Sunday, May 25, 2014


2 clerks inside the music store

The Process of Certain Arts

-The gathering of guitar students out there.

-Raw beginners and somewhat advanced.

-The latter pretty good.

-One person hangs apart. Royalty. Doesn’t
speak to any of them.

-The Master Teacher comes rarely, and
only for him.

-He’s so terrific, you’d think nothing
left to teach him.

-Little things here and there.

-Anyway, they’ll hafta hurry. Master
Teacher goes on tour in a month.

-Then our new artist joins the band
backing some mega star. Already signed.

He'll get solos when she rests.

-Didn’t know that. And! After all the years
of booze and broads and drugs and acclaim...?

-It’s back here as the new Master Teacher.
Twenty pounds lighter and nerves about shot!

-How many more of these cycles we got left,
before we die or retire?


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