Saturday, July 26, 2014


Preservation, and Possibility of Expulsion

The only strategy the small family could concoct to
slow Jeanine was...

Oh it made no difference! Again. She did what she
pleased, and had her two sisters in tears with her
slicing tongue.

The father babbled and the mother came down with a
gentler version of Tourette's.

It consisted of emitting “Jeanine!” at sporadic and unexpected
moments. The Beautification Committee had depended on her
leading a team for the Garden Day, but now found something
else: emailing prospects for self-tours.

“Too bad we couldn't trade her, but no other team would ever
agree to ruin their morale.” This from Ruthie.

Desperate times, desperate measures: They called in Uncle Rivers,
the psychologist.

He listened and smiled. "Needs a boyfriend."

“Has a string!”

“That’s casual. We need deep.”

The discussion led to men who admired her.

“An assistant manager at Costco called her a force of nature!”

“He's the one, then.”

She had disputed a price and was ready to take on the whole staff!
Mother wished to go on with the anecdote, but Uncle Rivers said
they knew enough already.

“And sex...might help,” he maintained quietly.

“We'd rather not mix that in there!” Dad heard from.

“I feel sorry for that guy already. Give her that weapon and she
might destroy him.” Millsy punched her palm.

It was set. Ruthie would tell him to give her a call.

Ruark did, and the rest is history, mostly of a sexual complexion.

He would eventually have been fired for surliness, but left for
another city, where she joined him.

Their quarrels are already legendary in the new apartment complex.
They are locked together in miserable love.

Laughter frequently erupts at 26 Almond Place. The girls have new
boyfriends and they're such characters! Dad has nicknamed them
Tweedledee and Tweedledum. Mother whistles at her chores, and
wouldn’t mention Jeanine even if her mild disease compelled.

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