Saturday, July 05, 2014



 -What do the American Indians say? To get to know a man,
walk a mile in his moccasins.

-I've got loafers, will they do?

-At...any rate, we want to keep the experiment in the office.
You're to choose one person, and we'll implant a tiny chip
representing their inner self. So, you think his or her thoughts
for twenty four hours. Then, come back for a few questions.

-Can't wait! Actually can. To spend the thousand dollar Sears
card for my participation.

-Even in the present inflation, should buy a few shirts.

-Just about.

-Well, be all that where it may, have you chosen?

-I wanted to avoid the drama queens of both sexes, too many
portfolios of pretended hurt.

-No objection.

-So, I pick Reppy. Benign and balanced.

-He's our acknowledged sweetheart!

-Could make me a better person! Nah! No need.


-Enough is enough! Reppy has a vast interior life. In a sort
of tangled, horrible jungle! Ugh!

-You never know.

-Get the chip out! I'm still shaking!

-Already done.

-The Twenty Second Century: Slick and fast.

-You got it! And you should get out more. Then the Reppys
of the world wouldn't shock you so.

-This experience makes me even more of an isolator.

-England expects every man and women to do his or her duty!

-First, to the language.

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