Friday, October 04, 2013


In Comfortable Suburb, Presently

Wise Guys of a sort

-You know, the pendulum always swings.
The Repubs can come back in.

-Who doesn’t know that? I’m scouting out
locations under bridges now. Get dibs
on one early.

-You can really doo-dab a place like that up.
Like, comforts of home!

-Can I bring my bowling trophy?

-Especially. Get a class system going there and
they might leave you alone.

-Doubt that, with Law and Order. Anyway, I can swing
it at National Guard guys when they’re sent on
hygienic sweeps.

-For you own good! Who wants to smell like piss and shit?

-Quite a profound question!

-Don’t sound so surprised.

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View into the underbelly.
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