Thursday, May 01, 2014



-The New Incoherence just about swept most musicians out.
And now with Ragged Incoherence...?

-It all finished me, and the group.

-They...glue rags together before each performance!

-Clever enough, so they can flip around here and there and
show their little things.

-Rather prodigious in the case of Mickey-Mel-Mookie, my daughter's favorite. And each instrument, too, becomes a laugh. They pass them hand to hand. And in the performance we witnessed, all converged for a laser-slashed finale on 

one drum-set, obliterating it in a frenzy.

-Yeah? Well there's still real music elsewhere!

-And you wish to represent it by teaching “Intro” at this obscure
junior college?

-An ambassador!

-Well, there are already PhDs in The Incoherences, and you just have the bachelor's. But you studied with eminent classical persons, and performed worldwide. At any rate, I'll get you before the committee. Don't be surprised if you’re bombarded with anagrams. DKM is Deaf Kraut Music, after Beethoven.  MM is Metronome in Molasses--what they call Sinatra, Beatles, Ella Fitzgerald etc. JOM equals Jerking Off in Mirrors, or Jazz. HC means Hick Central, or Country. Many more coined relatively recently, but you'll be up for them, I'm sure.

-We always got warnings, but never thought sheer ignorance would
take over.

-You're one to help lead the counterrevolution. I'm done! With teaching, family, and committee work...and nerves permanently on edge with the traffic shrieks of Ragged Incoherence!


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