these two girlscouts. They

demolished a few, but their
leader passed during her last
militant watch. After a year,

the groundskeeper, after des-
pairing of brown splotches

resistant to anything, covered
the grave with astroturf.

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