Saturday, July 19, 2014


Discussion of Depths of Sex in Dishwasher Grasp

-Just let me load the dishwasher. Then we can talk.

-No ironing panties tonight?

-Stop! Macho Man for Macho Machine!

-Whatever. Living with women a conundrum intractable!

-Now listen! Laurie starts rehearsing. You’ll see what I meant.

-"I wanna big cock!"

-Close your door! We can’t hear ourselves think down here!

-I couldn’t have heard that. Laurie! The little girl on the bicycle,
so fresh and alive!

-From Eekee-Ookee Island Mythology. A goddess wants
the Overall God-Honcho to turn her into a male god.

-In Laurie's kinda words at THAT time?

-Nah, Eekee Ookees are softly gentle. Was in the
super-polite language of the pantheon there.
Laurie and the other young women want edge and
bite in their play! So, the change.

-They'll get hell from the school board!

-Those Neanderthals For Christ will be aghast and
sermonizing, but quickly turn to football.

-Does her role consist of the one vulgarity only?

-She's just getting started. And Shop working on a balsa

-Shop? In a progressive school?


-They really should use the variety called Two-Balsa.

-Sixth grade joke!

-I never got out in my smarmy mind! Anyway, what does
your Bridget think?

-All cheers!

-Stay outa it then. Women thing. Whatchallit?–-Feminism Shit.

-The world's abandoning me at this fuckin dishwasher! My voice
will turn into its gurgles!

-Ah...the girl on the bicycle!

-Crisscrossing my mind in love forever!

-You'll hafta leave room in there for a zealot with a balsa dick.

-This too shall pass...Bible say that?

-It should.

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Two balsa. We got em.
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