Sunday, August 25, 2013


Old Jail Karma

New Condo

Max didn’t like the karma of leaving a couple
of cells intact in the recreation wing.

The contractors had locked their tools in one.

Renata laughed it off. “I just know we got a beautiful
new apartment! So it was a prison, full of the stink
of desperate men. That was then! Now, Mickey
and Chippy can play like mad in the old walking
yard, if that’s what they called it."

But one of the King Charles Spaniels bit a teasing child,
and a law suit appeared in their mailbox.

Then Chippy started staggering and the vet thought
it was something he ate, or was fed him.

And after Mr Hogart, retired shop teacher, was mugged
in their apartment’s vicinity, they started staying in

Renata’s Brother came and mounted a 60 inch TV on
the beige wall.

“This place is built!” he proclaimed. “What the hell, it was
a fortress.”

Max joined the newly formed Condo Watch Group,
“Though I’m nearly under indictment, or something.”

R. Rindle, the lawyer, settled, though, so that the problem
went away.

“The amount is reasonable, but I won’t tell you exactly
until the siege calms down. Medical look at the brat,

and not all that much more.”

The couple got caught up in their activities, so began to
get out quite a bit more. Max heading up the watch group
in their wing, and Renata taking Thai cooking lessons in the
beautiful kitchen next to the cells.

Max started playing pool with some of the watch guys
on the lovely red table outside the kitchen.

They both walked the spaniels and chatted with the
new move-ins and the relative veterans.

“Still bad karma, but everywhere is.”

“Karma-shmarma!” she answered. “We worked like dogs
to get here. I’m for enjoying life, and the hell with
everything else!”

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