Sunday, November 03, 2013


Eyes of Murder

The Trio

Renton in the next cubicle has called her E. M., for
Eyes of Murder, but to be fair, Monette's PMS really
didn't seem that more wretched than the usual.

Besides, it proved a mercy that she withdrew
often, grabbing a smoke on the receiving dock.

The boss there, Chancey, hardly noticed her
from far up in his brilliant perch.

Though he had to descend when more than one
truck came in at a time, to move his crew along.

Chancy lived with a strong mother, so knew
the vibrations off of Monette, even when she
didn't talk.

But they finally said something to each other.
And liked what they heard.

Upshot: started going out, would you believe?

Upshot 2: She moved in with him and The Horror.

How could that work?

He has recounted how he withdrew to his mancave
and watched football while they went at it.

It not only proved a draw, but one day he heard
them laughing.

“This is not good news,” he whispered to Greg Gumble
at halftime.

The deal the women decided on was marriage.

No evidence at work now, since neither wore a ring.
Monette proclaiming “I'm not Chancey's property.”

Mom took to calling her Bette, after
Bette Davis, who often graced the screen of
the tiny black and white in her bedroom.

Monette took to crushing cigarettes the histrionic
way Bette did.

Both women decided Chancey isolated too much,
and thus Monette moved her sewing stuff into
his Mancave.

He had to listen on reduced volume, but had
sharp ears, even over the sewing machine chatter.

She spoke to him too often, and he answered in
uh huhs. It all seemed shaping up to a traditional
American marriage.

But Chancey not without his own cards to play.
He schemed to move Mama to a retirement home,
and thus free her bedroom for the sewing crap.

The women trumped him again. They had already
picked out Bide a Bit, and a beaming Mama
was eventually dispatched in a startling cherry
number Monette had designed and sewn.

There the  women were jealous and the men,
goats. She loved the attention. Monette phoned
her a few times daily.

Monette got seven orders for dresses there,
and quit the company. The last one, of a Spring
green, was for the mother of the owner of a posh
department store. He was quite miffed she hadn't
chosen from his highest-end rack.

Long story short: He hires Monette.

Shorter: She leaves in two years to open
her own shop with the help of Mama's money.


Had been watching Giants-Eagles.

“A man surrounded by strong women. Good or bad?”  

asked Dr Packwood Oliver in a commercial.

“Both at once!” answered Chancey, ripping open a bag
of Fritos. “But I never trust faggots with names reversed.”

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