Thursday, April 24, 2014


Fitting In the Mohawk

Techniques For Getting Ahead

-First of all, my Sissy marries a Mohawk guy. She gets "ditzy"
from her mother's sde.

-What color hair?


-What's that?

-Azure blue.


-Especially with the tattoos. So, anyway, he gets laid off from a
warehouse of a whole bunch of 'em.

-Employment prospects then?

-Close to zip! And Sissy comes over to cry. We usually like her
visits of course. Goth or not. And naturally, she's pregnant.

-Troubled young people, whatever the costume.

-Well...unbelievably they listen. What a shock that was! First thing,
we get him a suit.

-That's a sight!

-And a haircut.

-Goodbye Mohawk? Once proudly up there like a blue hatchet!

-Lou evened it all up. Or down. Like Marine Corps.

-How about the color.

-Dyed black.

-Next step for this now-acceptable young man?

-Training program for young brokers. Larry Finnerty, in charge,
owed me favor.

-Ugh! Not my world! Anyway, I feel two ways. One, he has to work, and two, most of us do have to compromise.


-But...will he turn into something like you? A weaseling toady who'd blow anybody to get ahead? Known far and wide for the 

sink of  his kowtow?

-Though your unfortunate bush-league sarcasm has grievously held
you back, we're really speaking now of an Art. Let's give him time.

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