Friday, April 18, 2014


Running, and Running in Place

Civil Servants

-All hail the conquering hero! hey?

-I'll remain here.

-The rabble will yell themselves hoarse.

-And get hit for it, or have trinkets showered on them.

-How many of these marauders have...?

-This is my last. He'll kill me or use me. If the latter, I'll eventually
ease to retirement.

-We could have left with the others.

-I've run, and run in place. No more.

-One word is he wants you for a post.

-I'll serve. As if there's a choice.

-He'll bathe with you. It's how he does everything.

-Well I'm old and fat and not likely to attract him.

-Why is it that some exist like us, smoothing things between

-It's a mystery I've never solved for myself.

-Despised by all?


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