Thursday, June 19, 2014


Social Skills 101

Confessions Over Coffee

-Dreaded introducing anyone. I'd forget a name--even
of close people at times.

-Some things we're good, others not so.

-It was like I'd expose myself as a fraud. Nervous and
not really cool.

-A human person, in short.

-Very nearly panicked!

-Maybe too much about YOU?

-All I got is me. Is it any wonder that...?

-Well, it's late now.

-Not really. My watch says...

-I mean in your life.

-What difference does that make?

-Low expectations.

-I can come short and nobody cares?

-They care all right, but counting the months till
you’re out of here.

-Doesn’t...add up to much.

-Join the club.

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