Thursday, August 29, 2013


Getting Married Again

Target and Opposition

-Unless you want to become some really old September-
May joke, you’re running out of time to get married

-Well, as bad as I’ve done, it does suit me. I don’t know
how all these guys stand the loneliness!

-They don’t. Drink, or act out in infantile ways.

-Brrr!  I don’t wanna become that kind of laughing stock.

-Well, at your age, it’s late! You gotta mount a campaign!
Pick out a target and bombard her with the whole smear:
gifts, and minute-by-minute professions of love.

-Sounds disgusting!

-You got it! It is! Now get yourself in shape for it!

-I don’t have the energy.

-Invent it! Guys with less are swooping up all the...

-The WHAT? The women who pay attention to me
are as jaded and faded as I am.

-The both of you gotta grasp at that last straw!

-A good BM makes me happy. Hardly romance is it?

-She’ll cheer!

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Great BMs. Moments better shared.
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