Thursday, June 26, 2014


Ire in Higher Circles

Making Law Midst Insult

"Yeah, nothing stings like the taunt of a fool!"

“Well, I'm stung all right! That Fairy! That intellectual
non-weight! Without government programs and insane
patrons he'd be...”

“Shining shoes?”

“No, that takes a knack and some brains. He's got
neither. In anything!”

“We can get back at him. It's gradual. Starts with a few
phone calls.”

“How about one? To a hitman!”

“Dumbest bastard ever to draw breath, and he's that
much under your skin?”

“And a big man with the ladies, would you believe?--fighting

his fruity self.”

“They like to baby simpletons.”

“Yeah, especially with big dongs!”

“Another reason to hate him!”

“Women are Stupidos! Can't help it. Half in their genes.”

“And you run as a feminist!”

“What's the difference which lie you run on?”

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Nails it!
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