Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Seas of Berets

Delsee enjoyed the toy factory. Bitsey made it a lark.

Delsee placed a blue beret on red-haired B. Hocart, International
, and Bitsey ran a stitch through it, in case a child might
swallow the tiny hat.

Delsee and Renton lived on a farm, their trailer being part of his pay.

They enjoyed the fields turning dark gold, then purple, after work,
and a beer.

Suddenly Renton got a mystery disease making him weak all over. Simultaneously, just about, the colors of R. Hocart, International
, got switched: red beret on blue hair!

"And they're Gothing up Priscilla too!" Bitsey informed her.

Priscilla has helped him solve crimes in a sunny, blond way!
Not any more.

Both women start hating their jobs, and with Delsee worrying about
Renton alone in the trailer, and probably burning it down...?

These anxieties cease shortly after when the factory moves to

Delsee stays with Renton day and night. They hardly leave the trailer.

She receives early Social Security, and he, younger, has to fight for
Disability, getting a lawyer.

"In tough times, lots of faking," the examiner tells them. But Renton is finally approved, the VA doctor writing a letter.

Everything going fairly well one year later, the farmer having given
them the trailer, but Delsee still dreams seas of red berets, and
wakes up sweating.

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An absolutely tasteful concoction.
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