Thursday, May 08, 2014


Wakes tied up

Tries figuring particular knots, but all types, from granny to complex.

Can hop around, but stops.

Too late, since old man downstairs complains.

Patrolmen Minnerty and Rauch are responding. In their
good time.

The complex keeps them busy.

Gets one hand semi-loose for breakfast. Toasted frozen
waffle, strawberry jam, coffee. It takes twice as long, and
tries sliding rather than hopping, for quieter results.

Finally phones Gwen whose father brought her up as sea
person, other ways a boy.

“Like to meet you for lunch but I’m all tied up.”

She's finally horrified. “First step in elimination process!”

She rushes there to untie. He recommends in his discomfort
a butcher knife, but she insists it’s important not to cut.

Some ropes communicating.

Can hear patrolmen in hall. “Let's get this sissy in sisal!”

She quickly sends the wrong floor signal.

“14! In all my documentation!” screams Officer Minnerty.

“Nah, 15. It’s blinking its ass off!”

Can hear them in elevator as they ascend. Officer Rauch hisses. "1407 or 1507: we’ll get both sonsabitches!”

A fight with a retired welder ensues. Shots.

“They’ll straighten it out” she whispers.

“Somebody could be dead by then.”

“No way! They can’t shoot accurately.  At any rate,” flicking the
last knot aside, “say goodbye to this apartment. You’ll never
see it again.”

“I can’t leave in pjs!”

“That’s where you’re wrong.”

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Hittin close to home.
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