Saturday, June 21, 2014


Living in Fear

Couples of Varying Ages

-How crazy would you say we were?

-Scale of ten, with ten threatening to plummet through
bizarre space forever?


-We're sevens.

-That's up there!

-Well, I don't wanna brag.

-Who are the ones through sixes? Relative normals.

-Your mother and my father, being sweetly incompetent.

-Can't say that! Incompetence being another scale.

-Okay, let's leave it pure then. Nut-ness chart only.

-Now, the opposite set...?

-YOUR father and MY mother?

-Definite tens.

-I shudder!

-They may already be in charge.

-Armies must be raised against them!

-Too late! They're great organizers. They've got all the tens
already drilling, shooting. The whole heroic smear.

-What'll we do?

-Flee to Bora Bora.

-Where’s Bora Bora anyway?

-I'll google it before the severe maniacs come to dinner.
Why aren’t the incompetents better buffers, anyway?

-They’ll do their sweet, weak bests.

-Ugh! Dreading dinner diminishes!

-It’ll get worse when the batso pair know we’ve blown their cover.

-Maybe they’ll all get divorced, and then these two’ll...!

-It’s already a horror show without homegrown sex.
That...last ...IMAGE...has permanently mishmashed my brain!

-Like some Bacon with that Scrambled?

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Doin well for 7s.
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