Monday, August 26, 2013


Name that Rapist!

Taste and its Americans

-Name that Rapist!

-They’ll let that go through?

-I hope and pray in the interest of truth and quality.

-Or something.


-How discrete is the rape?

-Very. About as graphic as we can get away with. And longgggg.

-Then, the panelists?

-Split into teams of two. Speak first to Examining Magistrate.

-What’s this, French or something?

-Well, they’ll all be the detectives, so we’re employing
a literary device of sorts.

-People will swallow that?

-We think so. Anyway he gives them legal background to rape--
clay models. And describes the suspects. Then each team gets to
quiz them.

-Any torture?

-Some. We ARE Americans.

-Who are suspects?

-Preliminary list: a meticulous doctor, brutal entrepreneur, body builder...

-Six pack for the ladies?

-And doorstop dumb! College poet. Bookbag, bicycle,
endless line of shit for adoring coeds.

-I hate those creeps!

-And insurance man with some odd policies.
And, of course, a minister.

-Scarlet, you left your letter here!

-And on and on.

-A lot of edge, but where’s the twist?

-It’s a female doctor.

-But how can she?

-You’ll find out when the whole bunch forcibly strips her!

-That Nielson’ll shoot off the chart! But, in the interest of
Science and Detection, how much can you show?

-Everything. Since our motives are pure! Plus we got
one hairy actress, or actor--of pubic interest to say
the least.

-Well, I got enough of the whole sordid picture.
One last question: You done a lot of TV, awards all over
this office, why on earth...?

-This Monster? In its debased, even subterranean taste,
even for TV, it should kill off Reality Shows for all time!

-Altruism! I knew you had it in you!

-Somebody had to do it!

-Rest in Peace, Smarmy Genre!

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Mark Burnett pushing the edge of his own genre? Could it be??? :)
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